Samsung Galaxy Nexus Will See a Sprint Release



Verizon is pretty much a lock for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and it’s a safe bet that AT&T and T-Mobile could also receive the handset. But what about Sprint? With no WiMAX version announced and Sprint’s LTE plans not quite ironed out, most though the carrier had a slim chance of getting a piece of the next Nexus. But that doesn’t seem to be the case, according to a purchase order handed over to our pals at BriefMobile. This lines up with what we have heard from our own Sprint insiders stating that the Galaxy Nexus is already entered into their computer systems.

Details are absent on when the Galaxy Nexus (here still listed as the Nexus Prime) will land on Sprint and how much it will cost, but the same goes for all US carriers. It is also unclear exactly which version of the handset the Now Network will receive. Does this change any plans for folks ready to jump the Sprint ship for a chance to get a cool serving of Ice Cream Sandwich?

[via BriefMobile]

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  1. Oh Galaxy Nexus, you get around, you dirty, dirty phone.

    1. Google is going for Global Domination. With Sammys SuperAMOLED. It is possible.

    2. i love it!

    3. I’m going crazy right now! I have been wanting to drop verizon for sprint for a year now. This is it! This dirty slut of a phone will be on the most reasonably priced network!

  2. This is great news! I’d honestly get the LTE version and (hopefully) dodge the 4g data charge until next year. That would be the best outcome in my mind.

    1. this phone will probably end up, unfortunately, being WiMax. Didn’t Sprint’s announcement say that the first LTE Phones would be available during the 1st half of 2012?

      1. They might just start to sell it early january… that’ll be in the 1st half of 2012.

        Google and Samsung are not releasing a WiMax version of the phone. Only LTE and HSPA+.

        1. Probably safe to assume that whatever Galaxy Nexus device they receive, it will come with an inactive LTE radio or something.

          1. That’s the best kind of LTE radio in my opinion anyways. Until they solve the power requirements for me it’s worthless.

          2. WiMax isn’t much better. I think it’s a bit soon to cry bloody murder on the batt life on 4G technologies. The drain doesn’t bother me at all.

      2. I can’t remember that whole article, but I don’t think they really put a specific date for LTE devices besides saying that at least 12 would rollout in 2012.

      3. It’s definitely not going to be Wimax, google has said it’s LTE and Herpes+

  3. I love you, Sprint!!!! I’ll be getting this day ONE!!! Hell, I might even buy TWO of ’em!!! xD

    1. Ha ha, glad you’ll be able to get one

    2. And what do you plan on doing with your current phone? :P

        1. Srsly, my 3VO will hit the back burner as a backup phone.

        2. I’ll use my Bionic from work to Tether the Nexus on my personal account. Sprint Nexus + Verizon 4G = :D

    3. I’ll be on line right in front of you buying the the last 2 :P one to rock, one to develop/brick.

      1. Lol, I’ll definitely be there on Day 1, but developing on a Nexus phone will be cake. Easier to get our hands on AOSP source code than it is to get the damn variants from all the OEMs.


    1. I think I just Jizzed on your pants too!

  5. Well, I stand corrected then. I really should have waited. Oh well, I’ll hope to see ICS on my Epic 4G Touch before the summer, but that’s being optimistic.

    1. XDA will probably have it going by then…

  6. “Details are absent on when the Galaxy Nexus (here still listed as the Nexus Prime) will land on Sprint and how much it will cost, but the same goes for all US carriers.”

    Product announcement FAIL!

  7. Are you all kidding, this phone is not going to sprint sorry to ruin your daydream. Seriously if you believe this made up invoice you deserve to be deceived, and the last time I check there is no Nexus Prime, there is however a Galaxy Nexus.

    1. I do not believe that the FINAL name of the product was announced to any carrier until after the Google/Samsung press conference.

    2. There are so many holes in your comment you could strain spaghetti with it.

  8. I know what I’ll be getting for myself on Christmas :P

    1. The “My Little Pony” easy-bake oven? That’s what I’m getting! :D

      1. Ultimate>Deluxe

  9. Any day now Tmobile….I feel it.

  10. if someone i know from usa sends it to me (norway) do i have to pay taxes?

