Verizon 4G LTE Coming To Ohio and Pennsylvania On Dec 15th – Did Your City Make The Cut?


Earlier today we told you guys about some Verizon customers in VA that would soon have the 4G LTE switch turned on in their cities and now it seems a few more states have been added to the fold. Everybody, welcome Ohio and Pennsylvania who will have access to 4G LTE data come December 15th.

The following Ohio cities you can look forward to some sweet LTE goodness in time for Christmas:

  • Youngstown
  • Warren
  • Campbell
  • Struthers
  • Poland
  • Boardman
  • Canfield
  • Austintown
  • McDonald
  • Niles
  • Findlay
  • Tiffin
  • Fostoria
  • Arcadia East
  • Carey

Pennsylvanians in the following cities will also get their 4G just desserts:

  • Indiana
  • White Township
  • Homer City
  • Blairsville

Welcome to the LTE club, guys! Now you can record and share all your embarrassing holiday HD videos under a blanket of blazing fast Verizon 4G. Any of our readers currently residing in any of these future 4G cities?

[Verizon via Verge]

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  1. McDonald? Does that mean that now I can get 4G LTE in any McDonalds fast food restaurant? xD
    Jk but I love how fast Verizon is expanding their LTE. Good job guys!

    1. I wish the speed at which they lowered prices and upped data tiers were so brisk!

    2. Yes im in fowler one minute away from yankee lake truck night and ill get it.

    3. Lol thought you were talking about the village lol. Sorry

  2. No big cities in pa?

    1. Most have already been covered. Harrisburg, philly, pittsburgh, lancaster, etc

      1. Not williamsport which is bullshit

      2. Lancaster does not have coverage. Except for immediate Philly and Harrisburg suburbs, southeastern/southcentral has been SOL. Not Reading (5th largest city in PA), Lancaster (8th largest), Gettysburg, Pottstown, Pottsville… There’s a huge densely populated area in the southeastern part of the state that just seems to get overlooked. Pittsburgh and its surrounding areas seem to be getting well covered though.

        1. State College, Altoona and Johnstown are fully covered. Loving it here

  3. I wish instead of passing 4g carriers would make sure they offer freaking 3g, Hell where I live I would be happy with edge

    1. Where you live, in nome, alaska?

    2. Your obviously not a Verizon customer by the edge comment you must be AT&T or T-mobile, Verizon has the vast majority of their network already covered by 3G, one of the reasons I’m with them, for travel.

  4. @Wtpanos Edge is GSM. Are you talking about AT&T or T-Mo?

    Disqus is messed up….. I can’t reply to any one, just the thread itself.

  5. We’ve had 4G LTE in Cincinnati at least since the first LTE phones came out. But if you want to re-welcome us uhhh… I guess that’s fine too.

    1. Same with Cleveland. Was one of the first cities to get LTE.

  6. Awesome! 4G in Findlay, Tiffin, Carey, and Fostoria. Now I have plenty of 4G close to home and not just when I’m at school.


  8. How about Williamsport PA for a damn change?

  9. Already get 4 bars of LTE in my apartment.  The joys of living in an overpriced city known as DC (or district if you want to be specific).  Enjoy it everybody, it’s great.

  10. Oh Uncle Paul eh heh eh heh eh hehhhh

  11. What’s really funny is that they probably needed like 3-5 towers to add those 13 cities in Ohio, because they’re all about five miles from each other, more or less in a big circle around Youngstown. That’s just smart marketing and good planning, though, and I’m curious as to whether or not Sharon, Pennsylvania will be able to get any of that coverage. If not, that means it’s in Pittsburgh, Erie, and Youngstown, which means that area is basically surrounded, so it shouldn’t be too far off in the expansion plans.

    1. Good luck, I’ve been sitting 5 miles outside of the Northern NJ coverage area with an LTE phone for about 6 months, it’ll be 7 now that the December deployment lists are already out, and I live in a fairly affluent suburban area, that is densely populated for a suburb, I love my phone and Verizion is much better than AT&T which I came from so I’m not angry, but I wish it would get to me. Not saying you won’t get it soon, but experience tells me it may not be as fast as you’d expect :(

  12. The odd part is the last time I was in Findlay (a week ago), I had LTE.

  13. Who knew we’d get current century coverage so soon? Of course, I’m near the air base which will probably STILL mean we’ll get sucky reception. Now, if only Verizon would get some 4G phones that I would actually want, I’d switch from ATT today, particularly with Verizon’s data special going on right now.

  14. There ‘cities’ in PA are very rural I am surprised they are getting LTE

  15. @BevQB are you talking about the airbase in Vienna and if so will get it.

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