It’s Cyber Monday and that means millions of people will be scouring the web for the best deals of the year. In honor of today’s legendary status, we’re continuing our 31-Day Holidroid Giveaway with our biggest contest yet, including a Kindle Fire, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, Jawbone JAMBOX and a whole lot more.

How can you win?

Simply visit and link us to one of your favorite gift giving ideas of the year in the contest! It’ll make reading the comments fun and helpful for today’s holiday shoppers.

There are a few more details… read on for all of them. For now, let’s discuss what’s up for grabs in our Cyber Mania Monday giveaway:

Amazon Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire could be this holiday’s hottest product: at only $199 it’s not only one of the most affordable Android tablets, it’s also one of the best. That’s a killer combination. With a beautiful UI, great battery life, carefully curated apps/games, and an amazing array of media options thanks to Amazon’s Digital Content Ecosystem… the Kindle Fire is a sure win. Good luck winning one in our contest, but at only $199 it’s probably worth buying one just in case!

Galaxy Nexus

HUGE props to Nikolay Ananiev, the developer of an app called Tiny Flashlight + LED, who donated 10 Samsung Galaxy Nexus for giveaway. His app has OVER 10 MILLION downloads and Nikolay contacted us asking for ways he could give back to the community as a way to say “thanks”. I’d say this is a success – gotta love that Android community spirit! Not to mention, Tiny Flashlight + LED is hands-down the best Flashlight app for Android. Download Tiny Flashlight, give it 5-stars of awesomeness, and check out Nikolay’s other great apps/games as well: Bebbled and Tiny Compass.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus

Everyone seems to be craving Samsung Android devices these days, and for good reason. Samsung makes some of the best hardware out there, coupled with great software integration, and the Galaxy Nexus (above) and Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus are two great examples of Samsung’s industry leading products. These devices were sponsored directly by Samsung, thanking our readers and forum members for their excitement, interest, and support over the past year. With a 7-inch screen, 1.2GHz dual core processor, 1GB RAM, MicroSD slot, camera that records in 720p HD, and screen that displays in 1080p HD, the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus is a high end alternative to the Kindle Fire… and you can win BOTH in our contest!


Ever wanted a small, portable speaker that plays music LOUD and CLEAR and isn’t a pain to setup? Let me introduce you to the Jawbone JAMBOX speaker. This bad boy packs a powerful bunch an extremely small frame, easily connects to your Android device via Bluetooth, and is an absolute pleasure to use. Bluetooth means you can stream not only music, but also games, apps, phone conversations, movies, and any other audio playing on your device! It also means no cords! Put it on your desk. Carry it to the kitchen. Bring it to the basketball court. Take it to your friend’s party. The Jawbone JAMBOX is a music lover’s dream device.

Isotoner SmarTouch Gloves

Every single holiday season these SmarTouch smartphone gloves are consistently one of my favorite gift giving items. They eloquently solve one of the most fundamental problems a tech lover faces: using your device in cold weather. Wearing gloves usually prevents your touchscreen from working: take your phone out, take your glove off, use your phone, hand gets gold, shove phone in pocket, rush to get glove on. NO MORE! Isotoner’s SmarTouch gloves, designed in my colors and sizes for both men and women, has technology that passes the electrons your body gives off, through the gloves, onto the capacitive screen and allowing it to work. VOILA! Seriously. It works. Trust me. Try it… and you’ll love them forever.

Seidio $30 Voucher

With so much smartphone use comes battery drain. Thankfully, Seidio makes some awesome extended batteries that fit many smartphones, allowing you to get longer battery life with the same device. No more toting around a charger everywhere you go: just snag a Seidio and call it a day! Seidio also makes cases, holsters, and other great accessories for your smartphones. Check them all out here.

Andy Robot T-Shirts

True Android enthusiasts and tech lovers enjoy expressing their Android attitude and there is no better way to do so then with an Android Robot T-Shirt from the brilliant folks at iSteamAndy. They’ve created a series of artistic, creative Android Robot themed T-shirts with fun, rich imagery. They sell like hotcakes and have limited production runs so get each design while you still can. Some of their top designs (and ones we’re giving away) include:  Dark Night Andy, iSteam Andy,  Flying Andy, Exploded Andy,  Andy Verus, and Unstoppable Andy.

Today’s Contest Rules/Regulations:

  • Visit by clicking here
  • Find a great holiday gift giving idea and copy the URL
  • Paste the URL in the comments with an explanation of why it’s a great gift idea
  • DEADLINE: link most be posted by 3PM Eastern on Monday, November 28th to be eligible
  • We’ll be selecting ONE random winner from the pool of people whose gift giving ideas we like most!
  • HINTS/TIPS: be original… don’t post an item featured in our Holiday Gift Guide or copy those above you
  • For complete rules/regulations, please visit  our original Happy Holidroid Contest post… Good luck!

Looking for a great gift? Look through the comments below and share the best ideas with other gift givers on Facebook/Twitter/G+ and anywhere else! And don’t forget about our Holiday Gift Guide!

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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    I picked a weather ballon because sometime I donate my time to kids in hospitals and sometimes they can’t see outside or explorer so if I have a weather balloon I can show them footage of what it would be like above the clouds and I think it would make them reall happy to feel like there touching the sky .. Well that’s mine Ive been try every day too win something for someone the only thing ii wanna win is a g nexus everything else im giving it to someone that’s deserves it sucks that this one wasn’t a first come first win contest today but here’s to hoping I win thanks !

    1. you do realize that typing VFfffffffggy to save your spot doesnt matter for this contest right? XD

      1. Yes I know that but me and u have been on here trying to win and I hope the best man wins good luck I guess Ill see you tomorrow same place same great site

        1. I also didn’t wanna be post one billion lmao

  2. This should get interesting!

    I find this invaluable when travelling.  I can plug into any socket world wide and use my laptop, plus I can then clip in the dual USB charger and charge my Galaxy Nexus and my rubbish work phone (iPhone of course)!


    My wife would love Rocksmith. She is an amazing singer and songwriter but has always wanted to learn the guitar so she can play in coffee shops and it would also help her song writing.

  5. Great camera for my wife who is looking to take some nicer pictures of our family, and looking to change professions to become a photographer. I know this is just a starter camera, but you have to start somewhere.

  6. The cuisinart immersion blender is a great gift if you know someone who loves to cook.  It makes different soups and smoothies so much easier to make! 

    Sometimes you just need something dedicated for gaming on the go. The Vita is the perfect gift for the avid gamer on the go, packing cutting edge hardware in a small package. Want to play some multiplayer? Just tether it to your android smartphone for wireless connectivity. Best of all, it is backwards compatible with select PSP titles.


    What Android fan enthusiast doesn’t want a plush, squishable Android toy??

    As a Walking Dead on AMC fan, I think getting a sweet SOG Tomahawk with an impact spike for cracking zombie skulls would be a great gift idea in preparation for the always impending zombie apocalypse. And for only $36 what a deal!!

  10. My gift idea for the tablet owner that has everything is the Akron Folding Tablet Stand.
    I have found this item to be an essential accessory for my tablet.  And as you can see by the ratings, this is a must have item. 

  11. Nothing says “tech household” like streaming entertainment. ROKU + Android = One awesome experience. No more being forced to watch what the kids are watching on cable for this guy!

  12. So my wife can take pictures on her own instead of hiring photographers.

  13. Roku 2 

    It’s one of the best, if not the best media streaming device. Amazon instant video, Pandora, of course Netflix, and a plethora of exclusive channels all for under $100. For all you get, this is a deal you cant beat. Easy to set up, so feel free to give it as a gift to mom or a close friend. It’s an all around great gift that anyone would be happy to have.

  14. this is a great gift for android lovers, because you need to know your competition, to know “next big thing” to really appreciate what android offers you.

    Pretty obvious why, a 200$ tablet that can run games and has access to all of Amazon products

    1. Wow!  I would pick you to win…amazing!  

    I think this is a great gift for kids that are dying for a cell phone like their big siblings. you can get unlimited text and data for a low price and no contract.  My daughter will be getting one.

  17. These are an amazing gift that will have you being appreciated all year long because they have an absolutely awesome quality and sound clarity along with built in bass. I hope you like it.

    1. Want. So. Bad!

    -easy setup
    -keyboard remote(with harmony integration
    -access to appstore(with the impending honeycomb update)
    -full chrome browser

  19. I already posted but it doesnt seem to be showing up…

  20. Paperback book
    The Rough Guide to Android Phones

    Product Description

    Product Description “The Rough Guide to Android Phones” is the ultimate guide for Android phone users. It shows you all the tips and tricks that ensure your phone performs to its full potential.

  21. I chose an Amazon Prime subscription for my gift idea. Then they could enjoy the gift year round. They get free 2-day shipping(in case there is something they really wanted that you didn’t get them), Unlimited streaming of 1000’s of movies and TV shows(Everybody needs a little Parks and Rec in their life), and Instant access to 1000’s of Kindle books(if that’s there thing)


    Great gift for any baby (9mo to 2 years old) Helps them develop balance and coordination skills and its its cute as hell. Most will post tech ideas, but i ran across this and couldn’t help but suggest it.

