Samsung Galaxy Nexus Will Launch December 8th at Verizon?



November 17th? Nope. November 21st? Nope. Anytime before Black Friday. No again. In a rare instance, a Samsung Galaxy Nexus release rumor comes accompanied by actual evidence to support the claims. Those hoping for this phone next week turn away now. A new leak claims the Galaxy Nexus is now scheduled for launch on December 8th, with Verizon’s stock and demo units arriving shortly ahead of the official launch. Interestingly, the wording of the notice supposedly sent out to Verizon employees suggests that the release date may have originally been scheduled to occur sooner, as has been speculated, but for whatever reason December 8th is where we are now. No mention is made of any sort of pre-order.

There is always the chance things could change (for better or worse) or that this information is outdated (or fake). If you still don’t want to believe, there is the chance that this date only applies to in-store sales with a web-only launch coming a couple weeks earlier. We’re not holding our breath.

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  1. How does this justify anything more than the document that said w/o nov 21st? I wouldn’t call this hard proof at all.

    1. But its a blurry cam shot of an email!  That’s impossible to fake

  2. This is still pretty flaccid. Hard proof would be an official press release on Verizon’s website.

    1. lol. flaccid.

  3. well at least we have a date, but this sucks

  4. its on a thursday, kinda makes since 

  5. I hate you Verizon.

  6. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooOOOOOooooooooOOOOOOOOOoooo!” – Darth Vader

  7. I don’t mind waiting.  In fact, I HAVE to since my upgrade isn’t until February.  I think most of us were more concerned with knowing the release date, regardless of how near or far it was. 

    1. My upgrade is mid January, but I want to buy off contract this year to offset a good income year, so for me the timing is perfect.

    2. I’m sure you could sweet talk them into bumping your upgrade a month or two. I’ve done it before. They want your money that badly.

  8. Yay! A date!

    Now how ’bout them GSM/HSPA variants huh?

  9. Yea I am definitely over this ride. I will be getting a Rezound on Monday. Hope you future GNEX owners like the phone. This is getting beyond pathetic and unless this sells like crazy, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the last time we see a Nexus on Verizon.

    1. your gonna regret it..

      1. I know but I need a new phone asap. My DX reboots randomly when i get phone calls and it won’t show who called me. It happens a lot and it starting to affect my work. 

        1. you should just use a crap flip phone for now..or you might just be able to return it and get the GN if it comes out in the next 30 days but these dates just keep getting pushed back..

          1. Welp…we will see what happens. This whole thing is annoying. 

          2. Except if Bobby still has Unlimited Data.  If he has unlimited data, switching to a non-smart phone will waive his right to keep it.  

          3. Yea I have unlimited data. Think I am going to get the Rezound and return it if the Nexus comes out during the return period. 

          4. No, do not do this or heed this advice and be careful. I had a 2 day gap between my returned droid charge and new thunderbolt which had to be delivered….during this short period, VZW used it as a great opportunity to try to kick me out of my grandfathered unlimited data because I was using a non-smartphone for those 48 hours.  I said “Hey I never knowingly changed my contract, etc…” Long story short, it took me weeks of bitching to get the unlimited data back. Just my warning!

          5. the new return goes until jan 9th.

        2. do a hard reset and manual restore/sync to get a little more life out of your DX. and cut down your apps for now.

      2. rezound is a good phone.

    2. You did exactly what Verizon wants you to do and that is buy one of their newly released phones before they release this. VZW wants as much Rezound and Razr sales as they can get and not giving a date is gonna help that

      1. I agree 100% It’s a very smart sales technique. And apparently, it works, lol. People are going to do exactly that, pretty much. Especially hardcore people who want a phone, especially the Galaxy Nexus, Get the Razr then return it when the Nexus comes out, lol. More money, more prophet, more goodies. 

      2. +1 Verizon is happy to take your $35 dollars and tell the world that the RAZR and Rezound “sold” well. When in fact many people will be returning them. It’s no mistake that they’ve designed their new return policy in such a fashion. $35 dollar times a million people is $35 million dollars. That’s a huge chunk of change. Don’t give into Verizon. We can take their punishment and we can endure this tribulation. ;-)

        1. But is the $35 activation fee worth the money they lose by having to then sell the phone as certified pre-owned? I see you point, but I think they lose more then they gain in this scenario.

  10. The good news is that the guy in the reflection has cloths on.

    1. Thanks, needed that smile after the bad news

    2. Updated the pic. Comment no longer relavent (but still funny) =p

      1. My one comment that more then one person finally likes …and Christopher “v-neck” Chavez takes it away.  I say booooo to you today sir!  Boooo!

    3. awww you’re that lonely that you spotted that?  

