Nov 29th, 2011

Google Maps has come a pretty far way since its first incarnations. Real-time navigation has expanded to include public transit and walking directions, once 2D map data has turned 3D, and now the app is taking us inside buildings for the first time. Indoor maps are a fresh addition to Google’s web version of maps, but the mobile counterpart doesn’t have to wait to take advantage of the new feature. Zooming in on a location will bring you a look at the indoor layout, including floor plans based on your exact location to within a few meters. The service should be expanding to more locations, but for now can be experienced in various airports and shopping malls around the country.

Other updates include an Ice Cream Sandwich-tuned UI that makes navigating between features within the app all the easier. Places also gets a refreshed home screen displaying popular local searches based on location. You can download Google Maps 6.0 from the Android Market now for your Android 2.1+ device.

Android Market Link: Google Maps

[via Google Mobile Blog]