  23. A Kindle Fire sure would keep me warm for the holidays…


    Not only is it this Christmas most wanted holiday items but it works
    For people of all ages from kids 6 and under with interactive e booked
    To middle school and teenage kids for reading and having social media to keep them
    The ability to be so simple yet do all you need a tablet to do
    Is perfect for mom and dad that aren’t too tech savvy and have a huge collection of books. And wellness can’t forget the main reason its perfect you don’t have to go broke buying it

  25. Onkyo Receiver:

    Would be great to have some great sound for my HDTV and video streaming!

  26. B60 Single Server Coffee Machine. Everyone loves coffee…heck, everyone practically NEEDS coffee. You can brew single servings from the size of an espresso cup to a large travel mug and every cup brewed can be a completely different flavor or type of coffee using the K-Cup variety packs…it’s a fantastical caffeine dispersal device.   

  27. This is by far the best gift you can give any Android, or iPhone user. The AR.Drone Quadracopter, as for an explanation, do you really need one? Who doesn’t want a remote control airplane, that they can control with their phone.

    This is a game my girlfriend made me play when we had just gotten together, I hadn’t ever played. It’s a neat game though, it really helps you learn about people. Whether you give it as a gift, or buy it to play on Christmas day to enjoy the time with your family, it’s a blast!

  29. Anyone that owns a Wii has to dust that thing off and MUST buy this:


    I know its not tech related but Mumm-Ra was one of the most awesome bad guys ever! And I’m sure most of the people who view this page grew up with the Thundercats (as I did myself) and have probably checked out the new series as well. This figure is very cool and shows how far the character has come in the last 25 years.

    it is stylish and everybody loves to listen in music while doing something

  32. Nothing holds it’s value better!

    First of all, its a helicopter, that should be a cool enough gift for any kid or most guys. Secondly, it can be controlled by your android phone. Third, it is relatively cheap for anyone to buy. I can’t think of a more fun game for my phone than to fly an actual helicopter (unless I was riding in it at the time). I’m sure my nephews would love it but I may have to be selfish and just buy one for myself.

  34. Is your friend spending money on new gadgets while his car is stuck in the 90s? Help him move to the 21st century with the MP3 player cassette adapter. Its the same one we used with CD Walkman. Yeah I remember those. Now use it for your internet radio (pick your favorite from the Android market.) Only $2.78 with free shipping!


    This starter guitar set paired with a kindle fire (for reading tabs) would make a great pair!


    nobody said it has to be tech. gift :)
    sometimes simple thing are much more apreciated ;) 


    someone bought us one for Christmas 2 years ago (not that specific one but the same price range), and we didnt know what to make of it at the time. in the time that we’ve had it, we’ve had to use it about 6 or 7 times. being from upstate NY, winters get very cold and we lose power more often than you’d think. this thing saved us on many occasions. it might not be the gift that everyone would want or need, but it’s probably one of the most practical, and im thankful every day that someone had the thought of us maybe needing it because we did! 


    Even with the Transformer Prime around the corner, the even cheaper Asus Transformer makes for a great holiday gift for anyone looking to get a tablet. It offers both a tablet and mini netbook experience. It is sharp looking, convenient, and still a very powerful tablet for the price.

  39. Perfect for keeping all of your gadgets charged without having to have 2000 wires and adapter cables.

  40. Unbelievable hi-fi sound for Android users:

    There is a Klipsch app for mapping what the button does. These headphones sound amazing and fit very well. Great noise isolation (passive noise canceling) for public transit riders, paired with a thumping low end. 

    Plus, FOR ANDROID. Nuff said. 

  41. I saw this in the back of a car windshield on campus, maybe a good gift for a PHANDROID when your on a tight budget:


    Droid RAZR moisture-resistant armband.

    This is a great gift because if you have a Droid RAZR, you can use it almost like the cool new Motorola exercise watch. It promotes healthiness and exercise (important right after Thanksgiving) and is a great way to give someone a head start on their probable new-years resolution. You should be able to take advantage of the Smart Actions on the RAZR and have an easy time keeping track of your exercise, all while protecting your precious new phone.

  43. A bonsai tree is a wonderful gift.  Caring for these trees are a great form of relaxation and stress relief.  I plan on getting a few for the people in my life :)


    iRadar Radar/Laser Detector for iphone/ipod touch ….. its used to check out for any police and if they are targeting you….. I have one and it works flawlessly….I have an ipod touch so thats y its an iphone thing but given the majority of people have an iphone/ipod touch i thought it was a great gift idea….$200 tickets avoided!!! BEST NEWS THOUGH? they have it for ANDROID TOO!!!

    1. sorry 4 double post

  45. This Breville juicer is the gift of health, enabling you to live longer to experience the future of Android.

  46. picked the
    Buffalo Technology AirStation High Power N300 Wireless Router & AP WHR-HP-G300N because we can listens audio now wirelessly

    I picked an iPhone because after using it for a week or so it will give you a greater appreciation for Android. Plus you can sell it for a premium and pick up the Galaxy Nexus or other device you’ve been wanting.

    something nobody would buy for themselves but makes for an interesting gift!  Hint hint to everyone who has my list!

    1. Now thats cool!

  49. This Breville juicer is the gift of health, enabling you to live longer to experience the future of Android.


    You can’t be me, but you have a chance to be like me. I’m Batman. Buy my game. I’m Batman.

    Soft Micro-Plush Heated Blanket.
    Cause while I may I love the cold weather, my girl definitely doesn’t and it’s that time of the year. Plus it’s available in her favourite blue so double points. ;)

  52. I’d have to say a gift card is the way to go..

    This way the gift receiver can get what *they* want.  Apps games books or whatever else among the thousands and thousands of items Amazon has up for offer!

    We all need to take out our aggression, and this is way better that beating up a person

  54. Do you know someone like me, who tends to be slightly (or overly) addicted to their gadgets.  I’m sure their significant others would love to go out for a meal with out the phone chiming in with text, email, or G+ notifications attempting to steal away the attention.  If you know or are someone like this get the Phonkerchief for that significant other, you get brownie points for showing you want to hear their work story more than see if that notification was a new Phandroid contest post, and you can have a dinner temptation free.


    Childish? Yes
    Original? Perhaps
    Wouldn’t this be the perfect gift to have floating around the room during some holiday White Elephant exchange? My thoughts are yes.
    One last bonus you ask? Yes it’s dishwasher safe…for any unwanted streaking.

  56. Duh guys a G1!!! So all the new Android kids on the block can learn where we all started from. 
    Wanna talk about battery life? Look at that!! “up to 5 hours of talk time”
    4G? NO WAY!!! Who needs it with a sweet keyboard? 
    Seriously though, everyone, go buy one. Starting at $129! You can’t afford to miss out!!!!

  57. The book “Beginning Android Development” so more people can learn to make apps and how to make them better.

    Why of course some writable NFC tags to go with my new Galaxy Nexus :) 
    I can write profiles for car, home, work… imagine the possibilities!

  59. ear muffs/plugs because when I get my galaxy nexus ima be going on and on about how amazing it is and I know my girlfriend will get tired of hearing me so she can put these on :)


    Cruzer Androidified Cases with the Andy pattern! Show off our love of Android with a great case.

  61. Wait, does our gift have to be phone/tablet/android related somehow? If not, I absolutely love my money clip. NaNaNaNaNaNAAAAAAA BATMAN!


    I apologize, this is the third time I am posting this, but it doesnt seem to be showing up! When I first posted it, it showed as the 3rd comment but it just seems to have disappeared!

    Anyhow, this sucker is affordable, gets great reviews, and what better way than to remember all your holiday memories with your family than with an awesome new digital camera? Your grandparents and grandchildren alike would thank you!

    Because everyone can use an extra 32 GB of storage space in a package that they can actually open without causing a mental break down.

  64. Great gift that might just save your life or someone elses. Plus at just 14.95, it’s a relative steal. Great stocking stuffer. Hell grab two and give the other one to someone you care about. 


    For the Android Lover in your home, Make using your Android in public a personnal experience. 

    Perfect gift for my husband, who is ALWAYS losing his keys (or wallet, or cell phone . . .  next up is his mind!). Used as a separation alarm as well as a location finder. There is an Android app so you can use GPS on your phone to locate your keys. Genius!

  67. LG HBS-700 Wireless Stereo Headset –

    This seems like an excellent gift idea. It’s different, it isn’t very expensive, and most people have a lot of good things to say about it.

    The oatmeal is quite funny and this book makes a perfect coffee table book. (I am not affiliated with his website) I suggest it because it has produced so many hilarious conversations with anyone that picks it up and starts flipping through it. 

  69. I want to gift the Parrot Android-powered Car Stereo to my girlfriend.
    It would be installed in her truck, but truth be told, I would definitely play with it more.

    A Roku box will help anyone ditch cable.  Maybe toss in a subscription to Netflix or Hulu Plus.

    The Pacific on Blu-Ray is a great gift for any guy on your shopping list.  One of the best series ever.

