CONTEST: Toshiba’s Android Optimized Keyboard (Round 2)


Yesterday we held a contest to give away one of Toshiba’s nifty Android optimized bluetooth keyboards. They are pretty sweet, and yesterday’s lucky random winner was @leopardobx but don’t worry… we’ve got one more to give away.

This time around we’re having you enter a little differently:

  • Like Phandroid and Toshiba on Facebook
  • Leave a comment on this article, telling us what gadget you’ve been most thankful in 2011
That’s it! Of course there are some rules involved…
  • Tweets must be submitted by 11:59pm Eastern on November, 23rd 2011
  • Must be 18+ years old
  • Must have US residency for shipping winning prize
  • We will select one winner at random
  • Winner will be decided by us, at our sole discretion, and we reserve the right to disqualify any participant for any reason including but not limited to age requirement, residency requirement, foul language, submitting multiple entries or spam.
DON’T FORGET… tomorrow we’re announcing a contest of EPIC proportions along with our Holiday Gift Guide. You’ll DEFINITELY want to stay tuned to Phandroid tomorrow. And, in all honesty, the entire Holiday Season!
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  1. I have been most thankful for the release information for the Transformer Prime. I was just about to buy the TRansformer one. And if I win I will use it for my Transformer Prime :-)

  2. I am most thankful for my TF101. I love how fast ASUS is about getting out updates.

  3. Favorite gadget of 2011… The Galaxy Nexus, at least I hope it’s of 2011.

  4. Thankful for my many Android powered devices that get me through the day. Work, play and everything in between… Android OS just makes life better.

  5. I’ll be thankful for whatever gadget I can get on the cheap. Looks like no Nexus though

  6. Thankful for my Gingerbread Android phone that makes things a little easier from day-to-day!

  7. Been very thankful that in 2011 tablets have become a standard, rather than a luxary, especially in schools/businesses.

  8. I have been the most thankful for my iPhone 4.  I use it every day and it keeps me connected.

  9. @phandroid @ToshibaUSA  I’m most thankful for my suh-weet Thrive!!!    #ToshibaKeyboard

  10. Favorite gadget of 2011 would definitely be my NotionInk Adam Tablet

  11. I am most thankful for my Acer Iconia Android tablet.  Its not too flashy but still lets me read all of my favorite digitally distributed comic books!

  12. I’ve been most thankful of CM7 on my touchpad!

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  13. Boo you have to be 18. Only 8 more months for me :(.

  14. I’ve been most thankful for my Samsung Mesmerize that I recently gave to my fiancee in exchange for my new phone, Motorola Electrify. Without the beginning of Mesmerize, I would have never found the passion that is Android.

  15. I’m most thankful that my Nexus 1 is still ticking well enough to get me through until my next upgrade….and that I’m getting a tablet for Christmas. Thanks Jesus!

  16. @phandroid @ToshibaUSA Most thankful, so many options.  I’m thinking it will have to be the Lenovo u300s this year.  Although the Toshiba Android Keyboard would be a truly fine substitute.

  17. In 2011 I am most thankful for my cell phone so I can always check up on the latest Phandroid news!  

  18. Its probably over done but im most thankful for ice cream sandwich(s) :)

  19. I’ve been most thankful for my Galaxy Tab 10.1. It has helped me a lot when I’ve had to research through data sheets for lab work at school.

  20. My MacBook Air. It’s saved my back a lot.

  21. I am most thankful for the Galaxy Nexus, which I have yet to purchase (thanks a lot Verizon) but will as soon as it is released. It is going to be one hell of a phone!

  22. My Galaxy S2. It felt like a completely different Android experience moving from the Nexus One to this device. The one part that I haven’t cared for is sending a longer email using the virtual keyboard so this would certainly help.

  23. Thankful for my SE Pro, but wish it had more support!

  24. I’m most thankful for my Toshiba THRiVE tablet. It has been a life safer and it such a great device! There are so many things I can do with it that I can’t with other tablets, thereby allowing me to do homework anywhere anytime and truly take the office with it. Coupled with my Toshiba laptop, I am connected anywhere I go and can be so productive! Thanks Toshiba for making such fine products! And thanks Phandroid for keeping us up to date and informed!

