Samsung Galaxy Nexus Will Be Available December 8…in Canada


The December 8th release date we heard of last week has held true for one wireless provider to soon call the Samsung Galaxy Nexus its own. Bell, the first Canadian carrier to launch the new Android 4.0 handset, will begin selling the Galaxy Nexus for $159.95 on a three-year contract. Virgin Mobile will also score the phone on the same day and sell it at a few pennies higher with a $159.99 price tag. It is very possible that December 8th will end up being a general North American release date, with Verizon outing their LTE version concurrently with its Canadian brethren. No official announcement from Big Red leaves that in the realm of speculation for now.

“Galaxy Nexus superphone by Samsung will be available exclusively from Bell Mobility and Virgin Mobile Canada this holiday season – starting December 8.

Galaxy Nexus Pre-orders

And starting today, customers can pre-order the year’s most anticipated superphone at Bell.ca/GalaxyNexus or Virginmobile.ca/Nexus, starting at $159.95 on a three year term.

Bell Twitter Line-up

For those who want to ensure they’re first to have Galaxy Nexus, the Bell Twitter Line-up runs from 10am to 10pm EST on December 1. Believed to be a first of its kind online purchasing opportunity, the Bell Twitter Line-up guarantees 100 eligible people a Galaxy Nexus shipped to their address on launch day December 8.

Simply log-in between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. on December 1 and sign-up to get a pre-populated Tweet and secure place in the virtual line. Places 1 to 100 need to return to the page once every hour before 10 p.m. and send out the latest tweet. When completed successfully, Bell will get in touch on shipping and other arrangements.

For more details, please visit Bell.ca/GalaxyNexus”

[via MobileSyrup]

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  1. 3yr contract? ouch.

    1. That’s how Canada is…

    2. that way you don’t leave the country, Canada needs ye!

    3. They offer shorter term contracts, but you’ll pay more for the phones.

      If we gripe about Verizon, AT&T, etc and their prices, Canadians have it worse.  They make our guys look like saints.   You pay more than here and often get less.

      1. I dunno, we can negotiate… I have 55$/month and unlimited incoming 650 minutes unlimited talk/text/pic message/voicemail/caller Id and 1gb data.

        I’m sure you have better plans but most people here call their provider and negotiate a better deal.

      2. Shorter term?  Last I checked it was vice versa.  We pay more for the phone and get a 2yr contract/contract extension.  They pay less for the phone, but are bound for an extra year.

  2. Verizon can stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.

  3. this is a tragedy and a disgrace!

    canada lives off of the goodwill of the American people.

    1. LOL, sounds like jealousy to me.

  4. For the USA being the birth place of Android, and Verizon giving Android a huge leap forward with the original droid, we sure are being neglected.

  5. I would gladly sign a 5 year contract, if only verizon would give us an upgrade every year!

  6. I’m all through with Verizon and this phone. GIVE ME WHAT I WANT… NOT WHAT YOU WANT ME TO HAVE.

  7. i can’t believe i’m reading this.

  8. Its not like we don’t get the phone, impatient assholes.

    1. this is America, jack! we want the biggest and best! and we want it NOW!!!

      1. And more importantly…we want it FIRST!

        1. and yesterday!

  9. Verizon probably doesn’t want to release a Flashless Nexus that will piss everybody off who buys one.

    1. I would be completely ok with no Flash initially.  It’ll come eventually.  I just want the freakin’ phone!

      1. ICS will be eliminating Flash completely. So no, it won’t come eventually unless you root and the developers figure it out.

        1. Jimmy,

          I don’t know where you came up with that, but it’s completely inaccurate. It’s Adobe who’s doing away with Flash for mobile, not ICS. However, Google has gone on record saying that Adobe WILL be developing Flash for the Galaxy Nexus.

  10. poor RIM.  even the canadians are bailing on them.

  11. The folks at my local Verizon store looked in their computer on Saturday and told me the launch date was Dec 8th here in South Carolina, which I’m sure is a national launch date.

    1. ya most stores see that in their systems now. def looking good for the 8th rls date

    2. I asked at one Saturday as well. She looked it up and didn’t see anything about it. So, who knows. I’m not getting my hopes up. Not releasing it before Thanksgiving is an F-up in my opinion.

      1. They did a little digging because they could find nothing on technical specs and told me that the only information they have is a December 8th launch date.

      2. It isn’t and f-up if they are going to sell it for less than the Razr. Gotta get the ‘can’t waits’ to buy the most expensive before you roll out the cheaper alternative…

  12. Even if you buy the phone for $649.95, you still have to get a plan.

  13. haha yeah but seriously, it’s Canada.  Who cares.

  14. “Galaxy Nexus superphone by Samsung will be available exclusively from Bell Mobility and Virgin Mobile Canada this holiday season”

    They keep saying “Exclusively”..  I don’t think it means what they think it means.

    1. Your comment sounds exclusively accurate. 

    2. Virgin Mobile is owned by Bell…

  15. Damn CDMA carriers. The Nexus needs to release on a GSM carrier in Canada so I don’t have to pay $800 to get a UK version.

    1. Umm…Bell is a GSM carrier. Like every other carrier in Canada.

      (To be clear, Bell and Telus don’t have legacy GSM networks, but their shared 3G network is HSPA, exactly the same technology as AT&T’s 3G network. Bell’s Galaxy Nexus will be the penta-band HSPA + quad-band GSM version.)

  16. Well, the Canadian border is about a 9-iron away from here… if it doesn’t launch here by then, at least I can take a short trip and go fondle this fabled beast.

  17. I’m fine with waiting for Verizon as long as they get the 32GB version. If not, I will be very disappoint.

  18. I’m not wanting a Verizon version, so I’m completely okay with buying an unlocked Canadian, or UK version.

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