  72. This Belkin adapter gives you bluetooth connectivity in your car, all you need is a lighter/accessory outlet and a line-in.

  73. The logitech s715s is a gift I gave my dad this year for the holidays (should arrive before xmas) and I believe it’s a great deal, only 100$ with free shipping! It takes a lot of different mp3s for those that don’t have an apple product, and it’s top of the line logitech. finally, it’s very easy to carry it around where ever you want to.

    breathalyzer on a keychain

    i was out black friday shopping and actually bought one for a friend to hang from rearview mirror as a reminder to check after all the christmas parties.

  75. TF Prime will be the tablet of the year!!!! Already pre-ordered. ;-)


    KRE-O Transformers – BUMBLEBEE

    What child doesn’t want want to play with the historic Bumblebee and at about 30% off it’s a great Christmas present idea.

    Hey, you.
    Yeah, YOU!
    How often have you spent excessive amounts of your valuable time trying to wring that *last* bit of toothpaste out of your tube?
    No more!!! This tube squeezer makes getting your money’s worth out of that pesky toothpaste container unbelieveably easy, and you can ven say goodbye to that sneaky, backstabing arthitis! 

    “Squeeze It” would make an incredible gift for anyone, and at a mere 4 dollars and 70 cents for a pack of TWO… Can you afford to *not* buy this product for all of your loved ones? Can you really live with yourself, knowing you’ve deprivied them of such an incredible tool?
    Think about it.

    High quality cardboard boxes. A great gift for those whose living arrangements are in flux. Sturdy enough to make good living accommodations for those out of work struggling in this economy. Mobile enough for those occupying Wall street and other cities. 


    Nutsack golfball holder.

    Nothing keeps your balls warmer this winter. Nothing is is worse than having cold balls in the spring.

  80. I chose a nice bottle of Astro Glide because it has so many great uses:

    1:  You can give this gift to yourself so you can more easily pass the time until the Galaxy Nexus is available

    2: It makes the perfect gift for any of your iPhone 4s toting friends.  They will greatly appreciate you giving them the ability to stick their POS iPhone you know where every time Siri F’s up.

    3: Do I really need to list more uses?


    Playing cards are fun to give especially when they are unique like the green eco friendly deck above.  They are high quality and low price, you could get 15-20 of them and give them to all of your close pals at the office.

    Toshiba’s Android Optimized Keyboard would make the perfect gift for any Android lover, including me! :)


    If you have kids, they would think this is neat. It’s a hat/scarf/mittens combo. This one is cool polar bear, but they have others (like huskies and pandas). The little paws are funny. it’s pretty warm too. I “tested” it out at work, before giving it to my daughter.

  84. Thank for hosting this contest! 

    Affordable, great for all ages, and especially fun for those who can’t get enough of Angry Birds!


    What better way to wake up on Christmas morning, or any morning for that matter. A single cup of gourmet coffee, in your hands and over the gums in just a few seconds.

    My gift suggestion is The Bye Bye Standby Energy Saving Kit. 
    With all the electronic vampires we have in our homes, the amount of electricity wasted quickly adds up. This gift is practical, inexpensive, environmentally friendly, and it’s a gadget with lights & buttons…everyone likes gadgets with lights & buttons. 

    I got a similar one last year except mine replaced the existing outlet. Much easier and neater than finding the usb power brick and since almost all of these devices use usb to power them, it’s very universal.

    1. Wow, that’s awesome – going to order one of these!

      1. Yeah, it’s great. I actually got this one but I think the amazon one is better since you don’t have to replace the receptacle.

    2. For those who love the Muppets and the recent movie and have a need for a playful retro detail to their wardrobe:

    3. df


    nice case for the transformer prime – leather, multiple viewing configurations with stand (portrait/landscape), detachable inner sleeve, access to all ports, and comes in several colors

  89. This one is for the Bloge Trotter, safety on the road:


    Lego storage…quite possibly the greatest gift for a Lego aficionado

  91. I recommend The Walking Dead Season One for any of those zombie lovers in your social circles:

    The Walking Dead is a spectacular show that combines all of the great zompocalypse lore that we have come to love with some pretty great character studies of the types of people who would actually survive through one of these events.


    Great creative coffee mug for the photog in your life. Got my pops one, they’re cool and for either team Nikon or team Cannon, which is almost as heated a rivalry as Team Droid vs. team CryPhone.


    I have something like this and it is absolutely my favorite way to carry hot drinks.  The lid seals completely so I can throw it in a backpack without worrying and it keeps drinks insulated for hours.  Also, the tea infuser is a nice touch.

    I picked the Motorola s9 HD Bluetooth headphones because they are a great pair of Bluetooth headphones that have rich bass and a comfortable frame. Combine that with a stellar battery life and android/ipod/pc compatibility you are one step closer to being a cordless geek. I have gifted these to friends and recommended them for people I know that work out a lot because they are sweat proof as well. 


    Polar Insulated Water Bottles – simple; I believe you just can’t get enough of good, functional water bottles :).

  96. I suggest this dual car AC + wall charger.

    You can count on everyone you know having a device that charges via USB, so this gift is extremely flexible. Just give them this with a spare usb cord that is compatible with their phone or whatever and they can just keep it all in the car for whenever they travel. Also, it has a neat and attractive fold-in design. And the frosting on the cake: only $15.

    Edit: It also charges AA and 9V batteries!!!1!!1!

    Because who doesn’t want 32 gb of Micro SD memory goodness. Am I right or am I right?

    The perfect gift for a college student, great screen size for reading text ebooks, no more carrying those back breaker textbooks. With #G everywhere, there is no need to not be able to do work if there is no wifi around, just click wireless on and your set to go. Also ebooks are cheaper then textbooks so a lot of money saved there.

  99. technophile would not love full control of their home computer and/or home media center from the comfort of their couch – my number one wanted gift this season

  100. Because my wife now thinks im into kinky because I had to check out the gravity swing post and I need to get the following camera:


    Xpal8000 anyone who travels alot should have one of these. Charges phones and tablets, I used mine on a 7 day bike ride across Iowa with no real access to power outlets (camping in a tent every night). Kept my Xoom and my Droid charged full of juice

  102. I would like to gift 5 Amazing Spiderman Crewneck Tee to five orphan kids. Because kids are really excited wearing a superhero dress. 

  103. Didn’t have to be electronic :) Gift for your special little girl to show her that she is beautiful

  104. Well, 2012 is almost here. If you really care bout your loved ones, there has never been a better time to gift them survival tools. With the zombie apocalypse approaching, nothing is more handy, reliable and necessary as a survival knife. Gerber 22-41121 Prodigy Survival Combat Knife, to be exact.

    Shock ball hot potato!  WHAT!!! sounds like we could make this a drinking game too. LMFAO!!!

  106. This is for those with kids.

    It’s a children’s picture book about a social justice issue. Teach your kids about others around the globe who don’t have clean water to drink. Inspire them to do something about it. AND, $5 from each Amazon sale goes to build clean water wells. How cool is that?

  107. I picked this:

    For any anime fan that loves all the interesting and genre-starting types of shows, Neon Genesis Evangelion is an absolute must-have. A mecha story with powerful themes and motifs all over, with excellent character analysis and development. Any anime fan, especially mecha genre lovers, should get this! I certainly want it…

    For those who aren’t anime fans, don’t discount the series! It’s a very thought-provoking and detailed story. It’s an excellent sci-fi show showing post-apocalyptic Earth. The characters are as realistic as it can get, and they do actually grow throughout the series. It’s a very deep and moving show, and I highly recommend it to any sci-fi fan.


    I love technology and android like everyone else but sometimes we all need to get away from it and just have some fun.  I picked the Hot Wheels wall track for the little tykes this year.  You can help build with them and put them on the wall, which I thought was cool.  Its safe and who doesn’t like to play with cars. 

  109. i think this is a great gift to give since its the gift that keeps on giving every year, and brings smiles to peoples faces at their desk during hard days work, at least thats what the co-workers say that i have bought it for…

  110. These guys are pure win, especially if you have kids (well, boys, at least, who are hard-wired  to throw things anyway)

    Note, there’s also a “set” of these advertised, but form the comments it looks like they’re not the same, so stick with these singles I’ve linked here. 

    They make great stocking stuffers, too!

  111. The mini hoop is a great gift for all ages. It looks like a real basketball goal and even has a breakaway rim! It would look really good in a cubicle or hanging off the door of a kids room.

    Plus it would get people moving which is always a plus.

  112. A great gift idea is the Phase 10 card game.  It is cheap and a fun family friendly game.

  113. Ironically, we have the perfect gifts within my family.. in fact we make it a point to give  some to people every year :)

    I don’t know about you, but generally after the holidays everyone I know is groaning and moaning about upset stomachs either due to eating something odd, or badly cooked. Nothing really as simple… ;) To top it off, if you give a bottle of ’em, they have the gift that ‘keeps on giving’. Although, it’s not as iconic as the Jelly of the Month club (Nat’l Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation reference, for those that don’t get it ;)


    The Big Bang theory is one of the funniest T.V Shows on planet earth. Sheldon Cooper might be the funniest character in existence, and this show is just so scrumtrulescent ( will ferrel snl) that it is absolutely necessary to buy it by the season. It’s also on sale this wonderful cyber Monday so it can be gotten for a great price, even though it’s content is indeed priceless.