  25. I have been most thankful Thunderbolt(soon to be GNex)

  26. I’ve been most thankful for my wonderful Toshiba Satellite M645 laptop.  It’s a strong workhorse with which I couldn’t be happier.  I use it for writing school papers, mixing in Pro Tools, and watching my favorite Blu-Ray movies.  I’m planning to upgrade the memory after the New Year.  After that, we’ll be an unstoppable team!

  27. I am thankful for the macbook pro my mother bought me after my car was broken into and my dell xps m1330, which I lvoed, was stolen.

  28. I am most thankful for my HTC Incredible for not going haywire like the other Incredibles when updating to Gingerbread.

  29. The gadget I’m most thankful for in 2011 is my recently-rooted Samsung Galaxy Tab 7. Sure, it doesn’t have Honeycomb, but it will certainly have ICS once a CM9 is available. 

  30. I am thankful that I was able to get my son a Asus Transformer, and to be able to include a keyboard would help finish off the gift. 

  31. I’m truly thankful for my Toshiba Thrive.  I purchased it at the beginning of the semester to take with me to class twice a week.  I drive an hour and a half each way to school and didnt want to LUG my laptop to class.  The Thrive was the perfect solution.  Compact but packs a punch for all my multipurpose and storage needs.  It was a great distraction in class as well ;) 

  32. 2011 I am most thankful for a another year of faithful service done by my tmo g2 android phone as it has helped me look up the most random of things yet deliver some of the most exciting games I’ve played on a moblie device:D

  33. The gadget I’ve been most thankful for is the Voyager Pro Plus. It’s a Bluetooth earpiece that’s comfortable to wear, streams music and calls, and can be paired with two Bluetooth devices at the same time.  now if you can call the Palm…err…HP Touchpad a gadget, then I am also thankful for it (and cyangenMod porting CM7 to it). It allows me to use my phone while my daughters play the games on it that they used to want to play on my phone.

  34. I’ll be greatful when they finally release the Samsung Galaxy Nexus!!!  Most Thankful!!!

  35. My netbook laptop.It’s small and fast

  36. I am most thankful for my Droid X.  It has been a great phone and a lot of fun to put ROMs on.

  37. I am thankful that I will be getting the Galaxy Nexus if it gets released before the end of the year!

  38. I’m most thankful for my Thrive!

  39. I am thankful for my phone!  I just wish it didn’t suddenly feel so old..LOL  Nexus One.

  40. Right now I’m most thankful for my Nexus S, which keeps me connected to my three Google accounts, personal and work, and I’m thankful I got my pre-order in for an Asus Transformer Prime. I’m sure it’ll make me even more thankful once I receive it!

  41. Most thankful for my Androidified Touchpad Tablet gadget.

  42. I will be most thankful for my Galaxy Nexus (Prime) if Santa releases it before Christmas, but I hear Rudolph is slacking this year

  43. Gadget? Does a Wii count? ’cause right now, with Zela Skyward Sword, life is good…

  44. My original evo.  It was great.  Even after i replaced with sg2 e4gt, i still miss cm7 on that thing…

  45. I am most thankful for my Xoom! How great to read phandroid, a newspaper, a magazine and a book in bed w/out getting up, or having a giant stack on the nightstand!

  46. 2011 Honeycomb Tablets of course

  47. Asus Transformer! They are doing good setting a better pace (pricing, performance, updates, etc.) for the rest of the tablet market. Looking forward to the prime

  48. I’d have to say that I’m most thankful for the Internet. Yes, that’s big and vague, but it’s there: my life is in the Internet: I talk to my friends on VoIP. I get movies through NetFlix. I get my news via Google News and Google Reader. I remember the pre ‘net days, and it was horrible.

    So thank you, Internet, for existing. Thank you Motorola for bringing it to me in the palm of my hand. Thank you Phandroid for being teh Awesome. 

