Google Music Updated to Version 4.0.9 in the Android Market


Coinciding with today’s event, Google Music for Android has been updated to version 4.0.9. The new build brings the features and UI found in the version of the app leaked last month, a refined look in step with Android Ice Cream Sandwich. The updated app also brings access to music purchases from Android Market.

Android Market Link: Google Music

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  1. Got It. Looks good so far!

  2. Apk available here : #16google 
    Directly from Google Shortcuts

  3. wait so is it still in beta? no right?

  4. If you purchase a song via your phone will it sync with your home pc like apple’s icloud, if yes, come to the UK fast, if not, then massive fail.

    1. Psh, if you buy a song, its on google music which you can log into ANYWHERE, take that Icloud =P

  5. And the rest of the world (yes google, the world is bigger than USA. No foolin’) will get access to google music, books and video when? A couple of years?

  6. Doesnt have an equalizer. The music app on the sgs2 is better than this

    1. Google should buy the company that makes PowerAmp.

      1. Amen to that!

  7. Great another Google Product not available to me outside of the USA. Google Music to be as useless as GoogleTV to me.

    I hate to say this at the current trend I may have to ditch Google. I am sick of all these half-arsed launches that we have come to accept in the Android world….. seriously the reason Apple has been so succesful is that they knwo how to launch a product correctly….. FFS Google get your shit together!!!!!

    1. Yup

    2. Lets use facts. Apple launches most all products to the rest of the world weeks or months behind the US launch.  This is typical.  There is plenty of stuff being created around the world that the US either gets delayed access to or just plain never sees at all.

    3. i always say start your own google-esque empire in your own country!!! google is an american country whos kinda busy making stuff awesome for the us.. use innovation in your own area… if we can, why cant you do it instead of waiting around for someone to hand it to you.

      1. @jerk P… lets not get into a pissing match about Google. As most of their products are not designed in USA. GMaps and Wave came out of Australia amongst just a few. Their phones from Korea…etc Your so called US innovation died a long time ago, the majority people innovating in the USA are expats …. but that is besides the point. The world is bigger than Texas… if you owned an Atlas you would realise that.

  8. If you have the problem where the download of the new version shows up as not properly signed, I did, then uninstall previous version of music before downloading.

  9. How do you access music to purchase?

    1. Everyones market will be automatically updated in a few days then you will be able to buy the music.

      1. You can also buy music from the Market’s website:

        1. IF you’re in the US of A, anywhere else without a proxy and your shit out of luck :(

  10. how do you access music to purchase?

  11. AmazonMP3 vs Google Music???

  12. Please STFU!

  13. Google Music Player (not store) is available in the Google TV Marketplace (if you have a Sony one with Honeycomb) and is optimized for the Google TV not just the tablet version… Just do a search for “music” in the market on your GTV…

  14. Sad Google is can set up shop and give luxerys to Japan but Canada gets the big middle finger !!  So much for Google being different from all the other asshole companies ! :(

  15. People crying about american companies releasing content in US before others. Go figure.

    1. Does the same go about whinning when the rest of the world get Android handsets before the US. The point is that you either serious about delivering a product or not.

  16. I STILL can’t download music to my device how I tagged it in a nice /music/%artist%/%album%/songname.mp3 format. I’m really disappointed by the amount of potential this app has, and what it actually has in it.

  17. Wow I thought they would have added a better widget to allow going back a track. Also they need to allow navigation from the lockscreen and notification.

  18. Yeah, as an Android user outside the US, I’m pretty disappointed that Google didn’t state any plans to go global. While its understandable that they start in the states, things like Google Voice and even Google Music for its one year beta have never seen the light of day outside of the US. I’m not a fan of Apple at all (actually a pretty hardcore Android fan), but all of their products work in my country…. Just saying

  19. If you’re tired of waiting for music in your mobile Android Market, check out some tips for manually updating our market here

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