    1. This one wont work in Norway (it’s CDMA). You’ll have to wait for the AT&T version…

      1. ahh i see. Thanks guys :)

        1. Ive sold phones on eBay to quite a few international customers. Import tax is usually 20% but it varies depending on what country you are in. There are websites out there that have import tax calculators.

    2. If you get the AT&T version, I’ll bet you have to pay taxes. Import of electronics out of the US to another country usually has huge taxes attached. Now if you were to come here, buy the phone, and “forget” to declare it, that’s another story… Of course I’d never advocate breaking the law… (whistles innocently)

  11. Leave out ICS and I’m not convinced the hardware is any better than the Epic 4G touch. The E4G2 will unofficially have ICS once the source is released.

    1. True that. For me, it’s the display that makes the device. I can’t even go back to normal 800×480 after having qHD. 720p will make my eyes bleed :D

  12. Nope. I’m done with Sprint. Two years after purchasing the EVO 4G and paying $10 more per month for “Premium Data”, there’s still no 4G here in Milwaukee. I know they’re in the process of switching from WiMAX to LTE, but I’m sick of waiting. It’s time to go back to a carrier (Verizon) that isn’t as generous with its data plans, but knows how to roll out an advanced network. That’s where I’ll be using my Galaxy Nexus.

    1. this has been covered hundreds of times.
      the $10 charge is for ‘premium data’ on all their data hog handsets. it has nothing to do with 4G.

      even with the $10 increase, it is still cheaper than any other provider, and that doesn’t even take into account the unlimited aspect.

      now, if you want to leave sprint because their data coverage sucks, that’s another thing. i support that 100%.

      1. You couldn’t have said it any better, however I’m in no position to complain – I’m in NYC and coverage here is AMAZ-Z-Z-Z-ZING.

        1. Well, I’m in Boston and it’s goddamn useless on my Epic 4G. Jerks.

        2. I’m in NYC for work, and it’s not AMAZ-Z-Z-Z-Z-ZING inside; which where I am most of the day! I agree with davedsub, useless!

          1. I work in a hospital in NYC and no matter where I am, I always have full bars including 3G. To each their own.

    2. You realize, that if you get an iPhone (no 4G), you’ll still pay the $10 extra. Same with a Blackberry (Still no 4G).

      Simply put: If you think this is a 4G charge, you need to get off the crack.

      And Ben said, have fun on any of the other 3 big boys. You won’t get a price break. Guaranteed. You might if you go to Virgin, Boost, or MetroPCS though… Have fun with THAT!

    3. wthat $10 charge sprint still comes out cheaper than verizon

    4. Milwaukee has 4G, worked fine last time I was there. We’ve had it in Madison for awhile now too. Personally I never use 4G anyways. What good is an advanced network if you can’t use it because of data caps?

  13. Not really interested in the phone, as much as I am the software. The specs on this phone are enough for me to upgrade from my 3D. But I can’t wait to taste some of that ice cream goodness. But I will wait to upgrade the phone once HTC drops whatever their next EVO is because I know the specs will be a major upgrade from the prime.

  14. I would like receive special email offers and Nexus S 4G Galaxy Nexus information from Sprint Samsung

    found this on samsung galaxy nexus sign-up page :)

  15. I’m so tired of seeing the words “Galaxy Nexus” pop up in my RSS feed and still not having any news on a release date.

  16. I don’t care who’s getting i just want to know when,whats so hard about that?

  17. Hopefully the Sprint version will have WiMAX. Given the Sprint GS2 version does have 4G, it’s probably a matter of dropping in the same chipset.

    Bummer for those who don’t get Sprint’s 4G… I get up to 15Mbps and the 3G is passable, up to 1.5-2Mbps in my area.

  18. The problem is.. The phone isn’t called the nexus prime… Don’t u think if this was real that Samsung and google would have let then know the correct name?

