HTC Buys Chip Firm S3 Graphics For $300 Million


Given the fact that some of HTC’s biggest competitors have been patent hoarding lately, HTC decided to do a little shopping of their own. What they came back with was graphics chip maker S3 Graphics and their patent portfolio from Via. In what could be seen as a very smart move by the Taiwanese company, HTC has managed to acquire S3 Graphics for a cool $300 mil, gaining some 256 new IP’s in the process.

Even though ownership of S3 Graphics’ patents will change, HTC will be providing a perpetual license of S3 patents to Via giving the chipset maker peace of mind and successfully blocking the possibility of future lawsuits. Can’t wait to see the fruit of this new deal and what it means for the future of HTC’s smartphones.

All these patent lawsuits going around these days are enough to give anyone a headache and keep CEO’s up at night. Instead of going on the offensive, it looks like HTC seems to be working on their “D.” Do your thang, girl – I ain’t mad at’cha.

[Via PCWorld]

Chris Chavez
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  1. i love htc and they are only getting better. Samsung is getting what they deserve for making such sh!tty phones like the captivate, and then acting like they support their phones. i gave my captivate away in feb 2011 and will only buy HTC from here out. keep it up htc!!

    1. i disagree with you. because captivate is a low end device.

      1. The captivate was their high galaxy S at the time. How as that a low end device? 1 GHz with super AMOLED on a 4 inch screen. NOT low end for a device in 2010

    2. samsung sucks regardless…..

  2. I love the style of this article and the cohesive synopsis of the situation! Keep it up Chris!

    1. Thanks, man! Means a lot =)

  3. Every time I hear or read “S3” I’m always reminded of an ad of theirs in Popular Science magazine from years ago that had a face with screaming mouths for eyes.

  4. Wow, I had no idea S3 was still around. I figured that one of the major graphics chip companies had already consumed whatever useful patents they had and the rest was left out to dry in the wasteland of failed tech companies.

  5. Shrewd move HTC!

  6. “Do your thang, girl – I ain’t mad at’cha.”

    HTC’s devices are too cool for it to be a girl

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