Microsoft Brings Windows Phone 7 to Android Users


We know the thought of switching mobile operating systems from Android has never crossed the mind of our dear readers, but if you are a bit curious about Windows Phone 7 and too lazy to head to a local smartphone retailer to check it out for yourself you can get the experience on your device now. Simply point your Android browser (or iPhone browser, for that matter) to Microsoft’s demo site and a mock version of WP7 will load, complete with swipe input and navigation via the trademark tile layout. It’s far from perfect, but it is an interesting marketing tool for would-be smartphone buyers.

[via MonWindowsPhone]

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  1. No thanks, I’ll stick with Android.

    1. It seemed somewhat laggy.

      1. laggy?  have u seen the phone or did u use the brower?  i am an android owner and i have seen the phone and it is super fast even with a single core processor. lets not be blind android fans.  most android phones r not on the latest version and almost all windows phones r on the latest version.  andoid phones drain battery like there is no tomorrow.

        how can u judge responsiveness of the phone by using the browser on another device?  gawd!!!

    2. That has got to be the ugliest UI I’ve ever seen. It kinda of reminds me of monochromatic DOS… figures….

      1. Try the wonders of Windows Phone 7.  A unique experience!  Brought to you from the same company that brought you Edlin and the biggest malware magnet mankind has ever seen.

        Windows Phone 7 will have the kind of Quality, Security, Robustness and Reliability that you have come to expect only from the Microsoft brand name.

      2. they put it in the new windows 8  as well, metro ui its horrible, but you can still get a good old start button with a registry key change

    3. Yay, I can re-experience M$ bob on my phone.  So exciting.

  2. Tile layout is ugly.

  3. It’s still ugly as hell. And even if it looked great, I’m sure it would be boring after a while. That’s why Android is so great, I can change the entire look and style of my homescreen monthly :P

    (BTW, is Microsoft desperate or what? :D)

  4. Dumbest thing ever.

  5. I agree. I have no diea what MS is doing with this OS. It may be intuitive and all that, but it’s just a bunch of boxes, which largely look the same. It’s like this is their first attempt at an OS or something.

    1. wha? you’ve never heard of recycling? this is windows 3.0, returned.

  6. Those tiles are awful. Who would want that

  7. actually the tiles can be kinda kool, but if I want them I just use Launcher7 from the Market. No need to actually purchase a Windows phone.

    1. I tried Launcher 7 and thought it was pretty cool…for about a day. Uninstalled and went back to rotating the many launchers I use (GoLauncher, ADW,…etc). I change my launcher and themes often. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

  8. My Bionic died and Im using the htc trophy until the nexus comes out. You guys are correct…Boring as Hell

  9. Can’t wait to try this when I get my Nexus!

  10. Phandroid is a pathetic excuse for an Android fan site. You guys are the only “android” blog that continues to post shit about wp7. Stop posting articles about an irrelevant  POS os

    1. I dunno, I found this story really helpful as an app designer. It shows a new interesting way to market OS’es and apps. Just because it isnt filled to the brim with green robots doesnt nessesarily mean that it isnt of interest to android users. if you want strictly android only news, set up an rss reader already.

    2. This post works two ways.  On one hand it seems like a plug for WP7 and for that I don’t understand why this was posted.  On the other hand everyone can experience for themselves just how WACK and BORING WP7 is and will ultimately decide NOT to buy a WP7 phone.  

      I tried a WP7 Launcher on my GS2 and my God that was the lamest way to use a phone.

    3. Yes the site is getting worse, not because the blog subject, but because of petulant child like posts like yours. And when I say child like, I don’t mean 12 year-olds, they’re a lot more advanced.  I mean 6-8 year-olds. Seriously, is this how you talk in your everyday life about such unimportant things as which OS for you phone you like?

      1. Butthurt much?

  11. Tried it…don’t like it! I don’t like the Tile home screen or the rest of the UI. I’ll stick with Android ICS running on my Nexus S, which I’m really enjoying and by far much nicer than WM7.

  12. Hey get used to it.  That is going to be the ui for windows8!

    1. I can put another shell on Windows though. And Metro can be disabled, so no, only if you’re a tool will it be the (only) UI for Windws 8…

  13. Not the best technology demo!  On my Galaxy S that site says “Hello…your device or web browser isn’t supported at this time.”

    When Microsoft’s idea of cross-platform is works across multiple version of Windows… makes you wonder what devices they actually tested this site on. :)

  14. WTF I just clicked on “Microsoft’s Demo Site” and my phone just powered off…

  15. Shutup halfwaycrook
    U mad bro

  16. Actually using a Windows Phone is way better than this demo. I actually really like Windows Phone because I’m a total hipster.

  17. I tried it and got driver errors and a BSOD. Is this normal?

    1. They must have really done a lot of work to make sure it was an authentic experience!

      1. No Winbloz experience is complete without the BSOD.

    2. Failure is NOT an option!

      It is a mandatory feature included with Windows Phone 7.

  18. Worked well on my Incredible. Though, I am not a big fan of the UI. I am used to Androids icon/widget layout now. I give Microsoft credit for creating something original though.

  19. Wow I actually want it less now and I didn’t want it in the first place.

  20. Not bad at all. I tried it on my Moto triumph, not sure if I am ready to give a WinMo phone a try just yet. Keep trying Microsoft bring the sexy Nokia’s with awesome cameras and other features.

  21. Went to the demo site on my Droid Bionic and messed with it for 5 minutes.  I still hate it like I hated my old Zune 80…..with its complete lack of customization, lack of features, and only one firmware update in the ~2 years I used it.  I’m ambivalent to the actual MetroUI…it gets the job done, although I think that large top-text is just stupid how it doesn’t fit on the screen.  

    WinPhone7 and iPhone have one thing in common for sure….they’re smart-phones for dumb people.  

  22. And this is why we have malware…. Kidding :p

    1. be carefull, maybe this is “malware agenda”

  23. stupid ideas.txt

  24. @ Nicholas Scott +1000

  25. I played with the Samsung windows phone at the Microsoft store yesterday, it is very fast.  I have heard that they are fast, and yes it is the most responsive smartphone I’ve played with.  I don’t think it will make me switch from Android, but good to see Microsoft making a good product again.  (I had an old windows mobile 5 phone, and they were terrible, but cool at the time)

  26. I just don’t like the ui, good idea on how to get people to switch but just not worth switching to. The standard mobile ui of icons and widgets are cemented into the publics mind now and metro just feels confusing.

  27. I wanted to get a windows phone but they are lacking when it comes to hardware

  28. I don’t like the metro UI. It looks like it was designed in MS Paint.

  29. When hell freezes over.

  30. Kinda Novel but still hate the whole WP7 Design and concept.

  31. wow so many haters and fanboys. i didnt know it was that serious. its only a phone.

  32. They should release an official android launcher to get people more familiar with their OS and maybe willing to switch.

  33. ooh noooo, microsoft agenda.. again

  34. how i hate wp7! so trash

  35. I tried the demo and it worked really well on my Samsung GS2 and I’ve had a play with one WP7 and was very impressed.  I still don’t think I’d switch to it though.

  36. I’m an android user, and massively anti-Apple, but people (including me) need to take notice and assess all their options come upgrade time. I like this wp7.5 and Nokia have a fantastic rep for hardware. To all the euros reading this, remember they are Finnish and carry out their R&D in multiple sites across Europe. Stop spending in Taiwan and Korea.

  37. @liberalrepublic
    I’m waiting on the touted Lumia 900 flagship. Screen is gorgeous, hardware solid, OS very snappy. Only things I’m concerned about are the battery and whether there’s a WiFi hotspot in the OS.

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