    1. That could still be Google’s internal name for it.

      1. That would be “maguro,” not “Nexus Prime.” The Nexus One was the “passion” and the Nexus S was the “crespo.”

        I am on Sprint and would kill for this to be real, but I am not going to get my hopes up yet.

  19. Sprint is in such an awkward place right now. I’m not going to invest in a Wimax phone again, I don’t want just a 3G phone, and their LTE devices aren’t scheduled for release till mid 2012. This is not the time to purchase a phone on Sprint.

    1. I’m actually sitting pretty. I just got an Epic Touch, and have an upgrade free come Christmas, and one more come January. (My wife is saying she doesn’t want another phone right now, but that could change, the other is mine) I’ve decided that my next Sprint phone will be LTE, so I’ll likely pass on this beauty.

      1. There will not be a WiMax version of this phone…it will be LTE for Sprint as well. The question is will they release it before the network is fully deployed or wait until after. Personally, I rarely get any 4G service now on Sprint, so having the phone as a 3g/WiFi device is not big deal for a short time. I would be willing to wait for LTE.

        1. I agree there won’t be a Wimax version but I doubt they’re going to release an LTE version for a network they have barely began building.

    2. i was thinking about switching back to sprint i know i would get wimax at home but that would be the only place i get it im just going to stick with t mo till sprint has lte in my area i hope once they start they will push it out as fast as verizon is now

  20. You Verizon fanboys thought you would have this phone evade Sprint. Hehehe, I knew Sprint wouldn’t pass this up ;)

  21. I’ll take the LTE version (deactivated until LTE is turned on). I can deal with 3g only for 8-12 months. I mean, the eye-phone is only 3g, so why not?

  22. by the time this phone comes to sprint and people are buying it Phandroid will be flooding its blog with rumors of some new holy shit android phone making the rest seem like old balls. All the hype for the Nexus S, and now I dont hear anything about it, or Nexus one. Nothing fancy on those phones, galaxy S 2, bionic, thunderboldt stole its thunder not long after it was released, same willhappen for the nexus prime. Just as Nexus stole galaxy S II’s thunder. round we go, open your wallets everyone, Google is hungry for your lettuce.

    1. Yes, there are always new phones coming out and some will definitely be better, but none of them will be a Nexus and that’s a critical point. Every other phone comes with OS modifications and bloatware – they’re not pure Android, and as such they’ll have to wait for OS updates for their specific versions.

      1. And Nexus devices will have to wait till their versions are ready by Google too.

        It took 3+ months after release of GB until Google made it available for the N1.

    2. LOL, the problem is Google essentially makes nothing from Android phones.

      1. I wonder how google makes their money sometimes. I can’t remember the last time I actually paid google for something. Is it just all from advertising? Oh wait, I bought a few shirts from them once, lol.

  23. I hope we get the LTE version and it is just a 3G phone until Sprint rolls out LTE in early-mid 2012. I would “suffer” on 3G and/or wifi if that were the case

    1. My thoughts exactly.

    2. I’m thinking this will be the case. From articles I’ve seen, Sprint is rolling out and prepping for LTE aggressively. WiMax will be in supported devices but not for much longer.

  24. Who announces a product and then says nothing about who will be able to get it or when? It’s truly bizarre.

    1. I’ve been wondering about this as well. It says to me that something isn’t quite right behind the scenes. Oh well, I hope it’s resolved quickly and we know ASAP.

      1. this might have been the reason for the delay mabee they are having problems with verizon

    2. Typical MO of Google and their half baked releases

    3. Umm just about every manufacturer? Rarely do I see dates announced when a new product is announced. Why? Because they never hit them!

  25. Why are they waiting so long to announce the carriers! Just give me a release date for AT&T, because just saying November is too vague!

  26. would be nice for a wimax lte combo phones to ease the transition of the networks

    1. Imagine they battery life you’d have on that thing!

  27. I’m so happy! If Sprint didnt get the Galaxy Nexus, I probably would have bailed. Cant wait for this phone! I dont care if its $700 I will but it.