    I think this a great gift I have one and I know most people have TV , blu-rays, and entertainment systems and this control makes everything a little easier and you can link it to your android device. I hope no else posted this one

  116. I always have problem in finding home keys, car keys, wallet, who hasn’t? My friends and family struggle with this problem as well. This is a small gadget that can be useful for everyone not only tech savvy geeks.

    I didn’t care much for tablets because I didn’t see an everyday use for them. it does everything your phone does. But then I saw this, I is like a mini laptop and a cheap price. Some people only want to view a web page or check/send email. this is also great for school and a look of kids will want a cheap laptop for school and fun. This is a great toy and learning took.

  118. If there was one thing I’d give for a gift idea? It’d be an ASUS Transformer prime.

    That said, they don’t have it on there, so this is what I’d give:
    ASUS Eee Slider.  That thing is pretty beautiful and practical with a built in keyboard!  Aside from the fact that it has the same features as the standard ASUS Transformer, the slide out keyboard goes a long way! :-), for the business-savvy tablet user that doesn’t want windows?  I’d give a Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet.  With the exception of the ASUS Transformer Prime, I’d say that this is my dream tablet, since it is WACOM enabled, as an area to house the stylus, and is all together a no non-sense tablet.  Pretty swank.'d also buy a stylus (and if it comes with one, we’ll consider it a spare!), if it’s a kid and they seem to have the ability to not break it on the first sitting?  I’d likely aim to pass them an Acer Iconia A500.  The reason is because the tablet is going down in price, and it has enough specs to where I can buy them a few games on the marketplace to keep them happy.  I know this, because this is what I do to keep my niece happy. about the best one that I can think about right now?An Amazon GIFT CARD!  You can give any amount up to two grand, and if you’re not sure about what to buy them, you can just give them the card and have them go to town!  From music to books to doo-dads to gadgets, the Amazon Gift Card is (in my opinion) the best gift I’d give to someone, and that’s exactly what I’m giving my girlfriend this Christmas (barring winning this contest, of course!)

  119. Roku 2 HD – It’s cheaper than 1 month of cable. For another $10 you can get 1080p.

    I think this is a great gift idea, because it’ll make the receiver undoubtedly laugh, and also solves the age old problem of using the toilet in the dark! Or when you’re camping…or when you have a power cut…the possibilities for practicality are endless!  And it’s just a great gift to make people smile :)


    I chose the TomTom Portable GPS navigator. I chose this because you don’t want that one family member to get lost on their way to that important holiday family get together.


    I think that the body media arm band is better than the motoactv, because it incorporates everything that motorola does and more. Sleep monitoring, too. Its more like jawbones up, but its compatible with a PC, and at a better price.


    Crayons for the kids I think the most basic thing makes kids so happy and for the holiday season I think kids all over the world should have one box of Crayons because it’s the gift that keeps on giving

    This is the Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750.

    I purchased this in the summer after my last keyboard died.  The thing is fantastic!  Barely needs any light.  My meter is always at 100% charged.  The chicklet style keys have a great feel and the keyboard is very quiet.  It is also super thin.

    Never replace batteries again :)

  125. I did a little bit of research on tablets and this one seems to be ranked fairly high, especially for an android tab, which I’d personally prefer. It also doubles as a touch screen laptop with the additional purchase of the keyboard docking station. Best Buy had an awesome Black Friday sale on this one and I went to get it for my girlfriend but it was all sold out already! Still contemplating purchase…

    Mini stealth Television remote. The perfect gift for anyone! 
    Eating out and don’t feel like watching Fox News or the big game? No problem; just turn it off! Watch as the employees scramble about like confused rats in a cage where their TV keeps turning off. I may not be great with metaphors, but you’ll be great and stealthily changing the channel with this device.


    The Wimps Rug from ThinkGeek/Star Wars. What geek kid growing up wouldn’t have loved to have a wampa rug? I got the Taun Taun Sleeping blanket already, wife thinks it’s uber comfy. Nothing will say Geek Room like this rug on the floor.

  128. Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0. Get one of these, add your free App Inventor, the Android Phone you already own, and you will be busy for the next year! 

  129. I’d get for a friend of mine a HTC HD7  replace windows phone 7 with android ( and laser engrave it’s back with “They had a droids army, gone to the dark side, XoXo’

  130. Will make perfect gift for wife so that 23 hour drive home from getting out of the military that much better. Has everything from dvd/cd/blue tooth and screen to make the drive go by fast.

  131. I know it may seem lazy, but it’s the perfect gift:

    Amazon gift cards that are mailed in a greeting card and envelope.  I have various family members that have Kindles or they do all their shopping on Amazon, so the perfect gift for them are Amazon gift cards.

    For those nights when you just want to watch a movie at home.

    Besides everyone knows 70″ would be just a bit gaudy.  :)


    Hands free
    Catch those special holiday moments easily from your prospective
    New cool gadget..we all know we love those


    Sorry for being a Smartass, but thats the best gift ever, because its what you want it to be.


    I just bought this camera two weeks ago for my Thanksgiving trip for $50 more than it’s listed for on sale today. I’ve owned a bunch of cameras recently (lose them, break them, arrrrg), but I will be taking good care of this one. Took some great pics and video and is super small! Happy holidays!


    Seems like the best speaker bar/sub combo for the money right now.  This is perfect for most living rooms and it’s a lot more convenient and practical than running wires all over your room for a traditional 5/7.1 surround sound system.  The simulated surround really does trick you into thinking the sound is coming from behind you, so it’s every bit effective as a 5/7 speaker setup too.

    This is almost a requirement for a lot of the super thin LED TVs since it’s impossible to put decent speakers into the TV itself due to it being too thin/compact inside the bezel.


    The dell streak 7 I picked 3 up for my kids @ 159(Black Friday online @ Best Buy) a piece running honeycomb. You can’t beat that price. I didn’t want the fire because of the amazon integration. Wouldn’t want the kids purchasing things they aren’t supposed to.

    This is a really cool gift and I thought it would be a really nifty gift haha and you can start fires:)

    Surge protectors are super helpful to place in a room with many electronics. It’s nice not to worry about how many outlets you have or whether or not they will be overpowered by the stuff you plug in to an outlet strip.


    The InfiniTV 4 is a must-have for anyone with an HTPC (or wanting to build one).  You get a CableCARD QUAD-tuner, with SDV compatibility, and you get to stick it to the cable companies who try to charge you for their crappy DVR systems.

    With this and the incredible benefits of an Amazon Prime membership, you’ll never need to pay the ridiculous cable company prices for your television shows again!

  141. After thorough deliberation, I realized that the best gift for anyone would have to be an Amazon Prime Membership ( This is the type of gift that truly keeps on giving. The recipient will have access to thousands of videos on demand that he or she can watch on their computer, Google TV, or Kindle Fire. Additionally, they will be able to borrow books from the Kindle Lending Library as well as choose from thousands of other titles to download instantly. Lastly, and maybe most importantly they will have access to FREE 2-Day shipping plus next-day delivery for only $3.99 so if they really wanted that Transformer Prime they can get it ASAP!

    Thanks Phandroid!


    My Sister has a periodic mice in her apartment, but is also a proud member of PETA. I think this would be a fun joke-gift for her to maybe use to try and solve her problem!


    These are great for people with back pain, restless nights, or a uncomfurtable bed. Avaible in different thicknesses and sizes they are great and this one is a amazing price this cyber Monday :)


    One of the best gift ideas to think of… Not only is it customizable but it allows the recipient to get whatever his/her heart desires… As low a you can afford, to as generous as you would like to be!

    Happy Holidroid!

  145. Most holiday displays geared for electronic users are limited to iPad or iPhone acces

    -great for phones with bad battery life
    -highly portable
    -handles all sorts of phones
    -can charge two devices at once

  147. Kingston Wi-Drive 32 GB USB 2.0 Portable External Hard Drive:

    Whether you have a Galaxy Nexus, a Galaxy Tab, a Kindle Fire, or even an iPad, any mobile device that lacks expandable storage will benefit greatly from the addition of a Wi-Fi portable hard drive. I personally LOVE these and how easy they are to set-up and use, and would buy them for all my friends that lack a storage expansion option.

    If Amazon carried it, I would also recommend AirStash, another portable Wi-Drive that uses microSD cards provided by you for the storage. Either way, you can’t go wrong buying someone extra storage for their mobile device, especially one that will fit in their pocket.


    Its not tech related, but i find that this is a really good book for teens especially young girls lol + the fact that its not a trilogy makes it a great read

  149. I used this Cuisinart Hand Blender for the first time to help with Thanksgiving dinner. Used it to blend mashed potatoes and to make gravy. Have to give it a try making M a r g a r i t a s ! ! ! Awesome little blender!

