Latest Bugless Beast Build Brings Android 2.3.7 to the Original Droid


Who said the original Motorola Droid isn’t worth anything these days? While most who picked up the phone two years ago will be moving on to a new device, for those hanging on the Droid a bit longer Peter Alfonso has a treat for you. He has released his latest update to his popular Bugless Beast ROM, bringing Android 2.3.7 to the handset that arguably got the ball rolling for Google’s smartphone platform. Even if you have a new phone or plan to pick one up this holiday season, the ROM provides the perfect opportunity to test your Android hacking skills on some older hardware with little risk.

[Peter Alfonso via AndroidCentral]

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  1. Really? This was a story a month ago you are making it seem like it just came out.

  2. I have moved on to the droid x but my original phone was the moto droid, and I used to run BB, now I have to get an OG droid off craigslist so I can play around with this.  Great post even if its a month old. 

  3. This is not news. I downloaded this around a month ago

  4. Agreed, It’s old. I’ve got it running on an OG Droid and an Incredible. It works great. No issues at all. I do kind of miss some of the little extras here and there that you get in CM7.

  5. Hahaha, this is definitely funny. Just like everyone here, I’ve been running this version since who knows when. Of course I need and upgraded phone and what better than the Galaxy Nexus when it is released. Can’t wait!!!

  6. Made Droid a popular name, to the point that people think a Droid is the same as Android, yes. Got the ball rolling for google and their mobile platform? No. That honor goes to the G1, no argument about it.

    1. Agreed, credit where credit is due; the G1 got the ball rolling for Android, albeit slowly. However, it was the OG Droid (and Verizon’s massive ad-campaign to make the public aware of it’s existence) that launched Android into the stratosphere, made Android a serious contender, put the Android OS very squarely on the map, and made “Droid” a household name. The first with 2.0, it came with some pre-loaded gapps such as maps and Google Sky which just made it that much cooler. It also enjoys, to this day, massive support from public devs. I used to run mine at 1366MHz using jdlfg’s kernel all day everyday with a different ROM for almost every day of the month. The only complaint I ever had with it (which wasn’t a problem at first because there simply weren’t that many apps) was the lack of memory. Although I didn’t care for the graph paper layout of the keyboard, it was easy enough to get used to.
      It’s such a shame that the Droid 2 could have been a smash hit with its 8GB memory and improved keyboard, but instead, Moto encrypted the bootloader, put that stupid f@#$ing ugly-as-hell Blur UI on it, didn’t enjoy anywhere near the public dev-support that the OG Droid did, and was generally treated like a red-headed stepchild.
      It would be awesome to see a Droid 4 released with a quad-core processor, vanilla (chocolate?) OS, a non-encrypted bootloader, and, if it comes with bloatware, the option to completely uninstall it – not just hide it. Of course, that’s just a pipe dream, but it would be nice to see the Droid name mean something again other than encrypted bootloaders, implemented e-fuses and BS bloatware.

      1. How can either of you argue that the Droid “got the ball rolling” for Android. Honestly, had the Droid never released, I don’t think Android would have become as popular as it is until the Galaxy S series, thanks in no small part to the marketing campaign by Verizon.

        I had a G1 and I loved it but the G1 was more like “the ball”. The (OG) Droid, Verizon, and the “Droid Does” marketing campaign was what got the ball rolling.

        1. Either of who? You responded to me, but went on to pretty much agree with everything I posted. I didn’t argue anything. I simply pointed out the way it is.
           The only thing I can think of is that you are referring to someone else, or didn’t get past the first sentence in my post. If the Droid wasn’t such a success, there may have been no Galaxy phones, or at least not enjoying the popularity that they enjoy today.

        2. The marketing campaign, yes. And it could have happened with any phone… After all, today non geeks see anything that is not an iPhone and they say, “hey, that’s a droid phone!” Hell, I once heard someone call a windows phone a droid.

          But the real OG, the one that started it all for Android, is the G1. I grant that VZW is responsible for catapulting Android into the mainstream.

  7. having never tried a BB ROM, what’s it got that the nightly cyanogenmod builds don’t? 

    Is it worth the wipe and reset of all my apps and settings?

    1. It is vanilla Android 2.3.7. What does it have over CM7 nightlies? Speed.

  8. Moto droid came out a user after that G1. Im glad the G1 set things into motion but it was ugly as he’ll id have never touched it lol. Moto droid was beautiful. Without the moto droid and it’s android 2.0 I think android would have failed.

  9. My poor og Droid, it’s now wearing a diaper.

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