T-Mobile Announces ‘Magenta Saturday’ Holiday Sale


Picking up a new smartphone this holiday season for yourself or a loved one? Can’t hurt to check out the just-announced Magenta Saturday sale. Bucking the institution, T-Mobile has decided to forego Black Friday in favor of their own colored day of deals on top mobile devices. The sale will feature devices like the HTC Amaze 4G , Samsung Galaxy S II, and T-Mobile G-Slate for as low as $49.99.

The catch? The initial cost for the device is considered a down payment, and an additional monthly fee of $10 to $20 will be assessed to pay off the handset in full. The low prices also come after the benefit of mail-in rebates ranging from $50 to $250. All devices will be available with TMo’s $49.99 per month unlimited talk, text, and data plan. Check out the press release for all the details.

T-Mobile to Hold “Magenta Saturday” Sale With Smartphones and Tablets for as Little as $0–$49.99 Net Down

On Nov. 19, T-Mobile will help holiday shoppers escape the dark lines of Black Friday and help them step up to data and the smartphone revolution with minimal upfront cost.

BELLEVUE, Wash. — Nov. 15, 2011 — On Saturday, Nov. 19, T-Mobile USA, Inc. will celebrate its “Magenta Saturday” sale. For one day only, consumers will have the opportunity to purchase any smartphone or select mobile broadband device, including two featured tablets ― the Dell™ Streak™ 7 or T-Mobile G-Slate ― for a net down payment of $49.99 (U.S.) or less after a mail-in rebate card.

New customers will be eligible for this deal when they sign up for a qualifying two-year agreement on any of the company’s Unlimited Value™ plans with 2GB or higher of full-speed data, all running on America’s Largest 4G Network. Existing customers also have the opportunity to take advantage of this great offer if they are eligible for upgrade (18 months tenure or greater) and switch from a Classic to an eligible Value plan.

“T-Mobile wants to take the hassle out of Black Friday shopping with ‘Magenta Saturday’ by providing consumers with great deals a week early ― and without having to wait in line early in the morning,” said John Clelland, senior vice president of marketing, T-Mobile USA. “T-Mobile continues to make it easier for consumers to upgrade to 4G data and join the smartphone revolution by making our best devices more affordable and pairing them with some of the best value plans in the industry.”

In July, T-Mobile launched its featured Value plan on America’s Largest 4G Network, with unlimited talk, unlimited text and unlimited data ― with 2 GB of high-speed data ― for just $49.99 per line for two lines with a two-year contract agreement.
The following is a sample list of some of the premium devices available through the promotion at participating retail locations nationwide, including the new HTC Radar™ 4G, Samsung Galaxy S™ II, HTC Amaze™ 4G and T-Mobile G-Slate:

Device Net Down Payment (after rebate card) Mail-In Rebate Card Monthly Payment
HTC Amaze™ 4G $49.99 $150.00 $20.00
Samsung Galaxy S II™ $49.99 $150.00 $20.00
HTC Radar™ 4G $49.99 $50.00 $15.00
T-Mobile myTouch Q $0.00 $50.00 $10.00
BlackBerry Bold™ 9900 $49.99 $150.00 $20.00
Samsung Exhibit II™ $0.00 $50.00 $15.00
T-Mobile G-Slate $49.99 $250.00 $10.00
Dell Streak 7 $0.00 $100.00 $10.00

For more information about T-Mobile’s new unlimited Value plans and the “Magenta Saturday” sale, visit
T-Mobile’s HSPA+ 4G network not available everywhere. See coverage details at

1Equipment Installment Plans: On approved credit and 0 percent APR. Down payment and unfinanced portion required at purchase. Remaining balance paid in 20 monthly installments. Total post-rebate price of each device equals down payment amount plus monthly payment amount times 20.

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  1. No thank you! It’s Nexus or nothing.

  2. Hopefully magenta Saturday is preceded by nexus Wednesday

  3. Why would you even comment on this?  Tmobile doesn’t have the Nexus.

    1. actually they have have two nexus phones, N1 and Nexus S. No one has G Nexus yet. (In America anyway)

  4. Bummer no mention of current customers eligible for an upgrade. 

  5. Stfu about nexus. Its on EVERY DAMN NEWS ARTICLE and honestly, I dislike the phone so shut up. K thanks.

  6. so you end up paying $530 for the amaze or sgs2 no thanks doesnt sound like a deal to me. plus would be 200 upfront then wait for a rebate card.

    1. The way to see it is T-Mobile has plan options where there are no discounts on phones, the plans are discounted instead.  So currently as a new customer going into T-Mobile you choose: Do I want a discounted plan or a discounted phone? (Hint: The discounted plan comes up cheaper in a two year period even when you add the full retail price of the phone)  This sale is the only day you can get those discounted plans and not ending up paying the complete full price on the phones.

      1. thats the route i went with my current phone im looking to upgrade but looks like the best thing to do is wait for tax time 

  7. No love for customers who has been with tmo for almost 10 years…

    PS… Shut up about the f***ing Nexus. Tired of hearing about it.

  8. There will be an HSPA+ version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus that is compatible with T-Mobile 3G & 4G speeds……….. while I wait for that to happen….. all other news lacks in comparison….

  9. Woah, I think it’s like a fad. Just telling us that you can get it now and pay for it every month. I just don’t get this.

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