Nov 29th, 2011

Well, this is interesting. Looks like Samsung is showing some home court love to their homeland of South Korea with the addition of a bonus battery pack found bundled inside their version of the Galaxy Nexus. The higher capacity 2000mAh battery comes along with the standard 1750mAh, giving Koreans the option of a slightly thicker or thinner device. Also included, is an extra battery cover, most likely to compensate for the extra junk in the trunk, with a darker contrast.

In the comparison picture with the Galaxy S II below, you can see the device gets a little thicker around the bottom, while still staying slim on top. I like this option of a little more battery life with a little more thickness than those bulky 3500mAh 9volt batteries you can find around the interwebs.

The topic of battery life and Android always seem to go hand-in-hand and with the Galaxy Nexus, it’s no different. We’ve been getting reports of fairly good life (around 11 hours) but as you know, we could always use a little bit more. Still, I find it a bit unfair that we have to suffer with the single 1750mAh battery, although I’m sure the higher capacity battery pack will be available at retailers and via Samsung’s official site around the time of the US Galaxy Nexus release.

[Naver via Reddit]

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