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Stream All Your Media From Your Computer To Your Device With Zumocast [Download]


I have to admit, when I first saw the DROID Bionic commercial, I was a little jelly of their new media streaming app, Zumocast. While Motorola and Verizon would like you to believe that Zumocast will only work for DROID devices, with a little bit of tinkering, the app is actually fully functional for just about all Android devices — regardless of carrier or manufacturer. The cracked version of Zumocast allows for any Android user to stream just about all their media to their device without the need for wires or cables. And where most DLNA applications in the Market require you to be hooked up to your home WiFi network, Zumocast will also stream over a regular 3G or 4G connection. And best of all? It’s FREE.

To get everything up and running all you have to do is:

  1. Download Zumocast application (provided by str8upx on XDA)
  2. Install Zumocast (must enable “Unknown Sources” in your Settings > Applications).
  3. Once installed, create an account
  4. Download and install the desktop version for your computer (Windows or Mac) and set it all up.
  5. Visit to access all your files from any computer web browser.

Now you’ll always have access to all the files on your home computer no matter where you are or which device you’re using. You can even stream your video and music to your handset. Pretty sweet, huh? A connected life is a good life.

[XDA via GoodandEvo]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. OMG, I love you (not literally love you, more like how Herman Cain likes his women) for letting us know this. Going to try this out in a bit. 

    1. It works SO well! I’m going to throw away my USB cable now! xD

      1. Then how will you charge your phone 0_o?

          1. LOL!

            Seriously gonna check this out. Gonna work great once I’m on 4g with the Rezound monday!

    2. I love Chris but in the common way of love… o.0

      Jk… sorta..

  2. I have this on my atrix2, and it is just as sweet as advertised.  You control which folders on your home computer that zumocast has access to.  It can be just media, but it can be anything.  Unbelievable, for free.

  3. And best of all, any car sitting on the street is FREE (provided you break in and steal it)…

    I’m not one to preach copyright and theft by any means, and I’ve downloaded my fair share of stuff, but that statement is rather misleading.

    And while I’m at it, jelly? Really? Not exactly journalistic writing…

    1. This isn’t a journal.. it’s a website

    2. trollolololololol

    3. The app is free for Droid users, free in the Market and now its free for everyone else.

      It’s just like the Netflix app back in the day when they cracked it to work on all devices. 

      But if you still feel like you’re stealing a FREE app, then by all means — don’t download. 


  4. This is kind of like Audiogalaxy, which I use to stream my music from my PC to my phone. Audiogalaxy is amazing. The only thing that sucks about these types of apps is that you have to leave your computer on all the time since you have to connect to them.

  5. I’ll stick with subsonic, nothing beats that.

    1. I too was using subsonic, but I’ve switched to Plex.  The UI for Plex is a lot nicer, and I find Plex playback on my DroidX is smoother too.

  6. Does anyone know of a realtime transcoding solution for PC to Android? I have all these movies and shows on my home server, and I want something that will transcode and stream the files to my phone. 

  7. I’ve been using Google Music to manage my media and although it’s still beta it has done everything I needed especially now that it’s music manager works on linux platform.  Don’t know much about subsonic I guess it’s similar 

    1. Google Music is only music though. What about when you need a pic, document or video?

      1. Picasa, Docs, and… okay, fine.

  8. another dropbox….

    1. Nope. Not “cloud storage.” You can just wirelessly access all your media with the bonus of streaming it as well. =)

  9. IOS has had this forever. Transcode or stream directly. It is called Airvideo.

    1. Sounds pretty cool.. O_o

    2. iOS has also had pull-down notifications forever.

      …oh wait….

  10. Works on Droid Incredible…thanks.

  11. cool thanks … works on galaxy S 4g

  12. Big props to xda and the man himself. Best app and nice hack

  13. With this app, aren’t you more prone to hacking of everything on your computer and phone?

  14. I think this was first with D3.  Rushmore on the forums always said it ran his pc super hot during streaming.  Works fine with me, but you have to have your computer run constantly.  I always have mine in sleep mode when not using, so it’s pretty useless for me.  Used it a couple times and it’s great.  Glad it’s available for the masses now!

  15. That chick has a lot of punching bags.

  16. I have a home media server, which runs various programs PS3 Media Server, tvMobili (for a couple devices that don’t work well with PMS) PMS has better video quality for my ps3 though. Audiogalaxy (which this program is best compared to) which is awesome. This is similair to Orb which I used all of the time with my iphone, unfortunately the Android app sucks ass and delivers horrid quality. 
    So this kind of app is right up my alley, unfortunately as I’m testing it out is seems to work for divx avi’s fine, but it has a major weakness for me atleast, no H264 decoding and that wipes out 95% of my video collection, bummer.
    I wish Orb would fix their android client, that handled H264 fine.

    1. Orb came out with a major update, it may be a better alternative now, though you have to pay for the orb android app, it’s $10 but I already bought it so I’m giving it a go, Plex looks good too, their android app is $5 going to give both a try, this article peaked my interest in streaming video remotely again. Right now I mostly use the netflix app, but that doesn’t cover my personal collection.

      There’s many alternatives for streaming video and music to Android.

  17. Chriiissss ……..  i love u in any way u want me to …… this app is amazing :) :) 

  18. This is not free in Android Market.

  19. O.K., silly question- How do I install the .apk?

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