Motorola Gives Droid RAZR Owners an App to Find their Car


If you frequently find it difficult to remember where you left your car, there are quite a few apps to choose from. If you are a Motorola Droid RAZR owner there is one specifically designed for you. The free app “Motorola Car Finder” is available now for those often wondering “was my car towed/stolen or am I in the wrong place?” The description lists only the RAZR as compatible at the moment, but we expect Moto will make this one available for other Android handsets as well, including the Bionic and Droid series. Head to the link below to find the app and remember: why use your brain when a smartphone app can do the thinking for you?

Android Market Link: Motorola Car Finder

[via DroidLife]

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  1. LoL, or u could download the free app off the Market. I wish Motorola would fix some of the issues with the Atrix 2 instead of bundling more bloatware with their devices, that would be more thoughtful and helpful dont ya think?

    1. One has nothing to do with the other.  Different groups.

  2. Installs on my Photon, we’ll see how well it works, the description says it works with phone AND vehicle dock, d/k if it works without dock

  3. My drone application already does this… and starts my car too.

  4. I didn’t try it long enough to know if it’s worth using or not, but it seemed to work fine on my Bionic (and dock).

  5. The most important part of this story was not mentioned. It doesn’t work at all unless you pay Motorola $60 for the car navigation dock. Uninstalled.

  6. How is an app you have to manually install bloatware?

  7. Installed on my n1 but wants a car dock.

  8. Installed on my n1 but wants a dock.

  9. use Google Maps—->press on Blue Dot (your location)——->Send Location to Others (Text it to yourself) (GPS coordinates).

    say no to silly redundant extraneous unnecessary bloatware!

  10. Obviously even Motorola themselves thinks people who buy Razr are retards who can’t find their way back to their parked vehicles…

  11. I’d like to see someone develop a car find app that automatically creates a marker when it see a bluetooth signal go away.  I have a bluetooth stereo/speakerphone and it auto connects everytime in car.  When shutting off car, the car finder app could create a marker. The downside is the car app would need to be running all the time, unless there is a service that launches it when BT is dis/connected.

  12. Compatible with my Atrix 1?

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