CyanogenMod 7 Makes its Way to the Amazon Kindle Fire


Now that the Amazon Kindle Fire has been rooted it’s time to start booting up some custom ROMs. Standard choice CyanogenMod has made its Amazon debut, as xda member JackpotClavin has the first shots of CM7 running on the new media slate. All is not cherry, though. While many features seem to be working properly (including WiFi), touchscreen input problems are slowing the roll of those working feverishly to get a working build out to the public. As The Verge notes, CM7 will provide a more full-fledged Android experience on the Kindle Fire but it will come at the cost of the total Amazon integration that the tablet flaunts as its biggest selling point.

[xda via The Verge]

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  1. Why waste time with CM7?  At least get CM8 – if not CM9 – running on it, and then we’re getting somewhere.

    1. there is no cm8. honeycomb source wasnt ever released. and cm9 isnt even out yet. its only alpha for nexus s and galaxy s.

      1. The source was released but too late for anyone to use it (at the same time as ICS)

  2. ICS needs some kernel sources to be released so they dont have to write their own drivers or hack some crap together.

  3. For some, Total Amazon integration is not the biggest selling point — the hardware per dollar ratio is. A fully functional CM7 could turn out to be critical, depending on exactly what Android functionality Amazon has chosen to leave out.

    For those to whom the selling point is Amazon integration, indeed CM7 is a non-issue.

  4. Now lets get CM7 on the nook tablet! I’ve been waiting to buy one

    1. locked bootloader ftl.

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