Amazon Canceling Transformer Prime Pre-orders, Cites Limited Availibility


No sooner has one retailer confirmed the availability of the ASUS Transformer Prime than another has begun notifying customers that orders are being cancelled due to limited availability. Amazon has been sending out emails to some customers informing them that their pre-orders for the 32GB Transformer Prime has been canceled “due to a lack of availability from our suppliers.” Any money already spent on reserving the slate will be refunded.


Due to a lack of availability from our suppliers, we will not be able to obtain the following item(s) from your order:

“ASUS TF201-B1-GR Eee Pad Transformer Prime 10.1-Inch 32GB Tablet (Amethyst Gray)”

We’ve canceled the item(s) and apologize for the inconvenience. If you see a charge for the canceled item, we will refund you within 1-2 business days.”

The move raises questions about availability from other merchants and echoes a similar supply-and-demand issue surrounding the first version of the tablet. Retailers had a hard time keeping the first Transformer in stock after a component shortage led to lower than expected production levels. We can’t say for certain if Amazon’s withdraw of certain pre-orders is a sign that similar problems are at hand with the Transformer Prime or if the stock issues arise from greater than expected demand. For now let’s just hope this is an isolated incident with Amazon.

[Thanks to all who sent this in!]

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  1. This just happen to me…booo!

  2. Just got an email from TigerDirect regarding the same

    1. Nothing here from TigerDirect yet.  Preordered the 64GB in Amethyst Grey from them.

      1. i guess i ordered the popular 32GB Grey thats why

    2. So they are also cancelling ?

      1. yeah pretty much seems like, said they are experiencing high demand and the item is back ordered and will ship when in stock…

        1. I got this same message the other day from Tirger Direct about a 32GB Champagne TPrime and keyboard dock. Dammit Asus, start cranking those suckers out already! So no presents for me this xmas i guess :(

        2. I would have been happier with a backorder notice from Amazon… At least I’d still have my place in the first-come-first-serve line…

  3. amazon was taken of Asus preorder page.  It is going to be luck of the clicks to see who gets one.  Some stores may be taking preorders with no guarantee of a delivery date.

  4. I received an email from Amazon telling me that my pre-order for the Amethyst Grey prime was cancelled, but my pre-order for the Champagne Prime was not cancelled.

  5. Just submitted a pre-order with Best Buy.  Damn you amazon! 

  6. RAGE. I could have ordered elsewhere a week ago had I known…

    Bestbuy is still accepting orders. I put my name in for the seemingly less-popular champagne gold in hopes that I actually see it sometime before July. Merry Effing Christmas to you too, Amazon…


    1. Mine hasn’t been cancelled yet. That’s the exact model I pre-ordered.

      No email of cancellation but I don’t see my pre-order listed anymore on my “open orders.”

      1. They delete the order from “open orders” when they cancel it. The keyboard order was still there, of course (which I cancelled of my own volition now, of course). But my account page looks like the actual tablet order was never placed.

    2. I WAS going to get the Amethyst Grey, but after seeing the unboxing video…
      DAMN that Champagne Gold looks like a sexy beast when the light hits it. O_O

      1. Yeah, I like the Champagne Gold as well. Amazon intentionally do this to push people toward their butchered Fire. Sorry Amazon, limiting my choices just won’t cut it.

  7. Mine was cancelled as well.

  8. Boo, i definitely don’t want the champagne prime. They cancelled my preorder too, I was so excited about buying my first tablet, and now this happens. :/

  9. Sounds like the original Transformer release all over again. :(

  10. I knew this was going to happen. Asus botched the last Transformer tablet releas royally…..this one is going to be even worse!

  11. amazon ruined my xmas


  13. I also ordered the champagne and have not gotten an email yet. I keep cringing every time I hear my email ding though. Fingers crossed!

