Root the Motorola DROID RAZR


It’s 11:11:11. Not quite 11:11 am, but users and developers have already begun receiving their Motorola DROID RAZR units. For those wondering whether or not you’d be able to root upon receiving your unit, stop wondering – it’s here. It’s not quite the same method as other recent Motorola phones but it’s no less easy to achieve. This one click solution should get you on your way with very little fuss ot go along with it. Find instructions and download links at Droid Forums. Be sure to read our review if you’re still undecided on getting one. [via Droid Life]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Review is missing…

  2. correct me if I am wrong, but ‘root’ and ‘unlocked bootloader’ are two very different things….

    CyanogenMod is one of the best things for Android – I always stay ‘stock’ on whatever device I get for a while, but CM7 is a work of art

    1. You are correct.  With root access, devs can still make ROMs and alter the phones OS in any way they want.  But with a locked bootloader, it keeps them from having kernel access, which limits options for overclocking and low voltage kernels for better batter life.

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