  11. Screw you Verizon, Google needs to stop taking shit from carriers and tell them, release it now, or just gtfo.

    1. Google probably isn’t to fond of Verizon right now.

    2. This will work when google is also the carrier.

      1. I wish Google would make their own carrier, i would switch right away.

        1. Wish they would just buy TMO.

          1. Or MetroPCS. MetroPCS is more on track to using VOIP over 4G and what not anyway. It’s also still a young company and offers amazingly inexpensive service. A service which Google has the funds to expand and improve, and could possibly be made even cheaper with the addition of Google’s advertising. Not to mention that most of the 30% of all app sales supposedly already goes to the carriers and billing providers… so if Google actually was the carrier they would get some of the cut.

          2. But, like you said, its MetroPCS…

      2. Problem is verizon has a ton of customers which is why vz is being such a pain in the rear. They know they can. Its the MS syndrome which apple has adopted in the last few years. They know they can so they do it and tell you “you don’t have a choice so just shut up”.
        So if google becomes a carrier they would then have to compete against which is not a fun thing to do. So google will probably just let this slide. Its not like GN will sell in volume like iphones. Their thing is not just one single solitary phone but a collection. Now if sprint and at&t also carried GN then this wouldn’t happen. But VZ decided to be greedy and grab rezound, razr and GN all at  the same time so nobody else can.


  13. Does Verizon use Gmail as it’s e-mail client. It’s not official until it’s official. With that said, it still sucks and probably means something is being added that the end user would prefer not to have. Damn monopolies

    1. You’ve never forwarded a work email to your personal email?

    2. Yeah – another forum is reporting that the delays are related to the two VZW bloat apps they’re trying to add to the phone. Something is not functioning properly, which explains why they’ve got it overseas – and Google seems to think this phone is good to go.

  14. Maybe we will see it as on line only for a week.

  15. Wtf! NOO. Verizon I hate you! This is soo lame on your part. #occupyverizon

  16. I can’t stand how they handle launches. I hate Apple but with every passing day I begin to like them more and more, when they announce something they release it quickly, I have yet to hear of anyone with an Iphone getting an update that made their phone useless. Android is wonderful but the way it gets announced, updated, and released is pathetic and just childish.

    1. So you never heard of all the iPhone 3G owners whose phones became so slow after a software update that they were basically useless?  I sure have.

      1. I think you missed his point. He was talking about how apple is much better at device launches which is absolutely true. SO simmer down, child, nobody is saying apple is better than android. Whew.

    2. It’s a little bit different with Apple though. You never see “leaked inventory screen shots” or any rumored release dates. Apple is as tight-lipped as any tech company can. So you don’t get “delays” with the iPhone launch, because you know, there aren’t any rumors before the actual announcement.

      1. Yes this is true, but when they announce the phone its out within a week or two and its announced with a release date. For example the Iphone 4s was announced on October 4th with a preorder date of October 7th and an actual release date of October 14th all at the same time. Now for the SGN. The SGN was announced on October 18th with no timeline of release for any network or even a list of known networks to carry the device and now it is November 19th (over  a MONTH later) and still no information for any US carriers to carry it other than Verizon and they still haven’t even given a release date or even an estimated timeline. I don’t care who you are that is a complete failure in the business world. At this point the only reason I may still support this device and all that were involved in its announcement and launch is because I can’t switch from Verizon and it will be the only current smartphone with vanilla android and an OS that I really enjoy when it continues to work properly. (I’m still a little pissed that I was one of the first to get the 2.3 update for my DINC and it fried my phone and made it a paper weight, the only way I finally got it to work is when they found out how to root it with 2.3.4)

    3. To be fair, Apple only has to worry about 1 phone every 12 – 18 months. But they certainly do have carriers by the balls.

  17. Why would that be from his gmail? It’s really weird that it wouldn’t be sent to an official Verizon staff email. Also the tab is labeled “0 (816×375)”…that just seems odd to me…

  18. They did the same f***ing s*it with the bionic

    1. Yeah, and the Bionic is a POS!!!

    2. Verizon is doing this.  The Bionic was delayed because of Motorola.  Difference

      1. proof or stfu

  19. So the UK and Canada get it before the US?? BULLSHIT. It’s a goddamn American phone!

    1. Ummm no its a Korean phone. With an OS released by an American based company

      1. Obviously it was made in Korea, however Google is the leading contributor to the phone’s overall success therefore it is an American Phone.

  20. I’m pretty sure that’s fake. That definitely says “Samsung Nexus”, and I doubt Verizon uses Gmail as its email client. 

    1. lets hope you’re right. i was thinking the same thing about the Samsung Nexus deally.

