Busta Rhymes: Put Your Droid Where My Eyes Could See


Busta Rhymes took some time off from dropping verses to get down with a collaboration of a different kind. The acclaimed rap artist was in attendance at today’s Google Music event (his new album will appear as an exclusive download in the Android Market), and is seen here posing with everyone’s favorite robot mascot. Can we count Andy as the newest member of the Flipmode Squad? Will Busta guest on a remix of the Android Rap?

We can all have dreams, right?

Kevin Krause
Pretty soon you'll know a lot about Kevin because his biography will actually be filled in!

Google Music Updated to Version 4.0.9 in the Android Market

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  1. Rob needs an Artist Hub account so he can start selling his rap tunes.

    1. Hell yeah good idea Taylor, I love Rob’s G1 rap song.

    2. LOL I think I’m going to test out the artists functionality by uploading a song. Just not sure one which song to use! It’s so funny listening to old tunes I used to make.

      1. DO IT!

  2. WOW this is the saddest day ever. Google teaming up with BR? Really? Microsoft and Apple are laughing hysterically.

    1. Don’t forget Drake and Maroon 5. The biggest acts in the world right now.. =)

      1. Sheesh. This is painful to watch.

    2. Bussa Buss is a legend.  Apparently Google recognized that.  And who cares what MS and Apple think?  The real tragedy is that he signed a deal with Lil Wayne’s label :-/

  3. Wow, is Busta wearing a JNCO suit? They’re about as relevant as he is now.. Not sure about this one Google.

    1. Why does everything in Rap have to be a fad?

      1. Truly, it doesn’t. Busta didn’t get the memo though. 

    2. It’s True Religion. Those jeans alone are $400. Don’t even get me started on that jacket or platinum chain he got on.. O_o

      1. Wow Chris, you know your shit.. O.o

        America get all the cool clothes!

    3. U can say he’s not relevant but he’s a better rapper then most of the new guys out now. 

      1. Busta does, however, tend to wear crazy shit every now and then….

  4. Good work google. I know I’m not the only busta fan here. Good move. Now had this been “watch the throne”, that would have been money.

  5. Trying to get android to appeal to the younger groups. I’m 14 and I know this. Grow up.

  6. I just downloaded some old B R songs earlier today. And this song is awesome. Thanks for putting it up.

  7. sounds too white rapperish.   Rhymes were just as week.  Never do this again.  EVER.

    1. It’s a rap song. About a mobile phone operating system. What did you actually expect? LOL.

  8. He got fat…

    1. It’s called aging.  Lol

  9. I can’t see the vid at work but this is a good look for Buss

  10. Great blog! very informative. thanks Cataract Orange County

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