As Verizon Begins Motorola DROID 4 Training, Preliminary Specs Revealed


The Motorola DROID 4 is definitely shaping up to be the DROID we’ve all been looking for. With rumors of a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, a 4 inch qHD display and 4G LTE radios alongside that iconic QWERTY keyboard, we’re sure this is poised to be the best DROID (in this particular series) yet.

First up, the device has entered training at indirect retailers. Nothing special, but it means we’re getting closer to launch (hopefully in time for the holiday seasons). And we’re sure Verizon employees and employees at other retailers will soon be undergoing the same training regiments if they haven’t started already.

We’ve also got a legit looking list of specs that features everything we mentioned above plus an 8 megapixel 1080p HD camera with LED flash, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, WiFI N, Bluetooth 4.0, a 1,750 mAh battery and more. Look out for it at Big Red sometime soon. [Droid-Life 1, 2]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Verizon aint shit. They already training employees for the droid 4. What happened to a release for nexus galaxy? Im on tmobile and i just got this sg2 and im loving it. I just want them to release it so we can get some ics love.

  2. Holy crap tarts, this is what they are worried about? Do we need another droid? Get the G Nex out the door please! This is getting silly.

  3. We can start ordering the GNex on the 5th, relax!

  4. Just a droid razor with a keyboard.

  5. As someone who just got a droid 3, this ticks me off.

  6. droid 4 is lame,  the Galaxy Nexus is the way to go…. verizon corporate is acting like big babes just release the galaxy nexus once and for all..

  7. I hear this is also gonna be a global LTE phone. 

  8. Too much too fast

  9. Qhd? no thanks.

    1. So you don’t like high resolution screens?

      1. I’m assuming they mean they prefer Super AMOLED Plus or whatever…like what the Galaxy Nexus has n’such.

  10. I’m curious to check out the Droid 4 but the inability to remove the battery makes me hesitant.  Leave it to Motorola to miss the mark… again… and again…

    At this point I think mobile phones should be more customizable, like laptops, you should be able to order a CTO model. That’s what I did with my ThinkPad. The website gives you customizable options and then the price changes as you add more features. But smartphone vendors aren’t as interested in making the customer happy as they are in making profits.

    1. You can’t remove the battery?  That’s kinda ridiculous considering that it has a removable back cover.

  11. If they do a BOGO for $199 I am in .

  12. Non- removeable battery??? It has some kind of tool attached to it to remove the back…… am I missing something?

  13. As a Droid3 owner, I already have the awesome keyboard. I have a 1gHz dual-core instead of a 1.2 gHz, but I live in hope of eventually being able to overclock when the locked bootloader is worked around. I, personally, LOVE the Droid3 pentile display (does the Droid4 have the same easy to use in full sunlight display ?) and there is enough RAM and internal SD storage, wnat with a 32gig SD external chip. I find it convenient and trivial to remove the battery cover on my Droid3 and would hate to have to keep up with a special removal tool…and is the battery even replacable on the Droid4 at all.

    LTE eats battery and I don’t feel any need for faster Net than 3G on my phone, even though my data plan is one of the last “unlimited” Verizon plans. I do not like the “bump” on the back, at least on first impression.

    I have 1.5 years or so left on my Droid3 contract. I am not feeling any desire to upgrade to a Droid4 early. I think the Droid4 will be a nice phone, but not much nicer than my Droid3, if any.


  14. No I don’t like seeing pixels.

  15. Ok…ihave a Droid and ithink there are wayyyyy tomany Droids coming out from Moto…with, somany Droids poping up…after awhile…it seems like they would be adding bigger screans…or maybe a Droid portable?…but, now it just seems like the new Moto Droids are looking allll the same…

  16. But the backplate is removable on this phone. And if its like the razor there’s a clip so it will be a removable battery( droid razr has no removable back). This phone is awesome. Huge upgrade from my droid 2 global. If you have a droid 3 may not be a big deal wait 5 months but for high end tech junkies I hope moto keeps releasing these phones at this pace. I feel bad for those who picked up droid 2 and didn’t wait for droid global and for those who picked up droid 3 and didn’t wait for droid 4. It was very obvious moto would do this. These phones still seam so much better than anything samsung, htc, lg, apple has. I used to hate old moto phones but after using all the other brands, moto kicks ass.

  17. And galaxy nexus is a horrible price of crap. No sd slot. Tons of problems before launch. Like all samsung phones. Ha e fun with that. Have patience get a nice phone with good specs. Wait for ice cream sandwich, ill ne happy with droid 4. No sammy for me.

  18. If the droid 4 battery needs replaced im sure you can. But what crappy phone do you all use that needs a battery replaced?

    1. It’s a necessity for people that work in the field. Full day use plus sometimes spotty reception makes for a battery that gives out just a little too early. Not to mention, with lots of charge cycles batteries do wear out. 

  19. I use a crappy phone known as the SGS2(not really crappy :)) for your info. yes.. Now your like dot dot dot.

  20. Ok hellar I did troll the nexus. But I don’t think what I said wasn’t true. Oh well. We all know what’s up around here. Some like sammy, moto apple, lg, htc . Its all good.

  21. Well yeah. But hash is right. Sammy phones blow. Loaded with problems. This looks decent but I don’t use girl phones.(as is any phone with physical keyboard, imo.)

  22. I don’t use the keyboard much. But sometimes it does help. The onscreen keyboard messes up on some sites, when filling out forms.

  23. Are you kidding me? This is getting out of control. I can understand the need for the keyboard, but with the Droid 3, bionic, and razr having just been released—Verizon’s droid line-up is getting insane. It really alienates Droid 3 users having the next edition of their device popping up after only 4 months. 

  24. Well droid 3 will be gone soon. So you will all be able to stop complaining soon. Id rather have too many options than not enough. Just shows be a smart consumer. I waited when droid 2 came out I got the droid global. Then I waited when I saw droid 3 I knew something better would be out soon. I like options.

  25. Ill wait for the teardown before its really judged with the backplate being removable, I don’t see why the battery wouldn’t be.

  26. this phone looks amazing.

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