Nov 14th, 2011 publishUpdated   Jul 18th, 2013, 6:29 pm

Amazon has already begun shipping the Kindle Fire (Order it NOW for $199.99), and tomorrow,  it will unleash itself on the very expecting Android world. The masses will clamor for tips, tricks, support, app/game suggestions and more… and they’ll find ALL of that in ONE place: on our Kindle Fire Forums!

To help organize the “Fire Faithful”, we’re giving away a Kindle Fire and requiring the winner to get started by participating in our Kindle Fire Forums. It’s ridiculously simple to enter and it should help kickstart what is sure to be a vibrant community. We already have the biggest and best Android Forums – with over 750,000+ members – and we’re eager to invite the new Kindle Fire owners into our community.

Here is how you enter:

  1. You must be a member of (sign up here, it’s free)
  2. Visit the Kindle Fire Forum on
  3. Open the thread called “CONTEST: Kindle Fire Forum Contest!
  4. Write and post a reply answering the following two questions:
    1. What app, game, magazine, newspaper, or other activity are you MOST looking forward to using on the Kindle Fire?
    2. What feature of the Kindle Fire excites you the most?
  5. BONUS: You’ll be qualified for a second entry if you make 10+ posts in the Kindle Fire Forums that are reasonable in nature (no spamming, 1 word replies, etc…)
We’ll accept entries until tonight at 11:59pm Eastern Time and randomly select a winner from those who have met the above criteria.
Important Rules:
  • If you enter more than once (register multiple nicknames, multiple replies to thread) you will be DISQUALIFIED
  • To win, you must be 18+ years of age and a resident of the United States
  • We’ll contact you at the address with which you signed up for the forums
  • We’ll order the Kindle Fire through Amazon and have it shipped directly to the winner’s USA based-address
  • We’ll select the winner by 10AM Eastern on November, 15th 2011
  • If you weren’t contacted… you didn’t win… but we’ll update this post and link to the winning entry once it’s been selected
Updated: I’ve CLOSED the comments. C’mon folks… we want you discussing this stuff on the forums!