    1. The Galaxy SII on Sprint was $500 so hopefully this will be the same.

  28. is the irony lost on the writers of this site. many of the writers here have defended writing about phones that are going to be released out side of the united states. the excuse being well, we want to give you early details about a phone that will more then likely be released here in the U.S and yet the writer of this story mentions here, to quote him (Details are absent on when the Galaxy Nexus will land on Sprint and how much it will cost, but the same goes for all US carriers) why would such details be necessary at all? why can’t we just go by the same details that we read here in regard to the launch of the phone in china or taiwan. could it be cause there will and usually are major differences to the phones being released here. I think so. I’m from America. I could care less what other countries are doing or what they are going to get. I don’t live there, I don’t care. other countries can kiss my ass! and no I am not a conservative or republican believe it or not. I just need to vent that out. by the way can we get a U.S exclusive version of this site. or do I have to make one up myself lol

    1. You are aware of the fact that the internet is worldwide, right? There are people from many countries who visit this website. It’s incredible that in this day and age there are Americans who believe that theirs is the only country on this planet. I am born and raised in this country but I can appreciate that there are millions of people in hundreds of countries viewing the internet. If you don’t like the fact that they announce phones that may or may not be released in the United States on this website, well you are welcome to go somewhere else. In fact, if you do happen to make that site yourself (which I highly doubt, you just seem like you’d be too lazy for that) I would be the first to check it out. By the way, where do you get your sources from?

    2. Personally I’m interested in what phones other countries are receiving and I live in The USA.

  29. 1 2 3 4 I smell a flame war! Oh wait, this is an Android site… that must be the smell of burning hatred…

  30. I adore my HTC Evo 3D, but some small part of me wishes I had waited for the Prime. Have fun with your new phones in November everyone!

  31. I’ll be switching from Sprint to ATT to pick up this bad boy, hopefully it will have LTE with the Att version then I’ll be set.

  32. Just thought I would leave a little statement for all of you. So as you may know customer service reps are briefed on all major new devices before they are actually released, and I can confirm that all “Major” carriers will have the phone. Now whether one has better specs or different features than the other I am not at liberty to say. Any way just thought I would drop that little tidbit of information.

  33. This will be phone of the year in my book. The Now network here I come, cha Ching! Bring it before the year is out, so we can party like its 1999!

  34. I have waited over a year for Wimax for my Evo 4g and now I will never see it, but I love the phone on WiFi/ 3 g. So, for the right phone I would be willing to continue to use WiFi/3g and wait for LTE.

  35. If it’s anything like the Galaxy SII epic 4G Touch launch I’ll be the only one there buying it. I was pretty surprised to be the first one, I arrived 30 minutes after they opened.

  36. dude!! i rather have the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon any day i have an Unlimited Data plan no caps, and Sprint just announced via Cnet.com that there will not be anymore Unlimited data plan for Sprint and
    no one is grandfathered in they will be able to keep there unlimited rate plan but Bye Bye unlimited for everyone on Sprint.. So this is a big win for Verizon if you are in the Unlimited data plan.

    1. ummm… Thats ONLY for their broadband cards…. Sprints cell phones still have unlimited data. I repeat: Sprints cell phones still have unlimited data.

  37. …man,iam TEMPTED to get rid of my EPIC TOUCH for the GALAXY NEXUS but i think i will wait for the GALAXY S3.

  38. Has there been any sittings like this for AT&T? Seems like every time I come across stuff like this, it has nothing to do with AT&T.. feels like im being left behind.. :(

  39. Could this phone be the reason the iPhone 5 has not been released? Since the litigation with Apple, could Sammy be withholding the selling of larger screens to Apple because their resources are focused on the manufacturing of the Galaxy Nexus?

  40. LTE ready or bust…

  41. God I hope this is true. This is the phone I have been waiting for and I was really bummed when I felt that Sprint would not be getting this device. The second they announce something, I will start trying to sell my Epic 4G and picking this up come launch date.

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