Sony Ericsson Nozomi Leaked In Official Render – Now Running Ice Cream Sandwich


I wish we had a bigger image for ya guys but we make the best with what we’re given. And what we’ve got for you is the Sony Ericsson Nozomi (LT26i). This device was actually pictured awhile back and since then, but this is the first we’re seeing it in an official render. You can see in the (very) small image that a few of the official specs have been cropped out but if you look carefully, “Dual-core” can be made out. Also, since Nozomi is most likely an internal name for the device the official name could be Xperia Cloud but it’s hard to tell with 75% of the device’s name cropped out.

The Nozomi is rumored to be Sony Ericsson’s new dual-core offering featuring a 720p screen and in a new turn of events, seemingly running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Can’t wait to see how the boys over at SE sex-up the Timescape UI on ICS. No word yet on pricing or availability but I am definitely drooling over here.

[IT168 via UnwiredView]

Chris Chavez
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  1. It’s beautiful! 

  2. Wish something like this would come to verizon.

  3. Chris, I’m a contest winner according to a post in your google+ Page, where I have to respond whithin 24 hours, but I have not received any communication and I don’t know where I have to respond. I wrote to google+ page and twitter account and haven’t received a response……Help me please!!! 

    1. 24 hours is probably already up =/

      Send an email to [email protected] with your name and address. Hopefully someone will contact you. If not then…. =(   

      Hope you get it!

      1. They posted on google+ 1 hour ago, so I understand I’m already on time…Thank you very much.

  4. sexy device! i want it.

  5. I want this more than the galaxy nexus. :) sony<33

    1. I forgot to post that it has a 12MP camera. Sony has great sensors too :)

      1. The nickname, “Nozomi”, is also the name of the fastest high speed train in Japan. Perhaps this is a fast phone.

    2. fuck Sony.
      UI is horrible.

      1. I prefer it to samsung on the sg2.. epsepcially the home screen being in the middle and you can go left or right. makes it easier to navigate if you use alot of different screens. timescape.. never had much use for but for the people who check facebook every 5 mins i can see it being useful..

  6. Looks a lot like the old HTC 1 mock up.
    still wish HTC actually would make a device like that mockup

  7. What size is that screen?

  8. So sexy, too bad I cant even afford a mini pro right now. =

  9. Oh God, it’s rectangular and has rounded corners.  Get ready Sony, here comes Apple with a lawsuit.

    1. Don’t forget about the black around the screen, Apple patented that.

  10. That phone looks gorgeous!

  11. Cool!  I wonder if it will have Ant+ radio like most of the other Sony phones.  If so I could fork out the dough for that.

  12. I would get this if it came to t-mobile depending on the dual-core, and if it has software buttons, and came before the Galaxy Nexus since SE is good with updates. This phone is sexy <3.<3

  13. I’m gonna have to keep my ears to the grapevine on this one.  I’ve wanted to like SE devices, but this one has my attention.

  14. Um… Square and rounded edges. And white.
    Sounds familiar.
    Dear Sony. I wish you the best luck.

  15. any word if this would hit the US? Verizon perhaps? cuz id buy that badboy in a second. that thing is gorgeous

    1. SE usually releases their flagships in march. Last year Canada/Europe was the first x10 and arc… they said they want to expand to the us as well so maybe you wont have to wait as long. definatley my next phone.

  16. assuming this is coming to America, I’m really hoping this’ll be on at&t because it first off looks awesome, secondly Sony is working with the cyanogenmod guys to make life easier for them, and third, I’m tired of samsung’s really light and plasticky phones but I don’t want to go to HTC. this could be my next phone lol


  18. Isn’t Nozomi the SO-O2D (Xperia Arc HD)?

  19. This is a POWERFUL TOOL http://adf.ly/42lb8

  20. Nozomi means “hope” in japanese,

    Hopefully it’ll lead the ICS army in 2012, no pun intended.

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