  21. Frustrating but I’m not in a huge hurry. More time for cyanogenmod to bake.

  22. More hard evidence that the Galaxy Nexus is delayed until 12/4/2014! Screw you Verizon!

    1. Dang you VZW!

    2. LoL and ROFL at the “The device will be buried in an undersea cave until Verizon develops technology to harness its powers” part. xD!

    3. Shrapnel? I’ll take my chances LOL

  23. Thos of you asking why it would be GMail, obviously the employee got  the message internally at work, didnt want to get caught taking a photo, and so he took a screenshot, cropped it, and sent it to his personal GMail account. Then took the photo at home. The tab name is the dimensions of the image.

  24. I wouldnt either since it looks like someone took a picture of their laptop displaying it. Where does it show even in the picture itself this is definitive proof? Anyone coulda typed that up

  25. If the Dec 8 date is accurate, wonder if Verizon trying to push more Razrs & Rezounds off their inventory.  My wife just went from a Moto Droid X (with issues of its own & why I wont be getting a Razr) to a iPhone 4S.  I may be joining her as I have been waiting since Verizon passed on the Galaxy S2 saying something better coming along I thought they meant within a month of S2 release.  Well I may not be drinking the Verizon kool aid.

  26. This so lame if its true… Dec 8 is almost a month of wait again! Screw you verizon, you are becoming a joke now on your timing on phone releases.

  27. You know what this is just a rumor guys, not hard evidence, at all. In fact this is just like all the other rumored dates we’ve had like the 21, 10, and 3rd. There still is no official confirmation so why is everyone so pissed.

    1. because it was announced over a month ago now. if you aren’t going to give us the phone in a timely manner, then don’t show it to us. hell i would have gladly bought a Rezound if they hadn’t told me how awesome the Nexus was going to be. now i’ll be disappointed with anything else.

  28. As somone said on the forum thread… I think I’ll just end up getting myself a pager.

  29. I agree with chris125. We’ve seen a number of “proofs” that amount to as little as a picture of a screen with a Verizon color scheme. Nothing to confirm authenticity, like, say, clear indications that it was shot int a VZW store or office, etc. Anyone with basic HTML, Photoshop, and a crappy digital camera could fake this information.

    1. Exactly. I could type something in red and black in Helve Segoe, print it out, and post it and claim it as true. 

  30. If this is true, I’m extremely annoyed. I leave for Mexico on December 8th and I’ll be gone a week, I was really hoping to have this phone before I left. Maybe I’ll get lucky and this isn’t true, but who knows. I’m just dying for an official announcement at this point

  31. For the love of pete…   Why is this SO HARD?!??!

    1. that’s what she

      1. She’s a female so it would be that’s what *he said. 

  32. Sadly, this goes along with my speculation that Verizon believes that the GNex will pretty much kill sales of the RAZR… I think this is all about trying to sell down stocks of it and possibly the Rezound before they release the GNex. and they’d still have some time in their exclusivity to have a jump on competitors… It sucks, but nothing we can do except wait.

  33. is that a picture of a picture?

    1. I was thinking that too.

  34. By that time I’ll have some variant of ICS on my Thunderbolt anyway. Verizon screwed up big time on this. Instead of plopping down $600 for a new phone, I’ll be plopping down $0.

  35. I don’t know if you all noticed, but @TechFanatiX:twitter has *FIFTY-FOUR FOLLOWERS* and a *NON-FUNCTIONAL WEBSITE!*

    @yahoo-ZMLRWLABHRFG5JEXOHJFIAAS4E:disqus has the right idea…that “hard proof” came from a Gmail attachment! 

    Check your sources, @phandroid:twitter jeez! >:-O

  36. This is hardly hard proof

  37. so I’m guessing everyone is kind of wondering the same thing: why would google and Samsung release an exclusive phone to Verizon when Verizon is primarily promoting the razr as their go to phone? I’m guessing they didnt sell as many razrs as they thought and don’t want to give sales during black Friday to galaxy nexus. it’s absolutely amazing how such a well received phone that’s hailed as an iPhone killer barely launches on any US carrier. and now it just gets delayed into obscurity. this is how to screw up a launch

    1. i tried the RAZR out in the store the other day and it is just disgustingly gaudy and feels weird in the hand. if people like it, then more power to them but that phone looked very unappealing to me personally. i also tried the Rezound, which is better, but it’s a little fatty and that Sense skin just looks so dated to me now. vanilla or something custom is the only thing i can go for at this point. GNex or nothing but i’m certainly not a happy camper.

