White Droid RAZR Headed to Verizon?


Taking a cue from Apple, manufacturers have discovered that an easy way to squeeze and extra bit of cash out of their handset designs is to give them a quick whitewash. The Droid RAZR looks to be the latest handset to receive its white counterpart as Verizon’s computer systems are currently listing the alternative color alongside the darker-hued version of the ultra-thin smartphone.

Plans for availability are unknown at this time and we are only left to speculate as to what the final re-deco will look like. Does the idea of a crisp white finish create any additional interest for the RAZR? Or should Motorola leave these sort of tactics to Apple?

[via DroidLife]

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  1. I won’t lie, I would love to see it in white

  2. if the past is any indicator…pink will be on the way too :(

  3. Taking a cue from Apple…

    The LG White Chocolate predates the iPhone by some years and a quick Google search doesn’t help me find a white cell phone prior to that.

    I don’t see why the idea of different color phones is such a difficult task for manufacturers.  I’d be all over a white phone(I hated the Chocolate until they dropped the White) or some other color,

  4. I wish more phones came in multiple colors at release. Variety is the spice of life.

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