iFixit Tears Down Galaxy Nexus, No Ice Cream Sandwiched Inside


The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is one of the most feature-packed releases of the year, but how did Samsung pack all of those features, from the 1.2GHz dual-core CPU to an NFC chip, inside its plastic frame? The size required to house a 4.6-inch screen certainly helps to provide plenty of space. iFixit has taken their precision screw drivers to the task in what turned out to be a rather painless teardown for all parties involved. See it for yourself at the link below.

[via iFixit]

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  1. del this

  2. Great just what I wanted… Naked pics of my dream bitch b4 I get to mash her dinner!

  3. Step 5: “Not only does the 3.7 V, 1750 mAh battery power the phone, but the user manual states that it also doubles as the NFC antenna.”
    Now that’s interesting!!

  4. this is the sim card version. i thought Verizon had added a larger battery?

  5. Page 2 indicates that the RAM chip is only 512 MB, not 1 GB. Anyone know why?

    1. the ORANGE and YELLOW chips on step 12 add up to 1 GB…hmm…

      1. The article has been updated to include the other 512 MB. When I first looked, that part wasn’t there.

        1. my comment was more in line with your assessment b/c it shows 2 distinctly separate chips of separate model numbers. i’m not a phone expert, so why 2×512 and not 1×1024?

          any memory experts out there to tell us why?

          1. If the board supports 2 memory channels, then it allows for increased bandwidth when using 2 chips.

  6. I’ve read some rummors that there is a Galaxy Nexus II coming in Feb. any one knowns anything? care to elaborate 

    1. Where did you hear that rack of lies?
       Nexus devices only come 1 time every year like santa lol

  7. Wolverinfan stfu

    1. I wouldn’t hate on him too quickly.  The new rumors are saying that if Verizon doesn’t fix the bugs in the next couple weeks, they will consider pushing the phone into the next quarter to boost their earnings in that quarter.  February may be pushing it, but January is not that far fetched.  You must remember, Verizon doesn’t care about their customers, just their stock holders.  If pushing it back another month or two means more money, then that’s what they’ll do. Plus, you must remember the Nexus is not a Droid branded phone, so Verizon really couldn’t care less about it.

      1. Its painful to read, ”
        Verizon doesn’t care about their customers, just their stock holders”, Its like out of the, “disenfranchised youth” play book chapter 1, “all companies are evil so just sit back and blame companies for how your life is”. 
        Such an ignorant statement you made. 

        1. Wait, wait, wait.. Did you just compare waiting for a phone to how someones life is going? And its not that ignorant considering Verizons past of releasing phones. Now we might not know WHY they push back the dates, but it doesn’t seem to be for the good of the customers. The Bionic, for example, came to market with a lot of bugs (AFAIK) yet was pushed back many months. It might not be ALL about the money, but they definitely aren’t focusing on the consumer.

          Sounds like you pulled a play out of the “Hate the disenfranchised youth because companys love us” playbook because his wasn’t such an ignorant statement.

  8. HAHAHA your, “no ice cream sandwich inside” comment made me open this! 
    Ahole comes to mind for some reason! 

  9. i opened my phone, and they only use a fraction of the space…. THEY USE THE WHOLE BUFFALO.

  10. Love tear downs!  i’m gonna take mine apart the second I get it… :)

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