Nov 18th, 2011

One (very) lucky Galaxy Nexus owner was surprised today when he found neither hide nor hair of Adobe’s Flash player on his device. And that’s not all — when he jumped onto the Android Market looking to download the Flash player app, it was completely absent.

So what’s the deal? Well, an app like the Flash player will have to updated in the Android Market to support Android 4.0 before it will show up on devices running Ice Cream Sandwich. If you’re thinking, “I’m sure Adobe’s on top of it and will be quick to update, right?” Not so fast.

You may remember a little statement Adobe made a few days ago, announcing that they will no longer be focusing on Flash player for mobile devices, instead, moving onto HTML5. While Adobe did mention that they will continue supporting Flash for mobile with security updates and bug fixes, hopefully they’ll give it one last go and update to support ICS before development completely ceases.

Oh, and the Galaxy Nexus owner also tried pushing the Gingerbread/Froyo version of Flash player to his device but that wasn’t compatible either. What do you guys think? Could this put a major damper on the Galaxy Nexus if Flash is no longer supported on the device?

[Via Reddit]

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