Motorola DROID RAZR Processor Revealed by MotoDev Site


While Motorola didn’t exactly specify the exact 1.2GHz processor powering their newly announced DROID RAZR in yesterday’s announcement, the Motorola’s Developer Network site (Motodev) gave us full specs including the exact dual-core processor being used. As it turns out — the Droid Razr will be housing the same Texas Instruments OMAP4460 processor found in the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and is more powerful than the 4430 found in the Bionic. Although the 4460 is capable of being clocked to 1.5GHz, I’m sure most of us would never even tell the difference. Put that in your benchmark and smoke it.

[Motodev via Droid-Life]

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  1. still prefer the galaxy nexus any day…

  2. nice….

  3. devs will let us OC to 1.5 ghz in no time

  4. This phone is as iDroid as it gets in a good way. Hardware wise this phone is what iPhone 5 should or could have been. The new ghost blurr is actually a good thing. And this phone will outsell the Galaxy Nexus, why? When has a nexus phone ever sold decently?

    1. Nexus phones have never sold well because they haven’t been on Verizon before…

    2. hate to break it to you, but this SoC is inferior to the A5. iOS is so much more efficient than android that the processor speed is irrelevant, but clearly the GPU is a step behind the A5.

      1. While that may be true, Google isn’t so arrogant that they think they know what I should think. THAT just pisses me off about Apple. I will never own another Apple product.

      2. I wouldn’t even call it a full step behind. The only real difference is the triangle count is a little lower. While iOS may be more “efficient” it is less “flexible” than Android.

        When compared with the Tegra 2 the SGX GPUs have fewer cores thus the Tegra 2 has better potential for parallel processing even though it has a lower GFLOPS rate. Shadowgun is a great example of how these radically different stat systems can still yield identical and very impressive results.

        In closing, looking up stats on paper is not equal to real world comparisons.

  5. Well it’s an ok processor, but I’m dissapointed about the GPU. I wonder how good the hardware acceleration in ICS is that they haven’t chosen for something that is on par with the 4s.
    No fanboyism though, I’m quite sure I’ll get the Nexus Prime (I refuse to call it Galaxy Nexus), I’m just wondering why they chose for this. Looking forward to some benchmarks.

    1. Like many desktop GPUs, this one was chosen by Google specifically because it contains a dedicated component for screen updates – iow, they specifically choose it for video capability over gaming capability.

      IMO – this is targeting media response over gaming response, not such a bad idea.

      And having this on the RAZR doesn’t hurt it’s upgrade path given that the new Nexus uses the same.

      1. Thanks for the reply, this cleared up a lot for me :)

  6. Some of the software provided by Motorola seems kind of nice for the RAZR (see http://www.motorola.com/Consumers/US-EN/Consumer-Product-and-Services/Mobile-Phones/DROID-RAZR-BY-MOTOROLA-US-EN#anchor). The look of it and its size sits much better with me, eventhough not small, will be smaller, thinner and flatter = easier to manage in my pocket than the larger NEXUS.

    For me it boils down to the camera’s ability on each of the phones, otherwise they are very similar with the exception of ICB right off the gate on the Nexus and the infamous “improved google support for nexus devices over the long haul”.

    Why would you pick one over the other?

    1. Bet of Samsung’s Camera over Motorola’s. Samsung has always had some of the best camera sensors on the market. Motorola’s cameras are known for being very washed out. So, you’ll probably get 8MP of awful pictures from the RAZR unless you’re in ideal lighting conditions.

    2. The camera will be better in the Samsung, and the bootloader will be unlockable, but it will most likely have horrible radios like all other Samsung phones. The RAZR’s camera will not be as good, the bootloader may get unlocked (they said it would be unlockable on certain carriers and I think the devs will be able to then figure out how to unlock any RAZR) but it will have much better radios.

      1. Idk about Samsung having horrible radios, my Samsung Dart- a super cheap entry level phone has a stronger radio than my Mytouch 4g but most everyone know HTC radios have a lot to be desired. Now Moto does have some good radios the radio in the OG Droid was very good.

  7. This phone’s one ugly lookig smartphone …reminds me of the nokia n8

  8. I am not planning on causing too much issue here. But I am a Moto fan, updates have always been very good. Samsung is horrible. Yes, out of the gate, Samsung is ahead with ICS, but they will never upgrade it again after release! My wife’s Fascinate was proof of that. I finally had Verizon replace it with a X2. Froyo for the Fascinate finally came six months after my X received it. Gingerbread, the Fascinate will probably never know what it is. Plus the Fascinate / Galaxy 1 was a plastic toy compared to my Motos I have had; Droid 1, Droid X, Droid X2 and soon RAZR. Moto builds A ROCK SOLID DEVICE.

    Plus a phone is not cool / awesome unless it says out loud “DROID” with the resonant of the metal case

    1. I agree about slow updates with Samsung but this is a nexus device so that won’t be an issue, but I still prefer Motorola hardware.

    2. As a former Fascinate owner I am with you, but the Nexus updates will not be handled by Samsung, nor Verizon. Google handles the updates for Nexus phones.

  9. Update: Looks like Moto misrepresented their phone. Still just the 4430 not the 4460

    1. where did you see that?

  10. The New Razr is one bad ass looking phone. I find it so comical how these Apple loving troles slide into these Android forums. What is the problem, not enough to talk about with your new phone???? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahaahahahahahahaaaaaa

  11. WRONG! look at the site again. It’s a 4430 not a 4460

  12. This Motorola & Verizon Wireless joint venture build amazing Motorola Droid Razr, it has 7.1 millimeters of thickness with sleek and stylish body with 8 megapixel camera….

  13. Galaxy Nexus 4460 > Droid RAZR 4430

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