ASUS Transformer Prime’s Camera Put through the Paces


1080p, time-lapse capture, and…girls on Segways? Just a few of the things the camera found  on the ASUS Transformer Prime is capable of. OK, it can’t actually generate girls riding Segways but I suppose they made a good enough subject for putting the 8MP sensor through its paces. Also seen in the above video are video effects, including the ever artsy black-and-white.

[via DroidLife]

Kevin Krause
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  1. Now I REALLY want it.  I never thought of actually using the camera

    1. And you shouldn’t unless you want to be “that guy” walking around filming with a giant tablet.

      1. Stop letting other people’s opinions control your life and actions

      2. That was kind of my thought. 

        Right now, somewhere on the internet is at least a photo of the author of this video with his head stuck deep inside the display of his tablet. No one outside of the respective tablet forums/blogs will care which one it is. They’ll just all know that they are looking at another dork trying to use a tablet beyond where it really should be used. And I say this as a Asus TF owner. You just have to know when and where are the right times to use your tablet.

        1. Or, you stop letting other people’s opinions control our life and actions

          1. It’s like they are not reading… hehehe

          2. I read just fine. I also have a very good grasp of reality. That’s what allows me to say that using a tablet like this is just a silly idea no matter how you spin it.

          3. Which is exactly why I’m not listening to you. No matter how many times you repeat that line, it will not make standing around taking video and photos with a tablet look any less dorky.

            Quite frankly, I’d rather use a real camera any way. They will always beat any convergence device as far as quality goes and look far less dorky.  I’ve actually had people come up and ask me to take their photo when I’m using a real camera. Not going to happen with a tablet. In fact, I doubt anyone will want to be seen with you if you’re using a tablet as your imaging device of choice, that is just straight out being a dork for dorkness sake. That’s just reality.

        2. Once you use it for bedroom olympics you will regret saying that. 

          1. I doubt it. I don’t see the need for a tablet in the bedroom, or the kitchen, or the living room, the desk at the office, the dressing room at the mall, the lav on the plane, the circus……

          2. You’re a mile high club member?
            We almost did on a flight from OC to ATL.

        3. I am certain the people said the same thing about the Polaroid camera and the Super 8 Cameras when they first came out.  The same applies to cameras on cellphones.

          For that matter?  The same with cell-phones in general.  I can remember when there was an awkwardness toward using them in public.  The same can also be said of laptops back in the day.

          There will be a point of time where it will be more common.  The ARM-based tablet is still in it’s infancy.  Like cellphone cameras, you’ll likely see this happening more often.

          1. Considering that the same cameras going into tablets are found in a much more manageable cellphone size, I doubt it. I think there’s more than a few of you here who are suffering from a severe case of the pipe dreams. Cellphone cameras are so widely used because they are on a device that itself is so compact and easy to carry with you everywhere. Tablets don’t quite fit this category. At that size, people will probably just opt to carry a P&S again which will get them better image quality and be less of a pain to shoot with.

  2. Wait was there anything else besides ass and boobies in that video?

    1. Look, no hands!!

      1. I dont think I should ask. 

    2. What’s wrong with either?

      1. hahaha! And on a segway no less! 

        1. If you’re a guy that’s making an argument about ass and titties in a video?  That’s pretty bad.

          1. Ass and titties are bad?

  3. Can’t wait to get mine pre ordered on newegg just sucks they wait till release date to ship stuff out

  4. I don’t care about the camera but that tablet is very nice. For a tablet that did look good. I do want it bad but 500 on a toy is a hard decision.

  5. i might use the camera if it had a hookup for a tripod.

  6. I couldn’t imagine carrying around a tab and actually using the camera.  How akward!!!

  7. Who cares what other people think? If the TFPrime has a better camera than, say, my HTC Thunderbolt, I’m going to use it. You guys are so insecure about what others think of you.

    1. That’s great but let’s come back to reality, shall we? Which is smaller to carry and takes better pictures: a P&S camera or a tablet? If you answer the latter, you’re on drugs. Simple enough.

  8. Yes, it looks dumb. BUT, imagine having an instant preview of your pictures on a large screen. On small screens its hard to tell if a picture is blurry, whereas on the prime you wouldn’t have that problem.

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