Original Motorola RAZR Owners Get an Android Upgrade [VIDEO]


No, Verizon isn’t pushing some shoehorned version of the Android OS onto old-school RAZR handsets in hopes that people will confuse the feature phone with its newly released Droid counterpart. They are actually giving them the Droid RAZR. Before all you feature phone luddites waiting for the perfect smartphone to come along get too excited, this is only a marketing ruse rather than a special offer to loyal RAZR users.

In the above video spot, a Verizon operative (a guy from recent VZW commercials) hunts down those still stuck with the old RAZR. After giving them a tour of the advanced Droid RAZR, he invites them to keep the device. Looks like it’s time to dig that aging RAZR out of the drawer and start wondering the streets.

[via AndroidGuys]

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DROID RAZR Teardown; How Did Motorola Get It So Thin? [Video]

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    1. Yes, we know

    2. I’m a year too late for this

  1. i have a razr! i need a upgrade, come to LA!

  2. My mom, still has her StarTac, what will they give her?

    Plus I still have my wife’s old Pink Razr. (she has an X2 now).  But I am keeping it, because I threaten my two boys, that if they misuse their xperia Play, they will have to carry the Pink Razr for a week!

    1. If I were your boys I’d take that challenge, buy some black kyulon fusion spray-paint, some masking tape, and instantly be re-masculated! (yes I did just make that word up) ;)

    2. Lol, i have an old pink razr in the drawer too!

    3. A Droid X2, or an Xperia X2?

  3. I’d rather take the car ^.^

  4. If you watch the video upside down you can see what their faces look like after seeing their new data plan

    1. LOL

    2. That is a classic comment, lol

  5. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz nexuzzzz plssss

    1. Or take the Razr and then sell it for a Nexus!! :D

  6. I have a Droid Charge, but I want a Galaxy Nexus.

  7. My RAZR still sits on my desk, i love it too much to throw it in a drawer somewhere, but i’d give it away in a heartbeat for the new one :)

  8. Um….wow.  That was pathetically stupid.  Who is responsible for marketing these things?  Wish we had as much zeal about giving things away that people actually *need*.

    1. We do, it’s just that it doesn’t make commercials because giving away things people actually NEED doesn’t sell product. Completely agree that it was a stupid commercial though. (I sorta got the feeling it was supposed to be corny as hell)

  9. What about those of us that bought the Android running Milestone that still doesn’t work properly. It’s be nice if they gave us free Razrs :P

    1.  the old mill stone around the neck eh .?

  10. Strange, I thought maybe a high speed chase and cars blowing up would have made the SF news.

  11. I loved my razr.  I had the pink, black and silver one.   I would definitely consider getting this phone.  It looks nice and sleek and a nice touch screen too!

  12. I still have my pink RAZR.

  13. Hell no I’m not trusting LG

  14. I’m not jealous of them one bit, they had to endure using the original RAZR up until now.

  15. I loved how my RAZR looked, but mine was ridiculously slow. You tell it to do something and then 5 seconds later, it does it.

  16. I got my new razor and its not as fast as they say and the battery sux !!!  Im going back to my droid X !!   

  17. It bothers me that the new Razr pays tribute to the original Razr in literally no aspects.

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