  38. I dont know… why is that e-mail in his gmail inbox? I could have sent an e-mail that looks just like that with any day I wanted, however I would probably have to believe this data because we haven’t even see any demo models or any sign that it is coming sooner.  Oh well…

  39. More time to play with my rezound I guess. Although I’m a little paranoid about this new return policy. I might just return within my 14 day window and slum it up with the incredible until the nexus is released. (purchased rezound on the 16th and workers had no idea what “New holiday return policy” I was speaking of.

    1. Or you could call verizon and ask?

  40. It’s very simple why Verizon will wait until Dec. 8 to release the GNex. This will cover Christmas with there one month of exclusivity rights. This way others vendors will not be able to tap into the Christmas shopping for the GNex.

    1. Or, is it because the fact that they JUST released the RAZR? Perhaps they are waiting for the 14-day return period runs out for fool, I mean customers, that actually bought the RAZR?

      1. Fools? The Razr is a bad arse phone so I don’t think they are fools.

        1. Gingerbread. No updates til next year (if there is one).

        1. Not everyone visit that site to read news. =p

          1. ….. It was on pretty much all android news sites, and I’m pretty sure a few major news sites. That was just the first link I saw and clicked when I googled it =P

          2. Yeah yeah yeah. =p

  41. I’m ready to raise hell on verizon.  This is absolutely rubbish.  By the time the galaxy nexus is released some new and better phone will be on the horizon.  Screw Verizon for jumping into bed with Motorola.  I’m tired of Verizon taking advantage of it’s loyal customers >_<  Again Verizon screws me over without lube.

  42. Whichever carrier has it on Monday, I’m going with them! Verizon WAS my preferred choice, now it looks like T-mobile just took that spot.

  43. Oh boy this looks extremely official! /sarcasm

  44. Google needs to cut out the middle man! Stop wasting time with vzw Att T-Mobile etc. Google just needs to sell pure Google phones on their own Google plan! Nuffin said!

  45. o.m.f.g. JUST LEGIT ANNOUNCE IT!

  46. Ha. At this point, I’m leaving Verizon. I’ll get me an unlocked pentaband HSPA+ from Europe over the christmas period. Sick of Verizons non-global phones, and of this inability to declare a release date for the Nexus.

  47. I think we should all collectively find an email address for VZ’s PR department and we all dump emails on them saying how we are going to switch to AT&T instead. 

    1. I’ve done this 4 times. Still nothing. They don’t give a shit!

  48. I’m going to wait just BECAUSE Verizon does’t want this phone on their network.  FU Verizon you “Big Red” B!*ch!

  49. LOL…all the VZW hate!  This will be the biggest selling phone for Verizon ever, no doubt…


  51. iwonder…iwonder if there were as many complainers in regaurds of the i4s…people…many of you need to chill…there are always set backs with good phones for whatever reason (s) And on alllll carriers…always…and all the time.

  52. I want this phone so bad but fear it will be totally out-dated before it released.  We might even see 4.0 on the RAZR before the GN even comes out( a little sarcasm), but seriously.

  53. Could this have anything to do with the promotion going on right now with Verizon where they double your data? I don’t see why, because a phone is a phone and it’s not like the nexus will eat more data than a Razr or Rezound. Could it be Google throwing a bone to Motorola? Why in the hell would they ship accessories to the store almost a month before the device release? So many questions…. I smell BS

  54. This doesn’t make any sense. Google (Duarte) said that it will be sometime in November. I know crazy things happen, but it’s been November all along. The only way to explain all this misinformation is that it was intended for an early to mid-November release. It’s been delayed many times. But they are still going to sell it sometime in November online. The in-store sales may start in November or December. Seems kinda silly for them to miss out on Cyber Monday… doesn’t it?

  55. I dont understand why everyone is blaming VZ.  What evidence is there that VZ is slowing this down?  Did anyone ever think that since Google is buying Motorola and will soon be a direct competitor to Samsung?   What about the fact that Flash isnt compatible with ICS?  What about thatthe FCC just approved the damn phone. Maybe VZ’s standards are higher than the European carriers and they are holding off until Flash is available?  Google isnt perfect, maybe they screwed the pooch. 

    I want this phone as much as the next guy, but I think al this VZ bashing is without evidence to support it.  And no, I dont work for VZ.

  56. I stopped by my local Verizon store today to get some hands on with the Rezound.  I asked about the Nexus and they pulled stuff up on their computer.  They told me that I could buy the accessories, but the only information they had on the device was a launch date of December 8th.  Looks like 3 more weeks with my Fascinate.

  57. Just. FUCK!

  58. If this was on AT&T they would release it on time, Sprint and T-Mobile wouldn’t also release that late either. Verizon must be fucking crazy

  59. And you guys says that Verizon have better service or is a better company than AT&T

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