Verizon Trademarks “Hologram” – Future 3D Device In The Works?


Everyone else is doing it and it looks like Verizon too could be jumping on the 3D bandwagon if this newly registered trademark for the “Hologram” is any indication. Sprint and AT&T are currently the only US carriers to offer stereoscopic “glasses free” smartphones like the HTC Evo 3D and the LG Thrill and although those phones didn’t exactly translate into mega huge sales for their respective carriers, as 3D technology advances, it’s sure to catch on… right?

In any case, just because a name is registered with the trademark office doesn’t guarantee it will be used. More than likely, we’re looking at a device that could be using that 720p, 3D IPS display from Hitachi we told you guys about awhile back but then again, there’s always the off chance that Verizon could have a real, honest-to-goodness holographic phone in the near future — maybe even the Droid Hologram R2D2 Edition?

Okay, holographic technology using a smoke machine dock wouldn’t be very practical but very cool none-the-less. How do you guys feel about traditional 3D? If glasses-free 3D was a little better executed than what’s currently available, is it a function you would like included in your next smartphone?

[Via PocketNow]

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  1. This will be the Droid you are looking for….

  2. It would be great if the implementation is good but it should also be able to read 3d gestures similar to kinect but much more precise. I’d invest in it.

  3. Badass. As long as Sammy doesn’t manufacture it!!!

    1. Badass. As long as Motorola doesn’t manufacture it!!!

      1. Badass. As long as Apple doesn’t manufacture it!!!

        1. But Apple patented autostereoscopic technology in 1837! (Obviously not, but it sounds like something Apple’s legal team would say).

          1. they had to sue themselfs first. they lost. but then they won to themselfs.

  4. So if I get droid 4 will droid 5 have holograms in 5months. Lol oh well ill get droid 4 anyways;)

  5. 3D has failed for over 50 years, why stop now. 

    1. But it’s coming back! …..again O_o

  6. I like Samsung, sure they started shaky with the galaxy s update but I think they will come around this time. People always bash Sammy yet there the smartphone king and the maker of 2 nexus phones. Stop with the “hope Sammy doesn’t make it”

  7. Its from a russian youtuber interesting

  8. Fixx, have you owned a Samsung device? Lol complete utter junk. Every phone has been since the instinct. Complete hardware fails.

  9. Yes I have a galaxy s2 and I freaking love it there’s nothing wrong with it. I had the vibrant4g before and yea the GPS issue got on my nerve but they have sinced stepped up there game that’s why they made the next galaxy

  10. Yes…ihave been in …a want of a 3D phone…on Verizion. ido believe that the next iwhatever will likely have 3D…and this very well could mean ip5…and ithink most of the phone or whatever itobe will be mostly 3D…so ihope Android beats them to that punch.

      1. Wow this sh1t rocks!

      2. i want it

  11. Lets not miss the point that Verizon are trademarking “Hologram” a generic word / concept that has been around for years. I don’t think this this should not be alowed.

    1. I have to agree. The use of “hologram” has been used since the early laser etched pictures from the 70s. I’m surprised it was granted.

    2. Agreed. It should not be protected because it is an old term that has been in use for many decades.

  12. why r there so many samsung hators… i know they r slow on updates but come on. it cant b junk if everytime u drop it.. it never brakes. even da original galaxy… drop da phone u have now n see how fast it cracks up.. oh best displays go to samsung.. wat else.. da fastest dual core(exynos bitches) all im saying is be a man n become a fan

  13. @ the realness. well said

  14. 3D is so yesteryear , 70s had 3D and Holograms , use to be able to buy a medallion that had a eye that would follow you , in Holographic splendor .
    Pull out flexible transparent screens is what to wait for .

  15. @the realness- Good thoughts, but the poor spelling and grammar wreck it. Anyways, I’ve dropped my Droid X, and it’s never broke either. Samsung just needs to be faster on updates in my opinion, especially when they have big problems like the GPS issue last year. That’s why I didn’t buy a Samsung then, I use GPS enough that I need it to work.

    Back on topic: I don’t need or want 3D on my phone. The glasses free on the Nintendo 3Ds makes my eyes hurt, and a display that needed glasses would be stupid.

  16. da spelling is like dat cuz datz wat i do man… u must b lame r something

  17. So, they trademark the word “Hologram” and no one thinks it has anything to do with ….I don’t know…HOLOGRAMS?

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