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6 is bringing the same 50GB of free storage offered to owners of Sony Ericsson handset owners to those with LG-made Android smartphones. The details of the offer remain the same, with anyone downloading the app and signing up for and account via their LG phone receiving 50GB of storage. The offer is valid from November 30th until March 31st of 2012. To be eligible the device must run Android 2.1 or higher and sport a display with at least 320×480 resolution, the requirements for installing the app. Definitely a deal worth taking advantage of if you frequently need access to files on multiple devices.

[via AndroidGuys]

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  1. While 50GB cloud storage looks nice, Box’s “free” account limitations suck. 100mb file size caps, no desktop client, you can only download one file at a time…

    1. And no direct link to files! That would be a direct factor for me, but for now I guess it’ll be fine for homework.

  2. WTF, what about Samsung owners

  3. Not nearly as good as Dropbox but I still find it useful, I used my wife’s LG Optimus to sign up, then Downloaded and Logged in on my Nexus, Free 50gb ;D

  4. Tested on a Optimus 3D in Norway and it works great, even if the press release implied US only.

    I can also confirm that you do not need to make a new account from the phone.
    I just logged in through the Box app with my existing one.
    Some days it is extra nice to have shelves of phones at work :D

    BTW: Agreed on some of the other comments. Functionality in free Dropbox is a lot better vs free Box so I’ll definitely keep using both for the time being.

  5. somehow i deleted the box app from my LG Optimus ME phone, and now i can’t download it again from the market, it says not compatible with my device… wtf?????

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