Nov 21st, 2011 publishUpdated   Sep 11th, 2021, 10:44 pm

The Nexus S will be first in line to receive an official build of Android 4.0 in due time, but patience isn’t a word found in too many Android users’ vocabulary. Thanks again to the industrious devs over at xda developers, last year’s Google flagship now has a build of Ice Cream Sandwich compiled directly from the AOSP source code. As expected, not all elements of the software are working as they should, but progress is being made quickly. Most notably, the phone’s camcorder is not working, though USB mass storage and WiFi have been worked out since the initial release. From what we are reading, the ROM is functional enough to warrant installation on your Nexus S or Nexus S 4G, though we suspect the average Android user may want to wait just a bit longer. Then again, Nexus S owners debating the installation of a custom Android 4.0 ROM don’t necessarily qualify as the “average” Android user, so have at it.

[via XDA | Thanks to all who sent this in!]

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