NFC Expands its Reach, Google Wallet Now Accepted at Bay Area Gap Stores


A pair of fresh chinos? V-neck sweater? Paying for them with a single tap of your smartphone? Yuppies of the world with NFC-enabled handsets and Google Wallet now have the luxury thanks to Gap Inc. signing on as the latest partner in Google’s push for widespread adoption of mobile payments. More than 65 Gap, Old Navy,  and Banana Republic stores (including outlet locations) in the San Francisco Bay Area are now equipped to start processing payments through Google Wallet.

Google’s efforts have mostly been centered around the tech-centric region near their home base as they continue to roll out single-tap payments in conjunction with merchants. The hope is that these test markets will show enough promise to warrant rolling out the technology on a more widespread basis. You can check out a map of Gap stores accepting Google Wallet and more at the announcement link below.

[via Gap]

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  1. Well, we need more phones supporting the damn thing. We got a choice of one phone from one carrier to use it.  

  2. Lord knows when TMO, VZW, and ATT with have thier ISIS payments up and running.     Just let us use Google Wallet already!

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