Android G+ Offering a Tasty Treat To Follower(s) [UPDATE: Twitter Too]


If you’re on Google+ and you want to win something “tasty” from the Android team, I suggest you follow Android immediately as they’ve just posted this:

We probably just doubled our own competition at winning a tasty Android treat, but you can always thank us by also following the Phandroid G+.

Okay. Now we’re even.

Update: Twitter too. We’re there as well ;)

[Thanks Furat!]

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  1. nvm. you added the twitter link

  2. Hmm. Apparently G+ caps at 500 comments. In related news, a lot of people are interested in this post.

    1. You’re right, I can’t comment on it.

    2. Thanks for posting this. I was getting frustrated for a min. I think you’re right!

  3. I just want my VZW  Galaxy Nexus… And I will even pay for it!

  4. There’s one here too.

  5. I got to comment on the G+ post moments ago

  6. I sent feedback regarding the 500-comment limit. I’m pretty sure other folks did, too.

    Whatever this tasty treat is, sign me up!

  7. The new contest rules book says the price of their giveaways ( galaxy nexus) is APR ( approximately retail price) of $500!!!

  8. Why in the world would Android run this content through Twitter and NOT use this contest as a way to drive tech & social network-minded folks to their upstart Google+???  It would actually give me a reason to utilize my Google+ account daily and not every couple weeks as I do now…

  9. So anyone hear anything?

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