    I actually bought this gift for a friend of mine.  I don’t have a lot of money, the recession is pretty hard.  So, I was / am doing Christmas ‘on the cheap’ this year.
    My friend has a green thumb and loves hot food.  These are easily a no-brainer for someone with that mindset.  I actually got the three-pack.  Plus? It’s an Amazon Prime item, and free / fast shipping? Is /never/ a bad thing.  

    I can’t say as I’ll be partaking in my friends obsession with hot foods especially in this case.  However, I will enjoy watching them try to ‘act tough’ and eat one of these buggers (Hey Christmas is about enjoying the gift giving experience as well as the gifts you get right?)


    The perfect Christmas gift.  This will allow anyone who loses power due to snow storms or other events to still have enough power to access Phandroid.  It would be ashame to miss out on one or more of the giveaway days because of a power outage.

  152. holiday is finally here ! Wish you all a have a great and cozy one with your loved ones :) 
    While I think that ordinary holiday gifts, such as TVs, laptops, electronics,etc are great, why not have your friends/relatives enjoying something different this time ? Fitness is a really important factor that effects our lives in various ways,but it is oftenly neglected by the majority of us. We are afraid to pay the expensive gym membership, the time we have to go back and forth to the gym,… P90x has been around for sometimes and is proven to get us fit in a matter of days at our own designated place ! You just need some required equipment for the program, some space and some DEDICATION. Eating healthy, exercising regularly aren’t gonna do any harm but good to you and if you let fitness change you,it will do both physically and mentally ! You will experience things that you have never experienced before. You will be more energetic, more confident, and you will always feel like you can overcome any obstacle that blocks your way to success as soon as you finish the program. It might be hard at first, it might hurt, but in the end it’s all well worth it ! Give it a try, change yourself, and be a new you for 2012 :)
    Thanks for reading and have a fantastic day everyone !


    This book is amazing for the aspiring Android developer, it taught me all of the Java i needed to get up and running and weeks later I had an app released in the Android Market.    I think a lot of Phandroid readers want to get into the app development world but don’t know how to start.

    Gift cards that can be sent via e-mail are the best gift procrastinators can give! They certainly don’t have to know you only remembered their birthday/anniversary/graduation/new baby/promotion/random holiday because your Google calendar sent you a reminder…

  155. Yankees Stadium Office Chair

    With this chair and my Galaxy Tab, I can stream games and feel like I’m at Yankee Stadium (while living in Chicago).

    The game of life, where can I begin? This is an excellent board game for any age group. Not only does it get you away from the ever-growing monster that is technology, but it teaches you valuable fundamentals about life itself! Don’t sit in your room and play xbox; Go to college, get a job, and have some kids! Life is about making money so that you don’t have to win give-a-ways!!!

    Because who wouldn’t want an awesome remote control helicopter. If I win, I could secure the galaxy nexus to the RC helicopter to record 1080p video of the flight!!

  158. Most holiday displays geared for electronic users are limited to iPad or iPhone accessories. The following link is for a speaker dock created with the android phone user in mind:

    Happy holidays!

    Pricey, but if you want to take your home automation to the next level, this zwave deadbolt lock is one of the top ones I’ve found.  Yale also has a model with NFC built in!


    The official code of conduct for ‘Bros’ published for the first time ever. By upholding the words of this sacred document, any ‘dude’ can learn to reach ‘Bro-dom’. ‘Bros’ spanning all continents can put aside their differences to strengthen bonds in the name of brotherhood. At that point, we
    might work together as one unit to accomplish one of the most important
    challenges our society encounters…getting laid.

    Suit up. Score chicks. Be awesome.

    A must have for all fans of the show “How I Met Your Mother” While reading it becomes almost impossible to hear any other voice than that of Barney Stinson’s.

    1. Because geeks eat pizza
    2. My friends are geeks
    3. No one knows how bad they want one until they have one


    Seriously. Everyone should own this book. “How to Good-bye Depression: If You Constrict Anus 100 Times Everyday. Malarkey? or Effective Way?”

    Could be the best stocking stuffer in history.

    I figured my techie peeps might also enjoy being techie in the kitchen.  And really – who doesn’t want a stainless steel sausage stuffer?  If I unwrapped a gift and a slick, shiny sausage stuffer was inside, I would be overcome with joy.  

    You know you want the sausage stuffer.  You know, for stuffing sausage.  And stuff.  

    Happy Holidroids!

    LOL…perfect gift for my geeky android friends…got one for myself too..phandroid FTW! :D

    its the football, baseball, basketball and all kinds of sports season. what do guys do? watch sports. of course they will have TV, couch, and not to forget beer. so i picked this as a funny and also can be useful gift! a universal TV remote bottle opener! you will not have to leave your seat to look for an opener. its always there. i know how annoying it can be to look for them. been there done that. 

    This is awesome for any outdoors/adventure lover.  Get all the action on HD video with this thing strapped to your head.  We bought one of these for my brother who is an avid fly fisherman.  He will now have great videos to add to his blog.

  167. Post went in twice, darnit


    My favorite little flashlight. I’ve given them for gifts before, and I am shocked that people make a point of taking it out of their pocket to remind me how much they like them and use them.
    Sometimes you need a dedicated flashlight. I’m not about to lay my phone one muddy/wet ground, but I will this.


    P90X is the perfect gift for the athlete in your family. 2012 olympics are approaching fast and there is no time to waste. Give the gift of pain, sweat and rock solid abs to the future Olympian in your family!

  170. Cameras are always a sure way to please anyone your buying a gift for and this one has an amazing price.


    SHOES! You give them one shoe this year, and then you can give them the other one next year. This way, you’re already set for next years gift!

    This surge protector on a timer will let you light up your house for Christmas but save some money in the process!!!

  173. Dark side of the moon immersion box set…who wouldn’t like Pink Floyd? 
    -Music – digitally remastered and live cds, dvd and bluray (!)
    -Lots of books with colors (COLORS)
    -Marbles (in case you lost yours?)
    -Scarf (?)
    -Coasters (?)


    Excellent tablet. If i dont win one, i may have to buy one.

    If you’re like me, you get hot very easily at night. This fan is the PERFECT gift for anyone who has this problem. I’m hoping my girlfriend gets it for me, because I have to sleep with half my body covered by sheets and the other half uncovered.. sooo annoying. AWESOME gift idea!!

    This is a perfect gift, especially for the Minecraft lover! Perfect in combination with Minecraft: Pocket Edition. Now you can play the game in real life too!

    Disclaimer: May or may not be effective against zombies.

  177. If money was no object, I would buy one of these:

    and use it to run over my friends iPhone! Then I would buy him a Galaxy Nexus if it ever makes it to the states on Verizon. I don’t have a link to the Nexus for obvious reasons ;-)

    So that you can fix the power cords on all of your new gadgets after you cat gets to them. 

    Because as much as we love to play with our phones, there are sometimes when it is just not safe to be on them, such as driving. 

    And p.s.- It would pair up wonderfully with a Galaxy Nexus!!

  180. volume 0 because:
    – book published by a small independent publisher
    – profits go to promoting literacy in the developing world
    – xkcd is awesome!

    Something a little less conventional — take your Android device with HDMI mirror and get it on the big screen without running a cable all the way across the room. Awesome, especially as the selection of great games continues to pick up.

  182. Looking for a great watch that you can take on your next surfing/snorkeling/hiking/diving/boating/swimming trip? Well you’ve found it! The perfect gift for that active man in your life! Trust me, he’ll love it!


    Everyone needs an android plushie. My brother is getting this as his present.

    Sent from my Droid Bionic.


    Due to the fact me and alll my friends all have a galaxy s 2 phone I would buy all them all a USB jig so they can never freak out and make there phone into a paper weight g2 are better then that lolol

  185. The Complete Joy of Homebrewing by Charlie Papazian
    I received this book just over a year ago and it was one of the greatest things I ever got. I have never had a hobby that I enjoyed the process and the final product of so much! Not only do I have a blast brewing but the process and final products can be shared so easily and merrily! This is definitely a gift that ‘keeps on giving.’



    This is a GREAT BOOK. It really gives you all the info you need to know Steve Jobs, his persona and a little computer history too.

    Highly Recommend it!!!!!

    Viewsonic PJD6531 Projector

    MSRP Price of $1,059.00

    Sale Price of $589.00

    With all the deals on HDTVs today it’s easy to forget about other home theater options.  Some advantages of projectors over HDTVs are portability (try lugging a 40+ inch tv into your dorm room) and a large screen size (44 to 275 inches!).  It is also 3D capable and great for gaming in 3D on a 200+ inch screen!

    This Viewsonic Projector is 44% off and is a great bargain for the price. 

  188. For the one that has everything.        
    Affordable, different, good for all.  I was thinking exercise equipment, but didn’t want to scare anyone.

  189. For my beautiful wife, I would get this:

    We just had our first child in October, so we have found ourselves taking more pictures than I ever imagined possible!  Getting her an awesome all-in-one printer that can print high quality photos would be an awesome gift that she can use for years.

    Not to mention that this would be the perfect gift accessory to go with the high definition photos taken from the Galaxy Nexus…*hint, hint* :-)


    Star wars usb storage is bound to make anyone, with even the slightest bit of geekdom in them, smile.

