Nov 30th, 2011

Shortly before Google announced the rollout of Android 3.1 for Google TV (Google TV 2.0), Logitech began shipping their final batch of Revue set-top boxes with a sticker advertising the new software. The manufacturer confirmed with us that the new version of Android did not come installed out of the box and would rather touch down as an over-the-air update at a later point. With Sony devices already receiving the new version of Google TV along with access to the Android Market, owners of Logitech boxes have been left out in the cold.

Further adding to the confusion, Google TV partner DISH Network is now advertising the Logitech Revue as shipping with the latest update and access to “the apps you love.” This simply isn’t the case, not at the moment. Anyone buying the Revue on grounds of the newly advertised features will be disappointed out of the box. The most they can offer us is an update on the status of the Android 3.1 software for the Revue, which is now said to be coming by the end of the year.

We like the Logitech Revue and eagerly await the fresh Google TV 2.0 makeover, but for anyone receiving the Revue as a gift this holiday season it might not have the functionality advertised. It’s just a smaller side effect of the larger issue of Android fragmentation. Despite Google’s best efforts to unify their platform, manufacturers are not delivering updates in the timeliest of fashion. It hasn’t been the kiss of death for Android phones, but for a struggling platform like Google TV it doesn’t help one bit. We understand that Logitech had to get their last batch of Revue boxes out to retailers in time for the holiday shopping season, but slapping the “Android 3.1” sticker on top might have been a bit premature.

[via GTVSource]