Yes, Verizon Has Plenty of Galaxy Nexus Units on Order, Rogers Opens Pre-Orders


Rest assured, the Galaxy Nexus news mill won’t stop churning any time soon. The latest? Yep, Verizon has plenty of handsets on order. Not seen in the above screen capture: date the handsets will arrive, date the Galaxy Nexus will be available for purchase, price of the said Galaxy Nexus. Maybe we’ve just been naughty this year, but Verizon please don’t leave us with coal in our stockings.

Rubbing a bit of salt in the wound, Rogers in Canada has gone ahead and opened pre-orders for the Galaxy Nexus. The phone won’t even be available until January 2012, but the carrier seems to realize that more than a handful of customers will eagerly plop down $40 to cast dibs on the first pure Google Android 4.0 smartphone.

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  1. Well, it’s not bad news. 120k phones doesn’t seem like too much though… I can see there being limited demand after launch

    1. I think you mean limited supply after “lunch”.

    2. it is 120k per VZW store. notice it says branch name in the corner

      1. 120k per vzw store is rediculous… Maybe it is per region as it does seem a bit low for the entire country…  Or think of it as 20k per state if evenly divided which does seem low although not absurbly low..

      2. You don’t honestly think a single Verizon store is going to receive a shipment of 120,000+ Galaxy Nexus devices?

        1. with a name like Kobby Laast, did you really think he thought it through?

          1. Look who is talking ingua2

        2. No I’m just saying it their is a slight possibility but obviously not every VZW store will get 120k devices. Maybe 120k devices per region, city, and by the request in each area.

          1. There isn’t even a slight possibility of one store taking a single shipment of 120,000 units of the Galaxy Nexus.

      3. What are you smoking? Somebody laced your shit….just sayin. 240,000,000 is 78% of the US population.

  2. 120,400 doesn’t see like that many. just going to make it harder to grab one come launch day

    1. dude, 120,400 is like half the population of canada.

      1. and half of those are too retarded to use a phone.   

        1. You win… most posts by a hater on Phandroid. Put the keyboard down… mix in some exercise and take a shower. If you clean yourself up and get fit maybe you’ll meet someone someday who can look past your bad attitude.. then again, maybe not.

  3. Just kill me now and put me out of my misery already, Verizon.

    1. Blame Google.

      Apparently they don’t have the balls and the clout to dictate their terms to Verizon.

      1. Really ? .. So it’s your contention that Google should have the right to dictate when Verizon should announce the availability date of a phone supplied by Samsung ?… Veizon is doing this on purpose, so that they can sell the other two recently released phones.. Got nothing to do with Google or their wishes, or the customers.. Selling Razrs and Rezounds is what it’s about for now.. They don’t care if those waiting want to know how long they have to wait. Some will get what is available now.. and that’s what it is about.

        1. I blame Samsung. This thing was only just cleared to run on US networks by the fcc. It’s only a matter of time before Verizon announces it now.

        2. Doing this on purpose? Do you have a credible source/link for that? Otherwise stop assuming shit.

          Apple has dictated the way their phone is to be sold thru carriers. Google hasn’t been able to. I wonder why.

          1. Yeah, a 5 year exclusivity contract for all devices the manufacturer produced… Apple really had AT&T over the barrel on this one ;)

      2. No, I blame everyone that didn’t buy a Nexus One when Google tried a model that released devices from the carrier death grip.

        1. You don’t understand retail then.

          1. You can’t expect to sell a phone well only through a website. Most people want to see it, touch it, and use it before making their decision. Google only making it available online was a terrible mistake. 

          2. Google has shitty customer service. This was another big issue as people tried to call Google for troubleshooting issues, and they lacked customer support. 

          Google is only good at search. They suck at retail and they realized this. Funny how Apple can dictate what terms they sell their phone on including date. They did it with AT&T and Verizon.

          1. Some basic marketing wouldn’t hurt either; but the admittedly oversimplified point I was trying to make is that they already “tried” the carrier agnostic approach and it was a flop… Also, don’t be fooled into thinking what Apple “dictated” to AT&T didn’t come at a heavy cost *cough* how many years of exclusivity? How long did AT& downsample youtube video quality over 3G?

            Oh, and try to keep it conversational… I’m not your enemy.

  4. well, it beats the asus transformer launch at least

    1. yeah because a tablet by Asus equates to the first ICS phone, branded by Google.   Great comparison there, Cryan.

      1. Oh, you are too clever for me. I am speechless.

  5. you don’t know that that is their entire order.  it could be just for a certain region, or just one of many shipments. you never know.  or it could even just be the shipment they plan to sell online, which seems most probable

    1. or it could be some dope on here was screwing around by putting any RANDOM NUMBER in an online form so people would yap about it on an online form.  You are all marks.

  6. i wouldn’t get hopes high, those are all text boxes, the artist could’ve easily just entered that number and taken a pic…don’t trust these screenshots any more…there was one that had a nexus poster on order for the sprint store, lol that was the week of announcement…obviously that didn’t fan out to anything…it was apparently shipped too.. http://phandroid.com/2011/10/21/samsung-galaxy-nexus-will-see-a-sprint-release/

  7. It says “Branch” in the upper left…so I assuming it is regional and not total throughout the company…

    1. aww..ya, good catch.

  8. Is that seriously 120,400 on order?

    1. It is for one Verizon store not all of them. So that means each VZW store will get 120,400 sets of the Google Galaxy Nexus.

      1. Each VZW store would never get 120,400.  That is beyond ridiculous.  There’s 2,330 locations so that would be over 280 million phones lol.  Even the largest stores probably wouldn’t get more than 100 or so.

      2. There are over 2,000 VZW stores.  Your math would equate to over 240 Million phones on order, which would be just a tad optimistic, eh.

        It’s not ‘per store’.  It’s per region.  Big difference.  I would guess the total order for the initial shipment is less than 1 million.

  9. There are over 2,000 VZW stores.  Your math would equate to over 240 Million phones on order, which would be just a tad optimistic, eh.

    It’s not ‘per store’.  It’s per region.  Big difference.  I would guess the total order for the initial shipment is less than 1 million.

  10. Spoke with both Bell and Rogers, they both will only have the 16gb, no foreseeable future for the 32

    1. understandable.   Canadian.

    2. lol!!!  that sucks another foiled plan by Samsung… there should be a 32g and a 64g  never a 16g..

  11. Quit quibling numbers, Santa will make as many Galaxies that are needed provided you put it in your letter to Santa.  My god, you get one..chill out already!

  12. Sold my Bionic today in preparation, hope I’m not without a phone for too long…yikes

    1. not like anyone calls you except your mum and even then it doesn’t matter that much as you still live in the basement.

  13. …He, who rushes in…often rushes to a phone with bugs. And, so icare not if it sells out in alot if places…better to wait the bugs out …knowing new shipments will come in down the line.

  14. http://youtu.be/khZX04EUhNE

    check out this review of the G Nex

  15. Its a screen from a verizon packaging facility…

  16. Why are they holding the release of the Nexus? What’s wrong with you Google?

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