  191. Native Union Moshi Moshi Retro POP Handset for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android Phones – Soft Touch – Black

    How would your friends and family look walking around with their cell phone in a pants pocket while talking on a landline styled handset? The answer is awesome. Pick up a handful of these to give to all your friends and family this holiday season so they can have the comfort of home with them every time they talk on the phone no matter where they are. :)

  192. An approximately $1 Million heart shaped diamond. What better way to say I love you than by going broke. My precious!

    P.S. Its worth clicking the link just for the reviews.

  193. I think a great gift idea would be this Samsung digital camera package
    For all that comes with you can’t best that price that is an amazing price for all that it comes with. It is also a great gift idea because everyone needs a camera no matter the age and everyone knows how to use a camera no matter how old they might be and computer illiterate they might be.


    This is simply amazing, what better way to show android support then to carry Andy with you at all times. Not to mention he glows in the dark! Yeah that that iphone user you can’t use your phone in the movies but you’ll have to see and glow bright!

    These are a great deal. They feel really comfortable in your ear, keep out background noise, and have the most accurate recreation of the music for the money. They are also about 10 dollars cheaper than usual. I think I might get another pair, in case the maintenance crew at work vacuums them up again!


    One of these would be awesome for my 14 month old daughter. She loves music, and she’d be able to just pick this up and run off with it while I’m playing for favorite songs via my phone. (see what I did there, guys? hint hint)


    Ah, promoting laziness.  Love this thing.  Bluetooth A2DP and call support.  Your phone will connect to this as soon as it turns on and it will allow you to show off in front of your friends and play music from your phone with no wires needed and also allows you to hear calls through your car stereo (if you want though, awkward when you are blasting music with your windows down and you come to a stop and you get a call and have a really loud conversation).  Great for choosing your favorite songs to dance to while filling up with that overpriced black gold or while washing your car, saves your back.
    Transmits over FM or also has a 3.5mm output (also a separate input 3.5mm is included but I think everyone who is reading this has a phone with bluetooth!).  Has a USB charging port because our phones suck power like tornadoes suck cows at a dairy farm.  You can also pause/advance/backtrack your music using built in controls.  Allows you to answer calls and end them and has a quick dial feature as well.
    WARNING: Turn your car speaker volume down before allowing your phone to connect via bluetooth.  It will beep and you WILL piss yourself from the loudness.  Great to scare people in your car if you remember about it though (but you probably won’t, trust me).

    “how to use google”

    granted, it got pretty bad reviews, but i’m getting tired of people asking me silly questions when they have smartphones or are sitting at their computer. no, i don’t know what other movie that guy from SyFy’s “Weather Wars” was in. i’ll tell you what, since you’re sitting at a computer, why not find out and then tell me.

    I’d love to send this to my old office so everyone there can remember me… each time they walk through the door!


    For the first time my grandparents ate to old to travel or to host christmas this year. So it would be really awesome for them to still be able to be a part of the holidays via webcam. It would mean the world to them to see their great grand kids open their presents.

  201. Syma S107 Remote Controlled Helicopter

    She’s got auto stabilizing rotors and a metal frame, blowing away the competition. This baby is made of metal! no cheap plastic junk, and it’s so much fun to fly. Perfect gift for geeks of All Ages, and the price is just right, under $30. You should think about getting one right now.

    p.s. I always wanted one when I was a kid, its so fun to have them now ;)

  202. Lego Mindstorm 2.0 ftw.  This is the perfect tool to bring out my kids inner geek.

    1. Little expensive, don’t ya think??  ;)

    When you want to watch your media on something bigger than just your phone. Connect it to your laptop,PSP , Tablet you name it. It projects up to 120 in on the wall 
    and is ultra portable.

  204. you’re a college student like me and you have an hdtv in your room, you’re sick of having to get up to do something on your computer while you have it connected to the tv. This is why this mousepad/keyboard combo is perfect for someone like me, as it can easily play media on your computer and it is the same size as a remote. Perfect!

    You can’t go wrong if you have those friends who love accompaniment. They love to share what They listen to and even watch. I call these ones the Interdependent Cybermen. 

  206. Zippo handwarmer is a great gift for those who work in the cold winter outside. It’s not going to break you either. Practical, thoughtful, & doesn’t hurt the plastic!

    Family fun! Kids will enjoy it, adults can remind themselves not to take themselves seriously. It can be used for entertainment, exercise, or just laying outside in the sun during the summer. Alternatively, bring a lady friend over, jump around together, and enjoy the jiggling that happens in the right places. Or if you’re lucky, you can find an animal jumping around on it, record it on camera, post it on youtube, get millions of views, and find yourself with a bit more internet cred. Sweet.


    “…a hands-free hydration system, looks like a beer belly when worn under clothing.” 

    What else is there to say.  You could use it for simple water hydration or even put your favorite beer in the “Beer Belly” before you put it in your beer belly.  Great for tailgating or concerts.

  209. If you haven’t read the comments section of the three wolves t shirt, you need to get better at the internet


    Did you know that duct tape can turn any item of clothing into rainwear? That duct tape over a computer screen will keep your kids from surfing naughty sites on the Web? That a perfect solution for those easy-to-lose TV remotes is to duct tape them to your arm? (Not only won’t you lose it, you’ll never have to relinquish control over it, either!) But can you also believe that Jim and Tim’s creative ideas for duct tape spawned not just one bestselling book, but three, plus a calendar? And now the ultimate collection?

    With two-thirds of the material drawn from their previous books and calendars and one-third all-new, The Jumbo Duct Tape Book is pure nuttiness to the nth degree. The premise is right there, on page one: “One rule can get you through life. It if ain’t stuck and it’s supposed to be, duct tape it.” But of course it’s the intrepretation that counts-like duct taping the gas pedal for cruise control, or duct taping marbles to your pressure points for instant reflexology. And then there’s bending the rule-transforming sneakers into golf shoes by punching nails through duct tape and taping it to the soles, saving energy by taping all switches in the off position. Plus cosmetic dentistry (use white tape for the “The Mask” look, silver for the metal-mouth bad guy look), cell phone safety (tape phone to side of head while driving so hands stay on wheel), home decorating (use duct tape for easy drapery tie-backs). You can even convert the book to a “hard cover” by taping a piece of 1/4 inch sheet of plate steel to the front and back covers. It’ll last for years!

  211. A great way to enter the exciting world of RC cars. Fast – 20+ MPH! Race ready! All sorts of accessories available including a lap counter. Buy two and challenge your teenager,wife, etc. to races. Its a lot safer than racing with real cars.

    – Knowing your enemy is important
    – Knowing what may keep them at bay is important
    – Prevent yourself from becoming the enemy

    Hipsters…Don’t be one.

  213. This has to be the best holiday gift. 

    With it you can
    -play games
    -talk to people
    -browse the internet
    -do anything else you can think of

  214. For the avid Skyrim fan, this is a must …

    I feel 72 hours should be a sufficient time.  If one were to call in sick on a Friday, it would be possible to get all the way through the weekend with one of these and never put the controller down.—Potty-72-Hour-Emergency-Toilet/dp/B001FOHV1G/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1322489956&sr=8-5

    Will Ferrell as, ELF
    Easily an instant top Christmas movie.  An amazing gift for so many reasons, but the primary being that it’s just straight hilarious and will make anyone laugh… Smiling, laughing and the whole set of emotions that are tied to them are sure a HUGE positive.  No better way to raise spirits, relieve stress, bond with friends and family and just bring on an overall joyous atmosphere around you!


    *great to monitor your workouts
    *great for the after thanksgiving motivation
    *just a all round great accessory to your moto droid phones
    *small and compact


    A creative “art” product must be fun if a teenager and kindergartner can both enjoy it. I can personally vouch for this: my 5-year old loves it, yet my 13-year old has made some pretty cool things with it as well.


    There are many, many headphones out there that claim to reproduce studio-quality sounds with jargon that attract audiophiles. However, most of people have little chance of experiencing them because of their ridiculous price mark at over $100, $200, or even close to $300. This is why I am recommending MeElectronics CC51P headphones. This headphone is a proven jaw-dropper, not only because of its performance and quality, but also because of its price being well under $100.

    If you have a friend who is an audiophile and listens to music on a smartphone, like myself, this will probably be the most thoughtful gift while not crashing your wallet.

    Make your friends fall in love with board games! Simple rules, lots of player interaction!

    Its not very expensive either.

    Great idea because everyone has smart phones and no one wants to take their gloves off to answer the phone or look at a quick text or email


    A really cool gift for a fashionable nerd/geek or just a hipster. Sure to start a conversation and also tells time! There are also cheaper varieties but I assume their quality isn’t nearly as good.

    i’m actually going to be getting one of those for my soon to be father in law. It will be great for Sundays when the fam gets together you can have lil smokies, cheese dip , and anything else all in one neat unit. 