  14. I was notified about the tablet, not the dock…Incredible…. I had this problem with the HP Touchpad clearance as well.  They really need to get with the program, I will always look everywhere else and only buy at Amazon as a last resort at this point. I swear they are just trying to sell more Kindles. By the way, I had ordered the grey one.

    On top of this, I had used a $100 gift card I had received, and now that gift card is lost. I can not reuse it, it is like the $100 gift card was used already.

    1. Not true.  They will credit the gift card amount to your account.  If that hasn’t happened, shoot a note to customer service.  Amazon is really good about that kind of thing.

    2. LOLOL! 
      WOW really? Its on purpose to sell more Kindles?

  15. Amazon stopped taking orders days (lat week maybe) ago. They just found out about the problem? I’m not believing that is true. They were one of the first to do the pre-order sale for the Prime. They should have  Is Best Buy going to follow Amazon?

  16. Its the “prime/nexus” effect

  17. Amazon is so full of shit. Now I have no idea when I’m getting it. Instead of putting me on a wait list they cancel the order completely. I should be getting some priority for pre ordering when they actually do get some in stock.

    1. You got priority for being one of the first to be canceled.

  18. So where else are pre-orders available? Comment below.

  19. Mine was canceled as well. 

  20. You’d think that Asus would’ve learned from last spring’s debacle.  Whoever handles channel management for Asus needs to find another line of work.

    1. I’m thinking it has to do with how popular the device is and that it’s causing a massive flood of orders.  They ramped up production on the first one because the supply disappeared almost instantly, so they get it.

  21. Moral of the Story: Don’t pre-order electronics from Amazon. Maybe too many people are abusing the pre-order thing?

    My OG Transformer came from Newegg way before many others had theirs: no muss, no fuss, and no games despite the short supply fun.

  22. I called TIger Direct, and they said that the backorder email is an automatically generated one.  SInce they don’t even have the Transformer Prime in stock yet, their system will by default send us a backorder notice.  

    1. When I placed my order on November 22nd in the morning, thanks to, the first thing I noticed was the auto notification that the item was backordered. I understand the backorder notification since they didn’t know the release date yet. I even paid for the 2 day shipping. Fingers crossed….

  23. At least I pre ordered from new egg and j and r maybe I will have 2 or at least 1 :)

  24. Oh snap just got a cancellation from Best Buy!! WTF?!?!

    1. Pics or it didn’t happen. Which model too. I expect the gray 32gb to be the most popular model so it would be the one with the most supply and demand issues. I preordered 32GB and 64GB gray flavors and only the 32GB was cancelled. Also I just tried preordered the 32GB at Gamestop and it won’t let me so I suspect all retailers will begin doing these cancellations or severely waylaying the estimated shipping dates.

      1. I don’t share with people who crawl up my ass

  25. No wonder. It was too good to be true. Wait for the trimmed down specs announcement.

  26. I foresee some wacked prices for the transformer prime on ebay very soon.
    Hopefully, this is because of a much higher than expected demand and not a much smaller supply of tablets. I wonder if amazon takes pre orders like airlines book passengers. They always overbook because they know someone will cancel or change their travel plans. I guess amazon will just take as many orders as they can until asus tells them ‘ummmm we don’t have that many’. Can’t really blame asus since the first transformer didn’t sell millions and they didn’t have a great quarterly report so they can’t cross their fingers and produce a ton out the gate. Hopefully, they anticipated this might happen and can ramp up production in the next few weeks.

  27. I think the “shortage” really isn’t a shortage at all, I think Amazon is just trying to steer people towards the Fire.

  28. I ordered from amazon about 30 min after phandroid posted they were available. Champagne 32 gb model. No email or cancellation yet and still have it in my recent orders.

    1. I pre-ordered the 64GB Purple one on the 22nd, it’s still in my Q.

  29. Got the email from Amazon. Pre ordered on the 22nd. This is ridiculous.

  30. I suggest that you contact Amazon if this irks you. I got a $10 credit for just shooting them an angry email.

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