Rogers Confirms Galaxy Nexus Launch for January


Rogers has announced that they will also be adding the Samsung Galaxy Nexus to their lineup this carrier, joining Canadian carriers Virgin and Bell (though those two will be bringing it much sooner). You’ll be able to sign up to be notified of its availability, though we can’t quite find the page that Rogers said would be up to do just that. If you come across it be sure to let us and others know in the comments section below! [Twitter via The Verge]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Dammit, I have a free upgrade but it is only valid until dec 31…FUCK!

    1. Maybe it’ll still count as long as u put in ur reservation before then.  Try it.  Won’t hurt to ask customer service.

  2. The Reservation System is available in your “My Rogers” account once you log in.

    1. I almost read that as “your MR. Rogers account” lol

    2. Is there a price announced?

  3. Don’t worry Jesse – there’ll be an ever better latest phone by then!

  4. T-mobile, I’m counting on a release date at the Google announcement tomorrow! This is getting ridiculous..

  5. At least u guys have a date.  Verizon still can’t get it right over here.  SMH.

  6. Well January is too late bye Rogers

  7. that’s good news …. :)
    HTC In Pakistan

  8. So wait , if Roger’s is getting the Samsung Galaxy Nexus does that mean theres a chance Fido will get it too  since they are the same company.

    1. No. Fido is a budget branch, so no.

      1. FUUUU…….. is it ever possible to just buy the phone outright from rogers and use it on fido via  simcard? After all, they both use the same frequency towers right?

        1. All Nexus devices have had the option of being bought outright and unlocked, and fido uses the same GSM network as Rogers, so yes. You’ll just have to wait until the purchase option is available.

          The best part is, however, that this phone will have ALL GSM frequencies, so you’ll be able to use it on every network in Canada, including Wind and Mobilicity. This is truly the killer phone for travellers and people who want choice in their network. 

          1. You mister are either a newbie Rogers customer, or a sales rep of Wind or Mobilicity. I’m quite positive about the latter, given the sales pitch wording of your last sentence.
            Rogers’ pricing will be available only for Rogers contracts. Contract free version of the phone will cost you more than buying it anywhere else on this planet.
            Oh sure, you can buy the phone contract free, and use it on any GSM network (Bell and Telus too, as long as the phone has HSPA), but would you be willing to pay CAD600-700 plus %13 sales tax? So no.

          2. Wow. You manage to take a casual, respectful conversation and be an asshole about it. Good job. Thank you for making the internet a worse place.

            Your accusation that I’m a sales rep is all the more retarded because, if I really were a sales rep, I would have pitched ONE particular company. The 5 big service providers in Canada frequently have great deals for phone plans, and it would be great to be able to switch between them when one has a better plan. You can’t usually do that, because no other phone (other than some Nokias) support AWS in addition to the usual 3G frequencies. That’s all I was saying. 

            I’ve bought $700+ unlocked phones multiple times. The cost isn’t a big factor for me. I know exactly what it entails so no need to lecture me. 

  9. Is the reason for lagging behind Bell that this will be a GSM/LTE version? Since the GSM/HSPA+ (Bell) and the CDMA/LTE (Verizon) versions might have been developed first.

  10. January is just too late to release the nexus.I think we should just wait for the “Next”us. LOL. 

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