Google Android Event Announced for Los Angeles, November 16th


Looks like Google has a little something up their sleeve and if the event invitation is any indication, T-Mobile does as well. Galaxy Nexus for TMO perhaps? The event is on Wednesday, November 16th at 2PM pacific (5PM Eastern) and those who can’t attend (it’s invite only) can watch live on

A quick Bing Search (just kidding), reveals that the title “These Go To Eleven” is a quote from a 1984 movie Spinal Tap referencing turning the volume up on full blast or as the dictionary now says, “Up to the maximum volume”. Or maybe they just wanted an excuse to get in on the 11/11/11 action.

What will Google announce? Galaxy Nexus with TMO? Music Store? Stake claim to you guess in the comments!

Rob Jackson
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  1. Okay, seriously now.  If the damned Nexus on VZW is not fully announced or at least on PRE-ORDER by then, i’m gonna be pissed.


    1. Who cares about Verizon?  T-Mobile is where the Galaxy Nexus belongs!!!

      1. the galaxy nexus belongs on ALL carries, no exclusions at all for this device is what SHOULD be happening

      2. Yeah cause it sells so well on Tmobile…LOL!!!

    2. What’s sad is that i might leave T-Mobile and get the Nexus on Verizon. my plan is the same. and w/ the double 4G deal. i will get 10GB for 39 dollars (22% discount) and in total it’ll be cheaper than my T-Mobile bill……. i just gotta pay 1000 in ETF. 

      1. ^well hopefully it’s not a said thing :|

  3. Why do you say T-Mobile is a part of this event?

    1. Ummmm maybe because of the T-Mobile logo in the picture at the bottom of the invite.

    2. They could just be sponsoring the event possibly.

  4. They’re opening an Applebee’s in android market!

    1. Two for $20 deal?

  5. That picture is of a building a couple blocks from my house. 

    1. That’s nice. :) 

    2. So?

    3. I hope your bragging about living in the Lovely Downtown LA.  ha-ha.. unfortunatetely its not far from me either. :(

  6. It took a google search to realize the spinal tap quote…..seriously?

    1. Yeah…. i had to google it.

  7. I know i shouldn’t get excited until the announcement comes, could be a big let-down, but I’m excited :'( 

  8. Shame on you for having to google “these go to eleven” to get the Spinal Tap reference.

    1. Just pointing others in the right direction ;)

      1. I believe you Rob… thousands might not though ;)

  9. Verizon will defiantly be announcing the galaxy nexus this week. They obviously waited until the droid razr comes out so it doesn’t steal its thunder.. This invite better have a tmobile announcement too! 

    1. Why is Verizon defiant????? o_O

      1. it is confirmed by the samsung VP that verizon will get it because tmobile, sprint, and att got a SGII so the galaxy nexus is theirs..

  10. It’s got to be google music. The market has been refined to fit it, that has to be it! I’m excited! Death to iTunes! Mwahaha content is king!

    1. Yup, the Spinal Tap quote and The Beatles on the building kind of give it away!

  11. I’m hoping so much for the Galaxy Nexus to be announced for T-Mo. If, by some small chance, it is, I hope it will work fully on AT&T too, just in case.

  12. Google is going to announce acquiring T-Mobile and all T-Mobile phones are getting Ice Cream sandwich starting now

  13. Google is announcing their acquisition of T-Mobile and all T-Mobile phones will receive the Ice Cream Sandwich update, including the G1.

    1. And T-Mobile is going to only carry motorola android phones and tablets.  The new name of the company is called GMotoMobile. ;)

      1. lol that’d be a disaster

  14. The Spinal Tap quote and The Beatles on the building make me think this is a joint Google/T-Mobile music store.

  15. Google Music service.

  16. Google music would be my guess.

    This definitely isn’t about the Galaxy Nexus.

  17. Nexus Tablet?

  18. I’m in LA if you want me to cover it for you!

      1. well let me know if you have an extra seat!

  19. Bring me my nexus Tmobile!!!!!!

  20. An abandoned run down building….fits tmobile perfectly. 

      1. ,:)

  21. T-Mobile HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus / Music Store? We’ll have to wait and see….
    so don’t forget to watch live on November 16th at 5pm ET on

    1. On T-Mobile too!

      1. hopefully……. we are just saying because T-Mobile is in the Event picture…………… 

  22. I do hope its something GN related. A nice music store might be nice. 

  23. Stop hating on tmobile you Verizon bitches. And whoever else talking shit. I don’t think its about the galaxy nexus. But more so about something I don’t give a flying fuck about!

  24. Man, I’m praying it’s the T-Mo Galaxy Nexus!

  25. Galaxy Nexus LTE announcement and launch dates. My guess

  26. Galaxy Nexus LTE announcement and launch dates. My guess

  27. Google is going into the porn business … and Carley will get the ball rolling.

  28. Praying for the nexus

  29. Has to do something with ICS, they are using the blue hue that’s similar to ICS color scheme. 

  30. Hopefully Google Music comes out of Beta with all kinds of nifty stuff.  I’d like to be able to have more than 20K songs plz.  

  31. google music + galaxy nexus launching + nexus prime

  32. Galaxy Nexus Google Music Edition, there I spoiled to announcement for everyone. LOL just kidding.

  33. a new OS i won’t be surprise google is like a sex machine for OS’s

  34. I wonder what happened to the sculptures that were on the front of this building.
    Glad I got a pic sitting next to them before they were removed.
    This building would make cool lofts, if you didnt mind breathing concrete dust from next door.

  35. I can’t believe you didn’t know where that quote was from! It’s one of the best ever!

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