    A nice little laser trip wire system to protect your most valued devices (*ahem* galaxy nexus). Or the family jewels. Or your cubicle, so your boss won’t find you napping, again. (read: versatility)

  224. In my opinion, one of the best gift i could ever present, is the gift of music. And because of that i choose the Fender:)

    This seems to be a bargain, especially with the discounts and free shipping provided. The reviews are good and I am sure it will definitely bring great joy, and put a big smile on the face of the whoever you might be giving it to, be it your family members or your friends:D


    A balance bike. To make his eyes light up for hours on christmas. He’ll fall, pictures will be taken, band aids put on, but memories will last forever.


    Go Pro Camera

    Because i already have one of these and they kick ass!  They make catching those crazy stunts easier than ever without risking your phone.

    Seriously i would highly recommend to anyone with kids or just anyone that are into sports which involve helmets. 

    Because who can’t think of a use for these? “A great way to tell your friends, remember that last time? Well now you’re covered…”


    Star Wars Jedi Force Trainer
    Master Yoda guides you as you use your brain’s beta waves to move the ball. And it lights up neon blue! Based on real science.

  229. Disqus didn’t get save this comment for some reason which is lame because I posted around when there were only 30 comments and now there are almost 300.
    I’ve always wanted one of these, so I figured that an Android enthusiast would be as well. The ability to track and manage my workout, track my locations and visualize my route, listen to music, and have this awesome digital watch all function independently from my wrist is undoubtedly cool. Being able to connect the device to my phone and manage my calls and notifications with the touchscreen only enforces my fantasy of having the equivalent the tech of a spy, which I think all nerds dream of. 

    P.S: If I win, please contact me through the Android Forums. My username/account is Spartoi. 


    It can control the lights even! No more getting up to turn the light on, or losing the fifteen remotes for the DVR, TV, Media PC etc.


    Until our Android overlords take over the world.  You’ll still need a PC for… PC things (like homework… ugh).  

    If you buy one of these computers you can get a $50 or $75 Amazon giftcard.  You can gift the computer, make someone’s day, then keep the giftcard for a Transformer Prime.  Or you can keep the laptop, gift the giftcard, and let someone else enjoy the Amazon wonderland.
    Either way, don’t miss out on discounted P.C.’s, deferred sales tax, and Amazon Prime shipping!

    Yes, its a 100 dollar gift card to amazon. Perfect for the nephew or niece that you really don’t know too well. :) And its got a frigging snowman on it. Its just as good as cash being you can practically buy anything you want at amazon, but not as impersonal being that its got a frigging snowman on it! What more can a 12 year old ask for! Pick me :)


    Because you were waiting to get a blu-ray player and finally took the plunge!  Don’t lament that you missed out on the $49 deal that was going all last week, just pull out your wallet and sit back on your new cozy couch, fire up the shiny new blu-ray player, and bask in the glory that is perhaps the best fantasy movie series fulfillment of perhaps the best fantasy book series (on your ginormous new 3D ready flat panel TV, of course…)


    We all love to eat right? Of course! Most of us love to eat good food right? Yes, again! Apparently this book will tell you the best places to eat no matter where you’re at. Plus some recipes to boot. I want it !

    If you ever need a stress reliever or just something to play with these things are awesome.  You can create so many cool designs and its really neat how they always stick together.  I highly recommend these as a gift to any of your more nerdy friends (or anyone why just likes to tinker or build things)


    Any man should own the Panasonic nose hair trimmer. There is no pain and no ugly hairs – which chicks definitely do not dig.


    Amazon gift cards are the best way to go. Amazon offers thousands of products covering all interests from books, to toys, to electronics. If you don’t really like a relitive you can get them a $10 card if you love them get the $1000 card. 

    1. Yo Yo Ma-n this guy is boring.

      1. You know… your mom loves Yo Yo Ma.

  238. And now for something completely different. I love board games, they are a great departure from the world of electronics, so I will suggest:


    Our boys want an ipad and a itouch. NOT going to happen!  Hoping a Kindle FIRE and a Samsung Galaxy 4.0 Android MP3 Player will do the trick!!!  I’ll need lots of coffee to get me going till Christmas..

  240. Grado SR60i:

    These are great, great headphones with very cool retro style.  They’re about $80 and will ignite the audiophile spark in anyone.  Whether the person is new to hi-fi audio, or a hardcore audiophile, they’ll love these.  Everyone I have listen to mine are blown away by them, especially when they hear the price.

  241. And for the coffee lover in your life….

    I’ve had this for about a year and a half and love it. I use it every day and over the long run save myself money by not hitting up the local coffee joint every morning. So really, it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

  242. You know how many devices I’ve lost to water damage?

    Clearly the most versatile product every home needs (but not all homes KNOW they need).  It does just about every small scale job you have around the house/apartment.  Whether you’re a handyman (handywoman) or not, it’s something that’s easy to use or learn to use, and as you use it more, you will be able to advance to other, more significant projects to actually start being creative yourself.

    It not only makes your home better, but it could make YOU better, from practice!


    Not so much a tech gift, except it can be read on a kindle. But it is the greatest book of all time, so it has that going for it.

  245. This one is perfect for everybody who doesn’t win the contest. Think how much more amazing your imaginary Kindle Fire will look…. when you can’t see it at all!

    Perfect for the average office holiday party gift!!! “You know Dasher, and Dancer, and Prancer…….” Bring them along to liven up the event!!!

    Please Note: side effects may vary. Possibility for long  ‘holiday conversation’ with the  HR lady in building C u later.


    This is the perfect gift for anyone. Doesn’t cost that much and it does something for everyone. Kids can play games and watch movies. Adults can read books, check emails, watch movies and do so much more. Kindle Fire is the top gift idea for 2011.

  248. Samsung Series 5 Chromebook 

    Awesome low-cost device; 8-second boot up times, easy to use interface, and all the functionality of a tablet (sans touchscreen) with the convenience of a physical keyboard.  Excellent choice for the loved one who wants a simple option for casual web-surfing.

    You can never go wrong with a video game! Games are meant to be played on the PC!! BF3 is by far the best game I’ve played so far, the graphics are amazing and this game will keep everyone entertained for hours! Trust me I know, I’ve lost many hours of sleep because of it! ;-)

    This would be the best gift ever because you could actually develop your pictures yourself…no printer!  Can you imagine? (is my age showing?)

    “W Question”, boxes answering the who, what, where, when, or why of a text
    Introductions to each Bible book, charts, and maps
    articles about Jesus and the teachings of the Christian faith


    A watch. Time is something we should all keep track of but somehow still manage to lose. I know we all have smartphones but sometimes it’s just easier to check your wrist. Giving someone a watch not only helps them keep time but also reminds them of the person who gave it.

    It doesn’t have to be THAT watch, of course. I just picked that because it looked cool but the though still stands.


    My brother-in-law and his girlfriend have been looking to get a new table for their home, but never were able to afford one. I believe that a gift like this could definitely put a smile on their faces for Christmas.

  254. Because in the digital age, we can forget how nice it is to get an actual thank you card in the mail


    I am going to go with a great stocking stuffer idea thats great for anyone who is on this website.  It is a Snowman Android Figure.  Only $22 and would be great as a secret Santa gift for someone who loves android!


    To me, the Amazon Kindle is the best Android Tablet to give as a gift! It is a great tablet that plays media and once rooted, becomes the tablet it was meant to be! :)


    The App “The Big Brag” by dr. Seuss!  Whomever wins is going to need to be taken down a peg, so they should put this app on their new Amazon Fire or Galaxy Nexus and think about the story’s message carefully… 


    Let’s face it — we’ve all got a ton of electronics. Not only will this baby protect them from nasty surges, it’ll save YOU money by eliminating the slow drain when electronics are turned off. That’s right – it will sense when you’ve turned off your TV and then cut the power to some of the other outlets. That way, you can keep your cable box powered up so you don’t miss an important recording but cut the power to your surround sound system and DVD player when they’re not being used.


    As one who has two little girls I find this item
    intriguing.  I like the fact that it’s
    interactive for the kids and parents and I could see my daughters absolutely
    loving this and dancing to it. 
    Simple, inexpensive yet priceless!

  260. This is the ultimate TV experience (I have one myself and can say that confidently). The GoogleTV concept is the future of all internet-connected TVs.  With Apple coming out with its own TV next year you can rest assured that they will have copied ideas from Google and Google will be able to launch its own lawsuit stampede on Apple. 

    This is also another way to be apart of the rapidly growing android community.

  261. Motorola Universal Dual-Charging Portable Power Pack
    It doesn’t have as much juice as the Mophie power station, but it is smaller, cheaper and lighter, plus, most importantly, it has a built in cable so you can charge your micro-usb device without needing to bring a cable.  Also includes an additional USB port so you can charge your iPhone friends at the same time.

    Ask yourself, have you ever met anyone who doesn’t love bacon?  It’s probably close to the most perfect gift because it actually IS the most perfect food.  It’s been known to send even the most committed vegetarian/vegan into a downward shame-meat spiral of salty, bacon-y bliss.  And for even the most obsessed bacon-lover, who may already have an entire garage freezer stocked with bacon…it’s an unreturnable/unexchangeable gift.  Imagine the person who would actually say, “Gee thanks, but I already have enough bacon, do you have a gift receipt?”  You can’t do it, can you.  Your bacon will run out, and probably soon, so any bacon gifted to you is a welcome gift and instant entry to the “Best Friend Club”.


