Samsung ‘Nexus Prime’ Hits Best Buy’s Website with $299 Price Tag


The shenanigans leading up to the US launch of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus have created yet another curious artifact of confusion. The handset has taken up its rightful place on Best Buy’s website, but for whatever reason the company continues to insist upon using the Nexus Prime name. While we can argue for days over which we like better, Nexus Prime was the long-rumored name for what eventually was unveiled as the Galaxy Nexus. Best Buy has been pretty insistent on using the Prime name on nearly every leak we have seen, for whatever reason. The latest instance sees the name accompanied by a $299.99 price tag. The price listed is “effective Sunday, Nov. 27th – Saturday, Dec. 31st” though the handset is not yet on sale. Hopefully this week will finally bring some insight into Verizon’s plans to launch the highly-anticipated smartphone.

[via Best Buy | Thanks, EarlyMon and Zedster (AndroidForums)]

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  1. I won’t need to worry about the price if I can win one from Phandroid. :)

  2. I am hoping that $299 is for 32GB and we get a 16GB for $199. Because with all the cloud storage all I need is 16GB.

  3. Make up your damned mind what your gonna call it already and release it so other carriers can freakin get it sometime soon…………..

  4. Good thing i’m getting one for free after I win this contest

  5. Let’s hope announcement is today, Cyber Monday, with online availability!! :))

  6. $299 was the price in October when it was announced.  Now that it is 1-2 months late, they should not be charging a premium for their own Cluster F***.

  7. They can’t get the name right…. what makes you think they will get the release date right?

  8. How can a device with no launch date be late?

  9. who gives a shit what they call it…just let me buy it

  10. wonder if best buy is still giving credit for your old phone.

  11. Since I will likely be paying full price.. how much unsubsidized? That’s what I REALLY need to know.

    1. I’d assume they’d charge like the ad says. Reg. 799.99  which is freaking outrageous………

  12. weird it only shows up on the link provided…not Bestbuy’s own site through navigation.

  13. I find it a little troubling they wouldn’t list whether this is the 32GB or 16GB version in the ad.  But I suppose that’s not terribly unexpected from either Best Buy or VZW.  

  14. It’s not called the Nexus Prime, I would think that wouldn’t need to be said again and again.


  15. It was my bday yesterday phandroid!!!! Were my present?? No but seriously any day now week here a Verizon rep walk on stage and tell the crowd it be available Dec 8 *drops the mix * and walks away as the crowed throws they undergarmenta on stage… yeah i got tickets.. ill b there =}

  16. Best Buy has already said that this was an error and the device is called “Galaxy Nexus” and it is “Coming Soon”.

    shenanigans is right.  this G-Nex launch has been disgraceful.  it’s like a f**king comedy of errors.

  17. Regularly $800?  Riiiiiiight.

  18. Who gives a shit what they http://www.fhosting.org Call it…just let me buy it 

  19. Whoa, whoa, whoa…that link takes you to bestbuy.shoplocal.com.  Notice the TLD…shoplocal.com.  NOT bestbuy.com.  

    Not that I trust Best Buy all that much, but I’ve never even heard of shoplocal.com.  So I wouldn’t trust them about anything.

    1. THIS!!!!

      This is NOT Best Buy’s website!   It’s as close to Best Buy as phandroid.installthisvirusplzkthx.com (not a real website) is as close to Phandroid’s website!

  20. $800 off contract?!?  Wow.  Not only does the SGS2 pack better hardware (resolution excluded) but it comes in at $300 less off contract with T-mobile.

    1. Yea but it has touchwiz and  i dont think anybody wants that over ice cream vanilla is always better

  21. at least details are starting to get more official

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