Verizon Gives Employees Quick Ice Cream Sandwich Guide, Offers Incredible Temporary Holiday Return Policy


A lot of great stuff coming out of the Verizon camp today, folks. First of all, we’re getting closer and closer to the launch of the Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich.

Verizon employees have started to receive quick guides to Ice Cream Sandwich, a reference for use when helping a customer with their Android 4.0 device or for highlighting 4.0’s features to new customers. That’s great and all, but there’s no release date for us to get excited over. There is something else to get excited for, though.

Verizon has posted a temporary return policy for the holidays, giving users until January 9th to return or exchange devices purchased between now and December 28th. So yes, it may be safe to purchase the HTC Rezound or the Motorola DROID RAZR if you want the Galaxy Nexus (we don’t imagine we’ll go further than 2011 without seeing a release). Happy shopping! [Droid-Life via, Droid Guy]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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    1. They don’t care about us :(

  2. In this case, I may just go buy a RAZR tomorrow and trade in for the Nexus. Unless of course the Nexus comes out January 9th. I’m tired of waiting! I finally broke down and sent an e-mail to Verizon just now to hurry up and get the Nexus out. Doubt anyone relevant will read it but I’m just so sick of waiting

    1. Well I was near a Verizon store today and decided to stop in to see if I might actually want to pick up the RAZR or Rezound tomorrow to hold me over until the Nexus comes out, and I gotta say I was disappointed in both. I wont have a problem holding off for the Nexus with my OG Droid now. I tried the Rezound first. Not sure if it had been used and abused or what but I had a hard time turning the screen on and off. The power button was even with the phone and I really had to push hard to get it on and off. Also, the screen did not impress me. It reminded me of my OG Droid, just bigger. It didn’t impress me at all like the super amoled plus. Also, swapping homescreens occasionally caused some jitter. I was hoping this would be resolved by now.
      Then I tried the RAZR. It felt BIG. I know it’s thin and I didn’t pull out my OG to compare but the hump part looked huge, almost as if it was thicker than my OG. Also, there was a lot of black real estate on all sides of the screen. It  just seemed a whole lot bigger than my gf’s Galaxy S2 on sprint. It seemed to run really smooth though.
      I’m holding off for the Nexus for sure now

      1. Just keep in mind the Nexus is a bit bigger than the Razr, and the Rezound has a higher ppi than then Nexus does.  So I would not expect the Nexus to be much sharper than the Rezound (especially since the Nexus has a pentile display and the Rez does not) or smaller than the Razr.

        …then again the main reason most people are looking forward to the Nexus is because of ICS.

  3. I really hope they aren’t going to push back the Nexus until after this extended return policy deal is over. Seems like something Verizon would do just to keep the Razr and Rezound buyers from swapping to a Nexus. Considering how much Verizon and Motorola are in bed together, they might as well make it a threesome with HTC and leave the clean, untouched Nexus out in the cold.

    1. Wonder what happens if you get the Rezound/Razr now and then January 8th comes and we still have no Nexus. Can you give the Rezound/Razr back, get your $300 back, and keep waiting? Or, are you stuck with the Rezound/Razr and wasted an upgrade? It says you can return it but I’m still a little leary of giving it a shot and somehow getting screwed over.

      1. I’m no expert, but I’m sure you could return it and get most of your money back and still wait for the Nexus.

    2. They are not doing that.  I was just in a Verizon store and this policy and the double data promotion are meant to be part of the roll out of the Razr, Rezound and Nexus so I wouldn’t worry about that.  I’m almost positive we will be able to pre-order the Nexus starting next Monday due to the last leaked Verizon document plus the fact that each phone before this one went on sale when the phone contest ended which in this case means the phone will go on sale next Monday.    

  4. Id have to guess that the 17th is a very likely date. i mean first theres the roadmap, than this saying the 15 of nov. 2 days b4 the 17th as seen on the roadmanp to not touch the merchendise until the 15 and also this would put the razr rezound and galaxy nexus all 3 day apart..hmm

  5. I’m keeping my money and waiting till I get my Christmas bonus. Verizon did text me saying I could get my upgrade today which is tempting, but I think I’ll get a warm winter coat first.

  6. If it weren’t for the restocking fee I would say all of us should go upgrade and then turn them back in when the Nexus comes out. Also, the Phandroid app sucks for reading and writing comments and replys.

    1. The Phandroid app NEVER WORKED. From its intro and still about half the articles wont open. 

  7. Hmmm… thinking about snagging a Rezound and then swapping for the Nexus on the rebound! (see what I did there?)

  8. So, dumb question, but is the extended return policy still valid if a Razr was purchased this past Saturday?

  9. Ladies, VZW is thinking about the consumer with even thinking of offering this device, just be patient. They are currently doing some mad hiring in the tech support and insurance replacement departments to make you happier when all of you call in because your gnex is freezing, randomly shutting off, doesn’t turn on, overheats, etc. It is a Samsung device! They are preparing for the inevitable!

    1. Did Samsung not give you a pretty pony for your birthday?

  10. If you purchase one of the Rezound or the Razr and plan to return it you can even avoid the restocking fee if you have an American Express. They’ll still charge you when you return it to the store but all you have to do is call American Express and they will reverse the restocking fee. AMX does not recognize restocking fees and will always reverse them if a retailer accepts the return.

  11. Can you exchange it if you buy it for full retail? Or is that only on 2 year upgrades.

  12. I have worked in both retail environments selling phones, and in areas where we take in products that malfunction and repair them, 2 things are certain. I’ll never buy a Samsung junk phone or an HP computer. There quality control is horrendous. Everything fails and it isn’t user fault 80+% of the time. I have never personally owned either of these products, just refuse to sell them because I’m sick of repairing them.

  13. my questions is whether best buy will be matching this return policy… Best Buy has no restocking fee.. makes more sense to go that route

  14. Nick, best buy has their own holiday return policy, it typically begins for purchasing Nov 1-Xmas, and you can return and exchange until the end of January, unless you’re a reward zone silver member, then you usually get til middle of February. I don’t work there anymore, so I’m not sure if that is the same for bbym or not, call and check.

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