Nov 15th, 2011

Google is making it harder and harder to ignore Google Voice as more than a visual voicemail solution with their latest update to version The Android app now has the capability to send text messages to multiple recipients, a task accomplished by simply adding as many contacts as you want to the “Send” field, drafting up a text, and shooting it off to navigate the world’s invisible network of mobile airwaves. The lack of the feature, along with the inability to send multimedia messages (Google has been working on addressing this), has been a major drawback to using Google Voice as a primary texting platform.

If you are still the type that only wants Google Voice for its voicemail capabilities alone, the latest update serves you as well. Save messages can now be pre-fetched and cached on your device, eliminate the need for a data connection to access voicemails.

You can find the latest version of Google Voice by following the Android Market link below.

Android Market: Google Voice