Holidroid Contest Gets iHoliday Alternative


As you probably know, we’ve been rocking out a ridiculously awesome Happy Holidroid Contest and our sister site,, is giving readers a similar chance to win a prize every single day between now and December 25th. If you’re itching to win something… check out the iSource Holiday Contest.

Prizes include an iPod Shuffle, $15 iTunes Gift Card, and Steve Jobs’ Biography. I want to personally recommend that EVERY Android fan and tech enthusiast buy and read the Steve Jobs’ biography (makes a great gift too!). The book is simply fascinating. After reading the book I’ve got a totally different understanding of Steve Jobs. He was absolutely arrogant and crazy, some would say a complete ass, but with every turn of the page you grow an awkward understanding and appreciation for the man. You feel like you know him a bit. He was an elitist, perfectionist, genius, and so many other things… but you can’t help but like and respect his conviction and dedication to perfection.

Seriously. I’m an Android enthusiast to the core, but anyone who loves tech NEEDS to read the Steve Jobs’ book. It should be mandatory reading. So why not win it for free along with an iPod Shuffle and $15 iTunes Gift Card? Two more great gifts that you can snag for yourself or regift!


It’ll be run similarly to Phandroid’s Happy Holidroid Contest so you know how it works. One more awesome Holiday Contest to win great stuff… and another great site to friend on Facebook, follow on Twitter, Circle on G+, and subscribe to on RSS.

Thanks, iSource!

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. Do not want.

    1. Indeed….and I don’t care how much influence Steve might have had on the tech world….if he was as much as an elitist prick people say he was, then I don’t want to touch that book with a 10ft pole…..

      Tech related or not, apple or android…elitist, arrogant, selfish people should take a hike!

      1. Oh he took a hike, right into a coffin.

      2. With all due respect, just because you don’t AGREE with something or LIKE it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take an effort to try and understand it. Being open to outside ideas does a lot of good. Why take everyone else’s opinion and ride with it rather than reading about his life and formulating your own opinion?

        1. I feel the exact same way about people and religion.

          Take time to understand it, instead of just following what you were brought up worshiping.

        2. Because there are plenty of non-selfish, non-arrogant, non-elitist people that are more deserving of my time. I make an effort to understand the friendly, the caring, the kind….if someone can’t even act nice, why should I try to understand them? I have better things to do…maybe if I had eternal life or through some other means had time to kill will I try to start understanding the obnoxious people.

          p.s. Many of those nice, kind persons have ideas I don;t agree with or like

          1. Well stated sir. In total agreement. I saw enough of Jobs in real life to know that I don’t want to know anything more about him.

        3. So Rob, are you now going to try and read up on Bin Laden and try to understand him too? That’ll make you open to outside ideas as well. Don’t take anyone else’s opinion.. form your own….. Fail.

  2. I really like Phandroid, but iSource is a total joke and it sucks when compared to the other blogs.

    1. If you’ve got particular complaints/gripes about iSource, I’d personally like to hear them. E-Mail me. Let me know. Our iSource team wants to create content that readers want and I’m looking for ways to help them improve!

      1. That website has a really bad UI. Everything looks too grayish, and it doesn’t feel as if you guys put a lot of time into developing it.

        1. So it’s  more about the look and less about the content? We tried to design the aesthetic to be more… simple.

          1. One suggestion I have is you should preload the hover image for the menu buttons so it doesn’t flash white for a second before it shows the gray button. Obviously this only happens the first time you load the page (or after you clear your cache), but it just looks unprofessional, especially to a new visitor.

          2. GAH! I looked at the site for the first time. Ugly website design IMO!

          3. I think the website looks really good I don’t know what everyone’s talking about but then again I’m really not an expert. 

          4. Keep in mind as Android users, a lot of us dislike the simple and plain look on anything.. Not saying you should make some hardcore super graphics with things flying everywhere, but a few minor changes to add color to the page could make it more appealing.

            Also, on my iPad the page doesn’t show up as I expected. It shows up really small, talking up only half the screen, and the ads, tags, etc on the right side of the column slightly fall off of the grey-white backdrop. I’ll edit this with a photo in a few.

  3. Love the contest to win a Galaxy Nexus… been staring at this screen for days!!!

  4. eh. I’m stuck on phandroid!

  5. Nice, but doesn’t interest me in the least. Thank you tho. :)

  6. Not interested on dead stuffs.

  7. Holidroid just rolls off the tongue so much better.

  8. no need for a ipod need a galaxy nexus 

  9. I just downloaded the e-book, I’ll have to give it a read, if I can stay interested enough.

  10. Did apple infiltrate phandroid??

    Just say iNO!!


  11. I am an androiddict to the core of my bolts. At the same time I know that with the phone/tech that we do not speak of, we(Android Phanatics) probably wouldn’t be where we are today(innovation wise). I would read this book and I am also glad to see that you are expanding as you are my favorite site for Android goodies.

  12. none of these items go for jack sh** on ebay. Not interested.

  13. I can even hear Steve Job’s name let alone ipod anything….Blasphemy!!!! 

  14. I don’t even allow quicktime on my computer – the last thing I want is a book about jobs – that asshat probably stole someone else’s death & took credit for it.

    1. Really now? I’m an Android lover (and so is everyone else on this site), but you really have to be a real asshole to say something like that.

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