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Smartphones are becoming most people’s go-to camera, but sometimes a handset’s screen — even if it measure in excess of 5 inches — just doesn’t cut it for enjoying and sharing your favorite shots. Some devices come with HDMI outputs and many feature DLNA compatibility for streaming media to compliant television sets, but Sony Ericsson is taking a stab at a new way to share content with a larger display. Vscreens is a free app in beta for all Android devices running version 2.1 or later that pairs a smartphone with a computer (or tablet even), allowing for photo sharing and even video to an extent.  Users log on to, scan a QR code, and the app does some magic to allow you to stream your photo files straight from the handset. The best part? It’s totally free. Things work smoothly enough, but results will vary based on several factors including the WiFi network, hardware, and media file type. Find it in the market now.

Android Market Link: vscreens photo sharing

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  1. It works pretty well for pictures…not Videos.  It gives a message about buffering then just seems to hang.  The FAQ page on states that video isn’t actually supported yet even though the Android app allows you to select video.

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