Nielsen Data Confirms: Smartphones Popular, Android Still on Top


How popular are smartphones these days? According to the latest Nielsen data 56 percent of those purchasing a new mobile phone bought within the past three months went with a smartphone. A total of 44 percent of US mobile users own smartphones. While smart devices continue to trend upwards, Android remains the forerunner in market share with a dominant 42.8 percent divided up between its various manufacturers. Apple trails in second place with 28.3 percent of the market.

It will be difficult for a single device manufacturer such as Apple to catch up to Android at this point, especially as Google’s OS penetrates more and more into low-cost device sales, eating away at the feature phone market. It becomes even more difficult for platforms such as RIM’s BlackBerry and Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 to stake any strong claim.

[via Nielsen]

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  1. This just in: Nielsen Confirms Ocean is Wet!

    Of course smartphones are popular!

  2. So there’s Windows Mobile/WP7 and Windows Phone? Doesn’t make sense but looks like HTC is winning

    1. It’s on the right hand side of the chart.  Look closer.

      1. I’m sure he seen it. He’s just trying to figure out like myself why there are 2 bars. 1 for Windows Mobile/WP7 and another for Windows Phone….

    2. HTC earned its popularity by producing sturdy phones. It has also been known of its HTC sense which allows your to integrate your style on your device. 

  3. There doesn’t seem to be any obvious reason why pre-paid mobile subscribers should be omitted from this chart (another area where Android’s share of the smartphone market is near-total and Apple has zero presence).

  4. Where’s the facebook phone?

    1. It’s an Android phone made by HTC…

  5. Apparently Nielsen thinks 10.1 > 10.4…loving the credibility!

    1. lol I didnt even catch that.

  6. 6.1% for Windows phone 7….BAHAHAHAhahahaha!  And to think M$ spent hundreds of millions on marketing just to get 6.1% after about a year now…

    Just shows how badly damaged the M$ brand is.

    1. Its even less than that. That figure is either Windows Mobile or WM and WP combined. WP is even less, somewhere between 1.2% and 6%.

      Whatever the figure, Microsofts old outdated product is still much more popular than its new one. 1-2% marketshare after a year of desperate sales tactics is abysmal.

  7. I wonder why Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7 share a column (6.1% combined), but Windows Phone has it’s own column (1.2%).

  8. LOL!!! HTC is approaching Apple!  Gonna be awesome when 1 Android Man. takes over Apple.  That will be the ultimate CRUSH!!! 

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