Galaxy Nexus Shipments to Retailers to Resume This Week Following Software Fix


Much was made regarding the Samsung Galaxy Nexus’s volume bug. Some deemed it a hardware issue and pronounced the device is doomed. Others had faith Samsung and Google would quickly find the problem and provide a quick fix (which they did).

Those who were hit hardest were those who couldn’t buy the device right away, though. If your retailer made stock unavailable or if they ran out and you haven’t been given a clue as to when they’d be putting it back up for sale, you can rest easy knowing shipments will resume sometime this week.

Samsung had to cease shipping the device due to the bug (which wasn’t really experience breaking) in order to reflash all the devices with the software fix baked in. If you already have the device or happen to buy one that wasn’t reflashed, you can just check for the OTA upgrade going out to everyone. [EuroDroid]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Now only if this was in the States.

    1. It really does concern people in the U.S. who are trying to import. I have been keeping track of all this and I knew about the shipments since Thursday: http://www.theverge.com/2011/11/20/2575294/do-you-want-to-buy-the-16gb-hspa-galaxy-nexus

      1. it didn’t AT&T users in the US because AT&T dosen’t use 900 mhz bands which is when the problem happens but it did affect t-mobile users when they were on 2G

        1. That isn’t what I meant, I meant that since it affects the European users then the shipments to the U.S. were stopped. I said that in the link that I posted above.

  2. agh! This isn’t a giveaway, but good to know for when I win one from Phandroid.com

  3. Just a heads up. If you were considering purchasing a GSM model for use in the USA it will not ever be effected by this bug. Europe uses a GSM frequency we don’t over here, the same frequency which causes the bug to manifest. However it has been fixed.

    1. Yeah it sucks because I asked Handtec to send mine anyways but then Samsung decided to stop shipments until they could update all the phones.

  4. What tis a androyd?!?! Can someone help me?!? I came here from wallmart websyte. Hello?

    1. In that case, get a prepaid phone. 

  5. Actually. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was only a workaround fix like they did with the Nexus S search bug which they haven’t fixed even if they say they did…just check the forums of that bug…they just decided to ignore the people still plagged by that bug…it seems its a hardware problem that some people got fixed but they refuse to aknowledge it…

    So I’m a Nexus S owner that is going to wait a long while until I’m sure the Galaxy Nexus is really Hardware/Software annoyance free…

    More than 1600 posts:

    Google’s Paul is staying silent…I guess Phandroid could talk about that a little bit more…I can’t believe those big companies get away without the bad rep. 

    Oh and before anyone calls me names…I’m a fan of Google and plan on staying with Android…but I’m not blind.

    1. Do any of the phones updated to 2.3.6 still have this problem?

      1. Yes. I didn’t have the problem before 2.3.6…

  6. Doesn’t matter. Sammy hardware #fail and #doomed.

    1. Samsung makes the BEST hardware and thats why google used them 2 times in a row over htc for their nexus.

      1. INCORRECT!  Samsung does not make better hardware in terms of a complete device, but Samsung is more vertically integrated than even Motorola (Google’s intended acquisition). Regardless of hardware, vertical integration equates to fewer issues with Android.  THAT is why Samsung has been the choice Nexus device partner and will continue to be until further notice.  It increases the progression to desired synergy prior to publicly releasing the most recent versions of Android source code updates

      2. Yea thats so true htc would took forever just to fix the problem

  7. Hi

  8. BEST hardware really? Same TI processor as droid raze and many of the same parts as other phones have. Read this from phandroid


    And a non removable sd card slot must be the reason you think its the BEST.

  9. We’re talking about a “software fix” here…just wondering if this has anything to do with the lack of OS updates problem that Android users have been experiencing-Omar-blog.vopium.com

  10. I think samsung won a bid. I know for a fact their not the best. No company is. Even if they put a phone out with nice specs so will htc, moto,and lg. They all buy many parts from same places.

    But im glad these companies are running a good competition. Moto non removable battery is one thing. Id rather have removable sd than a battery. Never needed a new battery in my life( for a phone).

  11. So the problems this phone has had has nothing to do with the vertical integration right? I don’t see it making the product better, only to make the company more independent. More a system for greed than quality.

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