Alleged Galaxy Nexus Verizon Ad Shows $200 Price Tag


While many people are concerned about which day Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus is coming out (which we hear may be December 8th), there still hasn’t been much mention regarding its price. We expected the device to come to retail for $300 but recent evidence suggesst Verizon was set to offer it for $200 on a new two-year agreement.

This sale was allegedly set to take place on Black Friday (it’s already passed, of course) meaning the $200 price tag may only be temporary. In fact, we’re not sure if the device will ever make its way to market at such a relatively attractive price save for deals from Amazon, Best Buy and other retailers. Let’s hope Verizon’s still planning on it anyway. [Ad via AndroidForums.com]


Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I believe you meant Dec. 8th

    1. He’s living in the past man!

  2. it’s evidence that they had planned an earlier release date, but backed off because of a software glitch.

    1. No.

    2. how exactly is this ad evidence of that? Out of all the testers leaking information, they somehow failed to mention some software glitch capable of delaying the device? Doubtful. More likely, Verizon is holding the device to a little better buffer between the Razr, Rezound, and this.

  3. I think I’ll just wait for an ICS phone that has more storage or an SD slot.  I like to keep all of my music with me and not have to worry about transerring shit all the time.

    1. drag and drop…. is not that hard…

      1. no he’d rather fumble with battery doors and SD cards.

        1. No, I want the phone to be able to hold at least 64GB and not have to mess with SD cards and battery doors either.

          1. at least? because there’s a phone that holds more?

          2. The iPhone only holds a max of 64GB, which is not more than 64GB.

      2. Yes. That purpose of a smartphone is to make your life easier, not harder.

      3. Um, nobody said it was hard.  I don’t want to take the time to do it nor do I want to worry about what music I do or don’t have with me.  There is no reason to have to mess with it in this day and age.  As much as I hate Apple, right now I have a 64GB 4S and I don’t have to worry about it.  I want to go back to Android but won’t until the right ICS phone comes along.

    2. Well there is this wonderful thing known as Google music…. You know, where you don’t have to store any of your music on your phone, or ever transfer music to it.

  4. What about 16GB/32GB options for $199/$299, respectively?

    1. Exactly what I was thinking…I’ll be looking for the 32GB model and expecting the 300 smackaroo pricetag.

      …though I’d be plesantly surprised if VZN debuted a 32GB Nexus for only 200 bucks.

    2. An extra 16GB is not worth $100. Not even close.

      1. It’s exactly what they did with the 4s.  $199 for 16 and $299 for 32.  I would expect the same with the Galaxy.

        1. yeah and it’s a rip-off
          those who need storage should go with micro SDs, much cheaper

    3. I was thinking that too, but the ad most likely would have said “starting at $199…” if that were the case.

  5. this might be for 16 with 32 being another hundred. that would make it competitive to razr and rezound.

  6. With apps like GMusic who keeps music on their phone any more lol

    1. Me…I live in the past, and use PlayerPro.

    2. Those who don’t have an unlimited data plan. If my plan was limited I am sure I wouldn’t want to be using google music.

  7. I hope this is true. Mister Q, you have made my day.

  8. I say the price was Photoshopped

      1. Yup, definitely shopped.

      2. how did you snag that link?

        1. droid-life.com

  9. 16 gigs is more than enough for most people. I much rather spend $100 less for 16 gigs. I do fond it appalling that cell phone and tablet makers charge $100 for double the storage. The mark up on that is huge. 32gig microsd cards are a common thing and do not cost $100 more than $16gug cards so how is the internal memory any different.

    1. I bet it’s not as simple as you make it out to seem.

    2. I’m no hardware buff, but I imagine that it’s because internal memory has to “talk” to the other hardware, carry the OS, etc.  Also just give it time, as the technology advances, or the price of the materials to make it, gets cheaper so to will the devices that house that technology.

      I remember when a terabyte laptop hard drive was 200 bucks, now you can get them on New Egg for around 90.

      Whereas the new SSDs that are only about 250GB are still ludicrously expensive because they are a new technology.

      …in short, I agree with you.  But the above rant is why it doesn’t bother me that much.

