ASUS Transformer Prime Gets First Hands-On


The ASUS Transformer Prime was just announced this week as the first Android device to sport a Quad-Core processor, courtesy of NVIDIA’s brand new Tegra 3 processor. It’s safe to say that the hybrid tablet/laptop will attract it’s fair share of attention on launch thanks to it’s interesting form factor, cutting edge processor and inherently speed, adn the ultra-slim and sexy design (8.33mm thick).

We already knew the device would be offered at $499 for the 32 GB version and $599 for the 64GB version with the keyboard as an optional accessory, but this hands-on identifies a sale date somewhere between January and March, most likely March if the translation is good.

Here is a quick demo of ShadowGun being played on the Transformer Prime:

For more details and a boat load of pictures, hit up ZTOP [via Engadget].

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  1. Ok now show us something important. How it handles the apps and settings, email….etc  :)

  2. need…. more….. benchmarks… :)

  3. Why is it cheaper to get a 10 inch tablet with better specs and more hardware than a 4.65 inch phone? 

    1. No kidding!

    2. There could be many valid reasons.

      1) Tablets generally do not include the software radio to communicate with the carriers.

      2) the architecture of the boards in mobile cell devices are smaller; therefore the costs to produce each device is costly.

      3) it’s set by the manufacturers for competitive purposes (between their competitors and their own products, which is why they don’t dare make a “perfect phone” so it increases options for buyers and increases sales).

      There are more variants of mobile phones than tablets; therefore the cost per unit for mobile phones are higher since they produce fewer of the same models in comparison to tablets, and have to account the expense of designing the architecture to function.

      1. good answer.

    3. Similar reasons for laptops being more expensive than desktops. Components that have to be shrunken down are more expensive both in terms of parts and labor required to shrink them. 

      1. hmm so a huge android tv box thing would be cheaper eh

    4. these bullshit answers hurt my head. iphone 4s costs $200 to make. look it up at isuppli yourself.

      phones cost more than tablets because of lack of competition because of the carrier system. period.

      1. $200 for parts.  Does that count towards paying to ship them worldwide? To pay the people that made them? To advertise them? Nope.

  4. There’s a typo in the first paragraph “adn the ultra-slim”

  5. january~march?????!!!!! what happened to early december?????

    1. I think they’re talking about Jan-March for the Brazil launch.  I think that’s where this hands-on review originates.

      1. yes you are correct december for us march for brazil

        1. Have they somewhere officially announced December for the US?

          1. yes they said launch was pushed back to december was suppose to be 2 days ago

          2. Thanks

  6. It’s going on sale in Jan-Mar for South America. It’s still coming out in early Dec. for USA

  7. that might be the most sexy piece of tech i have ever seen.. gonna be mine!

  8. Reasonably priced at 499 for 32GB, my Sammy Galaxy Tab was 599 for 32gb.  ASUS rules

    1. That is a good point. Just a bummer that the keyboard is so expensive. 
      Maybe we will get lucky and the sale pricing when it first comes out will be a bargain. 
      One can dream..

      1. of it was only a keyboard, yea – but your getting extra battery life, extra ports and another SD slot. so it’s a bit more functional.

        1. I am not understanding how the keyboard results in longer battery life.

          1. The KB dock has it’s own battery, which charges the tablet.

          2. Doh thanks

  9. One important thing that the Brazilian guy said, the Prime does NOT fit in the first version of the Keyboard. Also he says that there is a subwoofer on the Keyboard(will like to check that), there is one on the first version??
    And as someone says before, he is talking about the South American version for next year, I think for Christmas will be in the US and hopefully for Canada(please!)

  10. and it look like a 3G version of the first transformer is also coming….

  11. Ipad 2 or this transformer prime hmm yeah sorry apple you should Sue on the case of ass rap on specs.

  12. Can’t wait to get my hands on this.  I have the original and it is awesome!! 

    Those of you complaining about the keyboard price i’m reiterating from above that it comes with an sd card slot, two usb ports and extra battery life.  Secondly, $150 is nothing compared to the bullshit motorola pulled with $199 for the keyboard setup for the atrix and other dockable phones.

  13. Unfortunately I will never be able to afford it, but god do I want it. Perfect tablet :D Can’t wait for some healthy quad core tablet competition! :D 

  14. jan?!?!?! what happened to dec????

  15. actually i read somewhere it’s the 18th of december for taiwan

  16. gamestop is showing a release date of 12-9.

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