Galaxy Nexus Comes With Extra 2000mAh Extended Battery and Cover in South Korea


Well, this is interesting. Looks like Samsung is showing some home court love to their homeland of South Korea with the addition of a bonus battery pack found bundled inside their version of the Galaxy Nexus. The higher capacity 2000mAh battery comes along with the standard 1750mAh, giving Koreans the option of a slightly thicker or thinner device. Also included, is an extra battery cover, most likely to compensate for the extra junk in the trunk, with a darker contrast.

In the comparison picture with the Galaxy S II below, you can see the device gets a little thicker around the bottom, while still staying slim on top. I like this option of a little more battery life with a little more thickness than those bulky 3500mAh 9volt batteries you can find around the interwebs.

The topic of battery life and Android always seem to go hand-in-hand and with the Galaxy Nexus, it’s no different. We’ve been getting reports of fairly good life (around 11 hours) but as you know, we could always use a little bit more. Still, I find it a bit unfair that we have to suffer with the single 1750mAh battery, although I’m sure the higher capacity battery pack will be available at retailers and via Samsung’s official site around the time of the US Galaxy Nexus release.

[Naver via Reddit]

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  1. I’m officially jealous!

    1. I’m more than jealous!!!

  2. damn it
    I don’t mind holding a brick if it will last the whole day.

    1. My Motorola 8000 is still functional, and will last more than a day.  I can sell it to you.

    2. Its not a brick even with the extra battery…probably thinner and sleeker than all those thick phones HTC are churning out lately

  3. Even with the extended battery I think it’s thinner than the Rezound.

  4. The bottom right is the back cover for the 2000mAh battery?
    It looks terrible and same as those 3500mAh wield-back isn’t it?

    1. That’s the external charger, yo. 

      The battery cover is up top. The darker one. 

  5. whats in the bottom right???

    1. I think it’s the external charger for the extra battery?

  6. Why only in South Korea? They should also introduce that globally especially many people use smart phones because of apps.

    1. I agree. Why not spread some the love to the whole world? :D

      1. maybe we can just buy the extended battery

        1. Yes but make sure it fits the phone’s back cover.

    2. lol… cuz S. Korea made it~?

  7. I only had 10% battery left and got a phone call that lasted 45 minutes and my Mytouch 4G didn’t die.  Battery life is dependent on various factors, but I like knowing that I can swap out batteries when I need to.

  8. androidair.blogspot.com

  9. I use a 2000 mah battery in my EVO3d, and didn’t need a different cover. Stock one fits fine. On eBay 2 batteries (2000mah) and charger for $10. (US seller)

    1. Those arent really 2000mAh batteries, they test closer to 1600, which is actually less than the stock OEM. If it were possible to cram more juice in the same form factor HTC would of done that. Only way to exceed the 1730mAh it comes with is to make a bigger size battery, which would require a door. 3rd parties have been over-rating their batteries for years. (I’m pointing the finger at you Seidio). I know, I know, your “2000”mAh battery lasts longer than the stock one did, right? Send it to batteryboss.org

  10. Yes, please.

  11. horrible blurry photos.  In this day and age why can’t people take crisp photos.  This isn’t fake UFO sightings where they pretend to use a shaky cam which is always out of focus.  Put some effort into it.

  12. I couldn’t tell if these pictures are real or not. It could just be the battery of another phone. If this is real, it would be really cool to carry extra energy juice in your bag.

  13. I have been using a 2150 battery on my Incredible for the past 2 years. I get almost two days with it. So, it is going to be tough moving over to these larger screens that suck up the battery life. And they have smaller batteries =(

    1. I guarantee you’ll get the same or better battery life on the Nexus with the stock battery than you do on that Inc with the 2150. Samsung’s have amazing battery life. My Galaxy S II and Galaxy Nexus both pull almost 3 days with my usage.

  14. Any chance that this will work in the UK GSM and US LTE versions? If it’s just a different back plate….

  15. yep will carry my trusty phone charger

  16. Like they’d ever do something that cool in the u.s.

  17. Re the article, stop just accepting that 11hrs is a normal battery life and there’s nothing wrong with it, or it’ll never change!

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