Google Music Gives Indie Artists 70/30 Rev Share, Amazing Opportunity


If you’re an independent artists you need to listen up. Badly. Or maybe you should just tune me out and head straight to Not only is Google Music an amazing portal to buy and share music, but artists can create their own account for $25, upload their own music and provide complete details, set their own prices, and enjoy a 70/30 revenue share.

Part of me wants to quit this here technology thing and start a music group! Think of how the “Listen Free” feature could revolutionized how local and independent musicians and groups can leverage loyal fan base, encourage G+ shares, and really start to make a name for themselves.

There seems to be a ton of flexibility in how artists manage their Google Music library. They can fill in all of the artist, song, and album info their little hearts desire in addition to changing that information whenever they choose. There is no additional cost to upload tracks/albums to Google Music so whether it’s an album that took two years to create or a live gig from last week, you’re free game at getting your fans the music they want… with no limitations on quantity.

Let’s not forget that being on the Google Music store also means you’re in the hands of the 200+ Million Android users and counting, in addition to everyone leveraging the web for Google Music. If you’re an artist that tries out Google Music… let us know how you like it! And if you want to try it out, visit

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

Google Music Launch Features Exclusive Music from Coldplay, Busta Rhymes, and the Rolling Stones

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  1. great news and deal for new and upcoming artists that dont have a label backing them.

  2. wrong, they announced 75/25

  3. This is the most boring Google announcement in some time. Who wants to buy when you can have 15 million songs for 10 euros/dollars a month?

    Seriously, the market for digital downloads is already mature and stagnating, but the market for streaming and subscription is young and full of possibility – most smartphone owners have not realized yet just how much value they would get for their Spotify/Rdio/whatever subscription.

    So what does Google do? Enter the dying market, of course.

    I’m also shocked by the reactions of the blogosphere. Oh yeah, it’s so cool, sharing songs, web app, blahblahblah.

    Raise your hand if you’re eager to pay thousands upon thousands of dollars just to get a fraction of the music available in any streaming service.

    1. Why are you so short sighted? Of course Google realizes streaming is the future (they own the largest video streaming site in the world after all). But to build a full music service they obviously need to start with the foundation of digital downloads and a music locker and social integration. I’m sure once they have the rights of all the labels they’ll begin to negotiate streaming deals and launch a streaming service to rival Spotify. But they need to start somewhere, and this was the right approach to get it off the ground. 

      PS – If you’ve read recent news articles, many indie labels across Europe are pulling their artists off Spotify because they aren’t getting paid enough money. So yes, streaming is the future but there will certainly be a backlash as labels and artists begin to realize they aren’t getting the money they thought they would – and the monthly $ will go up, just like with Netflix.

      1. That may be a theoretical possibility that might just happen some time in the future. I mean, cause they have not announced anything along those lines.

        I’d love it, too. I’d love to have a web app that works like Spotify, I would ditch Spotify if Google did it. But what they have announced is an MP3 store.


    2. I do not use spotify for “serious music listening/collecting” because
      1/ sound quality of streaming services is WAY INFERIOR
      2/ many albums by many artists are just not available at all on spotify
      3/ spotify is not built for home theatre, you cannot read the screen from 10 feet away.

      I agree, for someone wanting some good music, not too fussed about quality, then spotify would be the answer to all questions.

    3. Hmmm let’s think about this. Oh yeah, people who don’t have constant data connections, people who listen to music in their car via CDs, SD cards, iPods, etc. People who mix music. People who want to burn a CD for a friend or family member. 

      Streaming does very little for me. Using Pandora is nice now and then to get exposed to new tracks but $13.50 USD a month for a total of $162 a year covers the amount a lot of people spend on music.

      I think you’re making a very narrow minded post with the idea that you’re smarter than all the people working at Google. This was important for them to get a cloud storage system going that rivals iTunes & Amazon. It’s not all about having one specific feature that makes you money, but incorporating all of your products into one easily accessible service. 

  4. This is good stuff. Music labels need to die.

    1. I was thinking similar thoughts, the music labels will have to change or die off slowly.  Just like blogs have changed the news industry, things like this will definitely have an impact on the music industry.

      1. This will definitely revolutionize the music industry. This puts the power in the hands of the artist not the labels. Death to the music labels!

  5. It’s all fine and good until they start censoring.  Consider Mr EBT’s video.  He makes fun of food stamps and they threw him off youtube.

    1. Uuuh google is your friend and the video is on YouTube

      1. Someone else resubmitted it.  They took down the original.

  6. Its not available to 200 million Android… because its only available in the States…. again. Google needs to get on the global roll outs. #disappointedcanadian

    1. Just use hotspot shield or other SSL proxy and sign-up. Then you can use it no problem without Proxying once you signed up.

      If you have root, you can use Market Enabler to get Music 4.X APK and you’re all set!

      1. And this is supposed to be an alternative to piracy? Because of its simplicity, they say?

        The store simply isn’t available outside the US, unless you’re a hardcore Android user who for some reason wants to pay for music instead of getting it free

        Let’s not fool ourselves: if you can to that SSL proxy/market enabler thing, you know how to get free music.

        1. Well it looks like you can’t buy from Canada currently, I haven’t tried trough a proxy.

          The point is to have a nice Web interface that you can use to organize your music and create playlist etc. with instant sync to your Android Phone.

          So except for the annoyance of having to upload your Library, it is quite a nice product. 

          I don’t really understand your reply…

          1. I think his point is the average person doesn’t want to go through those complicated procedures to get my music. I don’t want to have to do all that crazy stuff. I want to actually be allowed to use Google Music. 

          2. Ok, agreed, wish they would just open it up to Canada, along with Google Voice!!!

            But it is a one time annoyance, and now witht Google TV’s Music app, one more reason to do it!

  7. What about when artists, mainly hip hop artists use samples? This seems too easy for Google or the artist to get caught up in some copyright infringement especially if it doesn’t have anyone telling them no you need to get that cleared first. I would imagine there must be some fine print somewhere saying if you don’t own it, or have rights to it, then it’s on you… 

  8. Hopefully Clay is right and it’s 75/25.  I’m very excited about this.  Especially cause you can set the prices yourself and have like a free download day once in awhile or something.  

  9. “Let’s not forget that being on the Google Music store also means you’re
    in the hands of the 200+ Million Android users and counting”

    there aren’t 200+ million android users in the states, which is the only place google music is available

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