As Testing Continues, Official Galaxy Nexus Volume Bug Fix Leaks


As is too often the case with big handset releases, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus launched with an erratic volume bug that was deemed a big enough problem for shipments of the device to be halted.  Google’s team of Android engineers has been busy cooking up a fix for the problem, one which is now available to Galaxy Nexus owners courtesy of Paul O’Brien of MoDaCo. O’Brien got his hands on an early version of the official fix, which has been packaged up for installation on bootloader unlocked Galaxy Nexus handsets. Though official, the fix is not in its final release so there is no telling how close this leaked build is to the final product and should therefor be installed at your own risk.

[via Engadget]

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  1. To be honest, I couldn’t care less about the volume bug as long as it is available for purchase in the US. Just release the damn phone. :(

    1. It’s better to wait than own a malfunctioning device, right?

      1. Considering that this particular bug won’t affect the US, I’d say no.

        1. How can you be so sure that stocks in the US doesn’t have this bug?

          1. I believe his point is the bug only affects a band that is not available in the US.  I forget which one….900MHz maybe. 

            Also,  to the whiner above, stop complaining about a release.  You haven’t waited months and months and months.  Maybe since you heard rumors of the device, yeah.  Rumors aren’t announcements.  If you want to follow blogs, then understand you will hear about devices WAY before launch.  That’s part of the deal with being on the leading edge of information.

          2. Oh i see. Thanks for the info.

          3. Leading edge of information?  Did you even think out your argument before posting or were too intent on slathering it up with passive aggressiveness that you just really didn’t care?   Calm down Goefy.

      2. And it’s better to own a device with a forgettable bug than waiting for the device for months and months months.

        1. I wouldn’t say it’s forgettable.

        2. I think i will buying a device that is worthy of its price. A device that is properly functioning.

          1. Only thing is this bug most likely wont effect the verizon version since it is occurring on a different band than verizon uses.

          2. yeah because using a different band affects how a volume button works.  Really, people make these things up?

          3. Except it isn’t the button that is the issue it is when it goes into 2g. Glad to see people talk out their asses. smh

        3. I’m sure crying about it will get the phone in your hands even faster…..let me know how that works out for you.

          1. It works as well as your immature comment.

          2. That….l highly doubt.

          3. sorry, Tammy.  Poor excuse for an argument.

  2. device is already forgettable.  

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