Samsung Tries again at the Android 3.2 Update for the Galaxy Tab 10.1


Samsung had hoped to have the Android 3.2 update on most Galaxy Tab 10.1 devices by this time, but a glaring WiFi error forced them to withdraw the new software until a fix could be made. Issues have been resolved and the update is back on its journey to a Tab 10.1 near you. For those that never received the upgrade, you can pull the file over-the-air right now. If you were one of the unlucky ones to receive the flubbed update, your only chance at redemption lies in Samsung’s Kies software. You will have to connect to a PC to get things back in order. Galaxy Tab owners should be happy with the turn around from Samsung. It’s not often issues of software updates are resolved so quickly, after all.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. After Samsung pulled the previous update, I looked on XDA and there is a 3.2 ROM available that offers many mods/improvements. “Galaxy Task 5.2” I’ve since flashed it and LOVE the ROM.. There’s an ICS Theme available for it that is one of the better theme’s I’ve seen for a Honeycomb device!

  2. my tablet froze at 34%….

    1. what did you do?

      1. nothing..just wait.. mine also froze at 34% for some good time but then kept on going

    2. Mine paused on 34% for a good few minutes but has moved on. Unless yours is still stuck, I don’t think it’s something to worry about

  3. no company seems to be able to bring out a bug free updates including apple lol


    1. I DON’T KNOW

  5. Mine froze at 34% as well, what the heck is going on????

  6. Same here, mine stopped at 34% and after what seemed like an eternity, it moved to 35% and then 36% and then… Anyway, it finished but ever so slowly and then rebooted and then it again took forever to move. But eventually… 3.2! Plug it in, start the update and wait, wait, wait..

  7. I just downloaded 3.2  on my tab and it took a bit of time but it made it so much smoother and added new features

  8. I have only played with the new Honeycomb update a few minutes and had a few issues that I have noticed on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 wifi only unit.  One is my wifi signal strength meter. It says when i hit the notifications bar that I have no signal and the meter also reflects this. However, i am able to browse and obviously do have a signal despite these faults.Issue number two is youtube. Viewing a video in vertical mode works as does horizontal. But, if I begin a video in either then switch while the video is in play, the switch triggers a restart and I end up having to watch the video from the beginning again. Its a bit frustrating.Issue number 3 has to deal with folder widgets I had created with an app called Folder Organizer. All of my widgets display the apps with small icons within the folder. the first app in each folder has now doubled and there are two icons of the first app in each folder. Its strange.None of these issues are a huge problem but it suggests to me that this version will soon need an update or perhaps Samsung and Google could do us all a favor and just get us a first class ticket to ICS please! Fingers are crossed that that will be a smoother experience than this. But im not complaining…I still love my TAB!

  9. same here, froze at 34% for a while before starting again

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