    And thank you, Toshiba, for building a fantastic tablet. It’s on my wish list. :-)

  49. I’ve been most thankful for the Kindle Fire in 2011

  50. I am thankful for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 finally entering my life!  It is used for work, play and my children…What a great gadget!

  51. I am thankful for my Nexus S 4G. It’s the best phone I’ve ever owned. A close second would be my B&N NookColor.

  52. I’m thankful for my computer, for when my phone is too small for resource-consuming activities.

  53. I’m thankful for my Toshiba Thrive.  It’s a fantastic product that just keeps getting better.  They’ve had at least four software releases to improve performance and the latest released moved us to v3.2 of Android.  I’m expecting that they will also release ICS sometime next year (Maybe for Christmas – that would be nice) :)

  54. I have been most thankful for rom developers for the G2x.  LG has been a piece of crap when it comes to updates, but the rom developers really stepped up to make using this phone workable. 

  55. Limited Edition Galaxy Tab 10.1. Can’t believe I won it. :)

  56. I’m most thankful for companies like Toshiba that support and update their products.

  57. I’m most thankful for my kindle. Love to have a library at my disposal.

  58. I’m thank for the mobile devices that make travel less stressful with kids. :)

  59. Im thankful for my Toshiba  satellite L655 love it!!!

  60. The one piece of gadget I can say I Love this year is my Thrive. Hands down the best tablet decision I made.

  61. The one piece of gadget I can say I Love this year is my Thrive. Hands down the best tablet decision I made.

  62. i am most thankful for my Optimus M my 1st smartphone!

  63. the galaxy nexus! what a sexy android device.

  64. I am most thankful for my thrive. I had an ipad before but was never able to do anything I actually wanted to. Thanks Thrive!

  65. I’m thankful for my thrive. I use it every day and a keyboard would make it even more useful for me  

  66. I am most thankful for my kindle because a lot of people do not read anymore and I love to read to keep up with current events in the world. I also read articles to my father & that is great time we spend together

  67. I’m most thankful for brothels.

  68. I am most thankful for my newest smart phone in 2011.  Now I can check my social media sites and listen to music.

  69. I’m thankful for my Kindle 3G. 

  70. Most thankful for my Atrix 4G.

  71. I’m most thankful for my little Acer laptop as it’s the only real cool gadget I got right now, but I’m working on getting some more cool gadgets before the end of the year.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving!! 

  72. I am most thankful for my nook color running cm7. Makes my work day go by so fast. Ebooks, pandora, youtube, netflix, and games. I dont even want to think about my work day without it. My droid incredible 2 running Miui is a close second.

  73. I’m thankful that I still haven’t joined FailBook — not even for contests — so leaving this comment is pretty much pointless. G+ ++

  74. I can’t pick just one… because there isn’t just ‘one’ Android device!!! I am thankful we have an open-source mobile OS, that anyone can develop for for, modify, extend, and make their own.

  75. I love my Galaxy Tab 10.1 . This would be perfect with it!

  76. When I was a kid, cell phones didn’t exist and and computers were $100,000+ machines that filled an entire room. The fact that any ‘gadgets’ exist at all is nothing short of a miracle.

  77. I have to give thanks to the wonderful cell phone because it allows me to stay in touch with my son no matter where the Navy takes him! Go SEALS!

  78. Galaxy Nexus! Even though it’s not out yet

  79. I’m thankful my Toshiba thrive, I bought it because it was on special but after playing with it, this tablet is worth every penny.

  80. Am most thankful for my smartphone.

  81. I     am                       most  thanksful     for           phandroid!

  82. I have been most thankful for my Transformer TF101. I bought it the day before it was released thanks to scouring the net and can’t really go a day without it… Thanks ASUS and thanks Phandroid!

  83. A day late to the game but thankful I saw the info!  All in now.

  84. I’m most grateful for the webcam that allows me to talk to my wife and kids while I’m in Afganistan.

  85. The Gadget I am  most Thankful for in 2011 is my camera phone so I can take pictures of my wonderful family cuz my children and my girl are the most important thing to me

  86. The gadget I am most thankful for is my Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket :) LOVE IT!!

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