    3. So many people have this sense of “it only costs $20 more to manufacture, why are they charging me $100?” Because they can! If you want it enough, fork out the dough. If you can live with less storage, live with it! I don’t see how it’s appalling. What do you do for a living? What if I said it’s not worth paying you for what you get paid to do because I see no value in it?

  10. Got Proofread?

  11. Phandroid fails again.  This is 2 day old news…..

    1. Failed you maybe.  Not everyone goes on every site all the time.  If you have nothing positive to post…………..
      Thanks Phandroid keep up the good work, I hope you guys enjoyed your holiday.

    2. Agreed! Bringing old news…

  12. That ad says $200 with new contract, so it probably is still $300 for upgrades.

    1. Then this will be the first time Verizon has ever priced a phone this way.

  13. The phone was supposed to be out now but it has been delayed (more than once).  Dec 8th is the next target date but that’s all it is at this time.  Verizon will be marketing this phone big time as soon as it has a set release date and we get within a couple of days of that date.  Just wait and see.  They didn’t get exclusive rights to this phone not market it during that exclusive period.   

    Personally, I don’t even want an SD card slot as I don’t want to be bothered with it.  I’m storing most of my stuff in box.net. or a similar service.  Everybody has their own set of preferences.

  14. No MicroSD card slot; No HDMI; No Buy.

    1. It does HDMI via USB, which is pretty much the direction every Android phone is going. I am not a fan of no microSD, but I’ll live. I personally believe Google would like manufacturers to start moving away from removable storage, but obviously being “open”, that is unlikely to happen.

    2. I bet that you have never used a micro-hdmi cable in your life

      1. I used it even before my phone had it, I’d borrow my dad’s Droid X to play NES games via emulator. 

        @ckeegan:disqus , I didn’t know this, thanks for the info.

    3. No USB mass storage No buy. I could live with every other component I don’t like (not enough memory- dont care about SD as long as there’s at least 48 GB internal(coming from OG Droid 16 internal + 32 SD, shitty plastic build quality, No qwerty (I know I’m one of the few who still wants one). Can look past all except USB mass storage. I have no interest in not having my content available at every waking moment. When I’m on an airplane, google music isn’t a big help.

      1. Just a note.. google music has the option to make the songs available for offline listening..

  15. You can get hdmi adapter bro.

  16. what about the holiday deals advert that showed the nexus that i saw on this site yesterday. i took a screen shot of it.

  17. with the rezound getting 4.0 then this model should be only 200 dollars.

    1. How the does the Rezound getting ICS have any impact on how much the Galaxy Nexus costs? That makes no sense. The Rezound probably won’t get ICS until April or May, the Rezound is thicker, the Rezound doesn’t have NFC, the Rezound has a smaller battery, the Rezound runs Sense, etc etc etc..

  18. Just a head’s up but verizon doesn’t use flash as a website element.  As far I can tell their site employs javascript.  So it’s likely not something that was ever meant to make it to the site and a simple demo for internal use.  Or it’s a fake.

    carry on…

    1. Verizonwireless.com absolutely uses flash on their website.  How do you think they do their 360° click and drags on the phones? 

  19. only 2 days late. Not to mention this was meant for a 11/29 as shown in url not black friday.

  20. Given some of the reviewers comments on the Nexus so far…. you can have it for 199.99.  Why the HELL did they sabotage it with such a poor quality camera.  Those engaget pictures looked washed out as hell.

  21. If it’s 200 on contract… and the device is 750 USD off contract.  Wouldn’t it be cheaper to get the phone on contract, and pay the ETF?

  22. This phone is a huge letdown.


  24. Don’t mean to. Its just everywhere I go I see get the nexus. But its not all positives like some say. No phone is. That’s all. Every phone has fans. And some aren’t for everyone. Lol I usually hate trolls too. Everything is nexus this and that lately. ;)

  25. And for your info. I wanted the nexus to be my next phone. But with these specs and problems that will not happen. I hope the next nexus is moto or htc sadly even lg. Lol. Was that Troooooooling to lol ;)

  26. the waiting game

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  28. This phone is a nice deal, but the negative comments I read on this post makes me think twice.

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