    This NAS from Synology, definitely is an awesome gift for any geek, incredible features, including supporting 4 disk arrays, bittorrent client, and it even has Android Apps so you can have your own personal cloud!

    Better than that, would be to win a fine Galaxy Nexus from Phandroid!  ;)

  264. doesn’t need a tank? Maybe you like to take “over the river and through the woods to grandma’s house” literally. Maybe 2012 really is the end of the world as we know it–so why not be prepared?

  265. The Charlie brown Christmas tree! Because it’s the perfect size for your miserable work desk. Unfortunately I haven’t figured out how to copy and paste links, but it’s on sale for $20.

  266. Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz
    How could this not be an awesome gift? 1,200+ people can’t be wrong! Just read the reviews!

  267. Have you ever tried to color with a broken or stubby crayon? It just doesn’t work. SO, don’t throw them away, reuse them! Make your own colors, mix and match, it’s fantastic.


    Wilson signal booster, I use one at a cabin and the signal went from Roaming at 0-1 bars to a full 5 bars of native Sprint 3G in an area that gets terrible signal (no usable sprint signal even outside). This will help anyone increase coverage and data speeds for their phone and what Phandroid doesn’t want that?


    I have discovered this gift is perfect for everyone on your list…I just purchased one for my mother who loves to read and watch movies…she is not big on technology but I have a feeling this will make her come around more when she is able to read a book on the moments in her crazy day running a nursing unit.


    Grass charging station. I have one in my cubicle, just the right combination of wow and interesting without being too far out for an office environment.


    This is fun for the whole family.  It’s fairly priced, modestly sized, and 3D!  Anyone would love that.  It comes with 4 pairs of 3D Glasses and it has internet apps like Netflix, Amazon, Facebook, etc….

  272. Everyone needs coffee lol. I think this world would come to a screeching halt without it

  273. Great gift save somebody from getting a ticket and getting raised insurance premiums.


    The TARDIS cookie jar is by far the best gift(without breaking the bank) to any Dr. Who fan. It looks just like the TARDIS and the sounds just like it, which is awesome to know when someone is taking a cookie :P


    this would be a great gift for any of us who need to sing the blues if we don’t get our transformer prime or have to wait any longer for the nexus!

    I don’t care what anyone says, a Foam Sword is THE x-mas gift of the season. It goes with almost every outfit.
    It’s a conversation starter…
    “Why yes officer that is a Foam Sword, and no I haven’t been drinking.”
    It tells people that you’re a go getter and not afraid to wear Foam Weapons after Labor Day.
    It also up’s your geek cred, so you won’t get pushed around by the IT guys at the office anymore.
    And finally its JUST SO DARN COOL!!!

  277. Want a great stocking stuffer? You can’t beat this tiny flashlight. Fits on a keychain, but lights up your backyard. I’ve been using one for years.


    My Leatherman is one of my best friends.  It’s a big part of my every-day gear (along with my cell phone, pocket knife, and SureFire flashlight).  Darn near every tool one could possibly need in one handy sheath.  Everyone should have one at least in the car if not on their person.

  279. “Pawnee: The Greatest Town in America” by Leslie Knope (currently $12.00)

    Why wouldn’t you want to learn more about Ron F’ing Swanson?  :)

  280. Nothing is more important than family, and if you teach the next generation that very quickly, it could build a better nation and world


    Possible the funniest gift you could ever give to your favorite android phone enthusiaist. It’s cheap, can be used as a pillow for long comutes, and protects your android phone no matter what carrier your on. But hurry, only 11 remain in stock!


    SSDs are the blazing fast, they put HDDs to shame. And Crucial M4 is one of the best SSDs out there!

    These are a fantastic addition to any Android lovers collection. Wireless and great sound. Perfect for smartphone and tablet!


    This bike is fun for anyone who can still fit in the seat. My kids will love riding around the neighborhood hood on this. Santa will have worked his magic once again.

    -Great gift for a good price.  
    -you will love when you get it.  
    -you will feel great when using it.
    -you can easily hideaway when you don’t use ever again it after 2 Months.
    -you will be able to re-gift it later when you get your next piece of equipment.  

    You are probably thinking why a kids learning toy. This holiday season, the most important gifts will be for my daughter, and knowledge is power. Leapfrog is known for its technology that helps children to learn many different things, and also making it fun. My daughter enjoys her cousins toys a little to much so its time for  her own this year. 

    Even though I love all things gadgety, there is something about a good old fashioned book. This is the gift I am actually getting for a few different friends (and for myself). Besides, what’s more future-proof than a paperback – they’re compatible with all human OS’s, OTA updates are unnecessary and the battery life is phenomenal.


    This is the perfect gift for me to set up on my dresser, i can put my snow speeders and x-wings along side of it for an impromptu battle of hoth setup 


    Behold! The quest for the best stocking-stuffer gag-gift-that’s-actually-awesome-and-therefore-not-a-gag-gift-at-all is over. I received a tube of this stuff as a “joke” gift from my girlfriend a few months ago, and at first, I was totally offended. “Is she trying to say that my junk smells like a rancid bag of socks?” After thinking about it for a second, my stomach sank, cause I knew the answer: Yes, my friends, she was. 

    After the initial ‘I want to bury my head in lava’ moment passed, I popped open the tube and went to town on my netherregions, slathering the cream to-and-fro. And whoa; it actually worked. Hours passed, and no odor. I became a believer, and my lady no longer dreads me taking off my pants after a long day of work. 

    Seriously, I encourage anyone reading this to personally give it a go. And if you’re hard-pressed for a Secret Santa gift idea or something for one of your “Bros”, consider Fresh Balls as a fun alternative, out-of-left-field gift. At the very least, you’ll all get a good laugh when they open the present (then, your friends will go home with the cream and get their minds blown.)

    Oh, and there are varieties available for women (Fresh Breasts) and ones available for a much more family friendly crowd called Fresh Feet. I can’t vouch for those, but I didn’t want to leave anyone out. :) 

    Audibles is an audiobook subscription service through Amazon.  You can download them to your MP3 player or stream/download them to your android phone with the free android app.  This was one of my wife’s favorite presents.  

    Grilling, it’s an American past-time. What could make it better? Having your favorite beverages on hand. This all in one cooler grill kit combo will make things a lot easier once you have a few to many of those beverages. If you decide to travel and tailgate, you carry your cooled meats with you grilling tools. 


    MAGNETIC BUCKYBALLS are the perfect gift because there isn’t one person who wouldn’t want to play with them. Perfect for the desk, paperclips stick to it, could be used for stress relief, stick stuff to the fridge, learn different shapes, or make up your own game!
    Kids love them too!(with supervision)


    Sometimes you’re going somewhere that’s dark – like a nighttime walk – and your lighting options are lacking. Even though it’s kinda dorky looking, wearing a headlamp in low/no light can provide enough illumination that you can still take usable video footage.


    I’ve always wanted to replace the walls of my house with displays to when I saw this 70 inch plasma TV my head almost exploded in glee!


    It’s the latest version of Madden football for only $2.99!!! No need to drop $60 for the game.  Hours of entertainment for cheap.  Games and apps are the new stocking stuffers.


    The Silvermark Butter Boat

    It might not seem like much, but this is a truly life-changing item. Never have to deal with trying to spread hard, unyielding butter on toast that can’t hold up to the pressure you need to do so. With the butter boat your butter is perfectly soft and keeps without any issue of spoiling. Get one for yourself and the people you love. You’ll thank me and they’ll thank you!


    As a new dad to the coolest kid ever, I want to ensure that I can raise him to be a good person…  and that I can lead by example.

    About a week after my son was born, I lost my father which would be why I am including the second book…  I know it isn’t the happiest book/situation out there, especially as a Christmas gift, but it is important to me to be the father, to my own son, that my father was to me.  I only wish that my father had met his grandson before he passed away.

    I linked to the kindle versions because they would go nicely on a Kindle Fire :)

    Merry Christmas all!


    Get them one for the car and one for home. When the world ends we might not have power anymore but whoever receives this awesome gift will be still be playing games, reading books, and watching movies to pass the time on their phones, tablets, and e-readers all thanks to the power of the sun.

    Fits so many bills for a great gift.  It shows that Android is better than iOS.  It can be used just about anywhere (works especially great on the back of an iPad).  And, it’s inexpensive, so it works on a limited budget or if your budget is nearly limitless, you can get several of them for all of your friends.

    Who doesn’t want a vaccum cleaner robot? With it you take a load off your wife, make your teenager’s room stay nice and clean all the time, and even scare the crap out of your pets. Yes, the iRobot vaccum is the PERFECT gift for anyone.

    Anyone who reads these sites would LOVE an Android Figure like this.  I know I want one.  It’s even a great gift to give to someone who loves Apple, cause they’ll see just how cute this little guy is and HAVE to get an Android phone next time!