HTC Loses Patent Infringement Case Against Apple


As patent infringement has quickly become one of the hottest topics in tech, HTC took a gamble by acquiring S3 Graphics and their portfolio of intellectual property back in July for a cost of $300 million. The Taiwanese company was hopeful that the move would pay off by providing not only protection against the allegations of Apple but also a means to directly attack the maker of the iPhone. The US International Trade Commission saw it a different way, handing down a ruling that Apple has not violated any of the patents brought in by the S3 Graphics buyout. HTC expressed disappointment in that decision and is exploring their option to appeal directly to a US patent court. Meanwhile, the smartphone maker’s stock value has dropped in light of the news, which some investors believe calls into question the initial purchase of the S3 Graphics, a company which has licensed its texture compression technology to the likes of Nintendo and Sony.

The ruling is among the first reached in about a dozen smartphone patent-related cases currently being mulled by the ITC. HTC and S3 Graphics still have three cases against Apple awaiting a decision.

[via Bloomberg]


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  1. Watch out Vons, Ralphs, and other big chain supermarkets… you know those bunches of fruit you display to sell? Apple is coming for you next…

    1. Wait. So basically you all are whining because HTC, which spent 300 million just to buy a company for its patents, as opposed to creating its own, lost their first case as a patent troll?

      Wow. Fanboy Reality Distortion Field 101.

      1. Phandroid of all the tech forums is the lowest of the low when it comes to the fanboys.
        you must’ve missed all the vile comments that were made over the cancer and death of steve jobs.
        this forum is about as ghetto as you can get

        1. Indeed. Some users have to convince themselves that the product they bought was worth the cost (even though Craigslist ads three months later tells a different story), so they tend to have this irrational anger at anything ‘different’ or ‘choices’ that don’t fit into their comfy worldview.

          Quite pitiful.

          1. you do know this site is called Phandroid( Fan-Android) right? not Engadget or appleinsider or whatever. you must have came to the wrong place.

          2. So your argument is basically the same as ‘This is a boy’s club! No girls allowed!’.

            Wow. How lame.

          3. Not to put to fine a point on it, but the iphone is typically more expensive.  I don’t know how well that argument holds up since the opposite argument is often used that Android is cheaper so people who purchase Android handsets are somehow unable to afford an iphone. 

          4. @Top Gear No I’m saying that you don’t go to the club that hates your guts and criticize them for hating your guts because that’s probably the reason they hate your guts in the first place.

          5. @Top Gear No I’m saying that you don’t go to the club that hates your guts and criticize them for hating your guts because that’s probably the reason they hate your guts in the first place.

        2. Why do you post here?

          1. Ooooooooh you sooooooo buuuuuurned meeeeeeeeee

          2. Congrats, you just lowered yourself to the level you complained about.

  2. if i was a billionaire, i would buy apple and burn every factory, apple store, and every single piece of technology they ever made. and laugh

    f apple 


    1. 1. You’re not a billionaire.

      2. Huge public companies can’t be bought as easily as that.

      3. An idiot like you could never be a billionaire.

      4. Grow up.

      1. Steve Ballmer is a billionaire, refuting #3 and #4 …

        1. Well, only #3. :P

          1. Nope, #4 too. 

          2. My ‘grow up’ was unrelated to being a billionaire. So just #3.

    2. WOW you would inflict misery on people over a phone.
      seek help or adjust your meds or both

    3. you’re like the guy who never made it in life and blames
      everyone else for making it.

    4. Id throw a couple of top level employees in there too just for effect.

  3. If Apple would quit suing everyone, I would not mind their POS existence. But as it stands, I am very displeased with them as a whole.

    1. “But as it stands, I am very displeased with them as a whole.”

      I bet they’re losing sleep over that……NOT

      1. Haven’t heard anyone use the word “NOT” since elementary school ages ago… 

        On another note, at least we know with 100% certainty you’re not Steve Jobs. 

  4. next court hearing: Apple vs. Granny Smith. The mother of all lawsuits.

    1. The grandmother of all lawsuits*

  5. I’m just waiting for the day when a coalition founded to give voice to the trees, since they are living, but cant move or talk to represent themselves, sues apple based on the “we made apples long before you did” premise.  “omg guys, android is taking over/has taken over the market share on smart phones, how can we hope to remain profitable now?”  “meh, just slap an S behind the 4, people will line up out the door to buy it, give a name to a voice-recognition software, and sue the crap out of anyone who looks at us funny!”

    1. Please tell me you’re 7 years old. Because if you’re any older than that, then our educational system is really worst than I thought it was.

      1. Totally worsterer

      2. You know, you’re really giving Top Gear a bad name…. The show is funny, you’re not. 

        1. Odd. Where did I give the impression that I was trying to be funny? You’re the one who replied to me for some reason. Maybe think before posting next time?

          1. “Smart guy”, that isn’t your only comment, jus’ sayin’. 

          2. 1. I use disqus.

            2. It’s your job to reply to the correct post.

          3. @Top Gear No I’m saying that you don’t go to the club that hates your guts and criticize them for hating your guts because that’s probably the reason they hate your guts in the first place.

  6. Software patents are of the Debil.

  7. 1. HTC sues Apple
    2. HTC loses suite
    3. Everyone here starts a discussion on whether iPhone or Android is better and somehow also blames Apple for this loss of suite.

    Ehy in God’s name do all threads turn into this? (at least it didn’t turn into a “where is the Galaxy Nexus” thread)

  8. Sad that all companies are funneling their money into buying patents instead of innovating.  Apple hasn’t been innovative in years and HTC is turning out to be the same way.  The Rezound, while a great phone, could have looked a whole lot more stylish.

  9. Even you iSheep should realize this patent infringement game is only stifling progression and technology. It is not good for the consumer or the technology industry, this only helps Apples pockets.

  10. Patent infringement occurs across all industries and all sectors of the economy. There are no Patent Police, so fighting patent infringement is the job of the company that owns the patent.

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